2022 Color Trends to Your Events

Hi there, Sassies. The countdown is officially on for 2022 and my friends at CORT Events are already ahead of the curve with tips on how you can give your event an up-to-the-moment look with 2022’s colors of the year.

Vibrant Periwinkle

This year, we saw that the 2021 colors of the year reflected the desire for stability and consistency after a pandemic year with so much uncertainty. For 2022, Pantone — the world’s color authority — has introduced a custom hue as their color of the year for the first time.

Veri Peri is a vibrant, purple-blue shade that the color authority chose for its joyous and dynamic confidence. CORT’s Sterling Chandler Package includes furniture pieces that tie in shades of periwinkle, while the Constellation Package gives you complimentary colors if you’re using periwinkle with walls or drapery.

CORT Events is also featuring products from this same color family in their “Creativity and Courage” line. If you’d rather use periwinkle in splashes, look for rugs and pillows that tie in the color without making it a focus. CORT Events also gives you the ability to  customize products to match any Pantone color, pattern or graphic.

Dusty Green

Dusty green hues are warm and organic, and they tie in well with natural wood and neutral tones. Shades of green with natural tones work for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as various times throughout the year.

Tying dusty green tones into your next event is simple, and it can be an effective way to achieve an organic look that brings the outdoors inside or complements an outside event. The Lena Chair Package from CORT incorporates dusty green into a garden-themed space plan, while the Sterling Lena Package invites natural hues into a sleek modern design.

Soft Brown

It’s not a dirty brown or a chocolate color — instead, it’s a softer brown that’s still earthy yet sophisticated. It’s classic and historical in its soft elegance, and it works effectively as an interior or exterior color.

If you’re looking for ways to work soft brown into your next event, check out CORT’s Valencia Package. In it, softer shades of brown blend with darker browns and other earth tones for a Mediterranean look. Or try the Baja Beverly Package, which ties together browns and neutrals in an appealing mid-century modern mix. Opt for accessories that tie in earthy tones, blend them with other natural styles, or offer complementary colors.

When you’re ready to bring these trendy and exciting colors into your next event plan, there’s one name to trust: CORT Events. They’re not just your go-to for renting furniture pieces like tables and chairs — they’re your source for creative inspiration and ideas that will make your next event one to remember.

Lighting Inspiration for Your Next Event

With all the elements we have to think about when we’re planning an event, sometimes it’s easy to overlook lighting — or at least to take it for granted. While lighting has its obvious pragmatic applications, it also gives us plenty of ways to innovate and wow our attendees.

My friends at CORT Events like to think of lighting as a way to make a statement, help clients highlight their brand, or add pops of color to any event space. That’s why they’ve come up with this quick and easy guide to help with choosing the right event lighting solutions to add creativity and drama to any type of event in any venue.

Column and Pedestal Event Lighting

LED column and pedestal indoor event lighting provide you versatility and beauty in larger venues. CORT’s Luna Lighting collection of column and pedestal lights are bright and visually striking, but they also give you exciting options. You can add your logo and branding to column and pedestal lighting to raise brand awareness and corporate events, fundraisers, conferences, or product launches.

Decorative Lighting for Events

Another way to use indoor event lighting to your advantage is by renting LED accent lights. These lightweight, portable lights can go anywhere to add color and dramatic effects in any space or venue, and they can be powered both via batteries or plug-in. LED accent lighting can make an otherwise boring venue or room come to life, and they’re strong enough to use inside or in the great outdoors.

Creative Event Lighting Ideas

When it comes to lighting your event, you can use smaller lights for brilliant creative effects as well. Movie lamps give you options for projecting your logo or other branding elements onto walls, curtains, or screens. It’s a terrific way to increase brand awareness at any event.

Don’t forget, floor and table lamps offer the opportunity for more focused lighting in a conversation area, breakout room, or dining space. Smaller lighting pieces like these allow you to have more control over the light in specific areas, and they help create a warm, intimate feel when you want to bring a touch of home to your event.

Achieving your creative lighting ideas doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you find the right partner, your indoor or outdoor event lighting – along with furniture and décor – rental can be easy and fun. With CORT Events, you have that partner. When you’re ready to tackle your event lighting or event furniture rental needs, check out CORT Events for easy planning and peace of mind when your event rolls around.

From Home Decor to the Event Floor

Hi Sassies. As 2021 draws to a close, it’s always nice to look back at what made this year unique.  With the huge boom of the work from home movement caused by the pandemic, many of us have grown used to having the comfort of home right at our fingertips throughout our workday. So why not do the same at your next event?

One great way to incorporate a relaxing, home-like environment at your next event is with color. Using colors that remind eventgoers of home helps them feel comfortable and as a bonus, those who work from home will recognize the comforts that they’re used to.

If you’re wondering how, you can add some of the comforts of home into your next event, don’t worry. CORT Events has a few tricks for you to keep up your sleeve as you plan for next year.

From Dining Room to Banquet Hall

The relationship between the dining room at home and the banquet hall at an event is a natural one, so pulling inspiration from this year’s dining room decor trends work well in either type of venue. One of the top trends in dining rooms in 2021 is the Scandinavian look. Tie in whites and natural wood elements for a crisp, clean style. White chairs and decor with a natural look can help you achieve this simple, modern look.

Designers have also brought in dark, yet bold colors into the dining room in 2021, particularly shades of navy blue and dark green that suggest timelessness and trendiness at the same time.

From Living Room to Networking Event

The living room is a casual, comfortable place where everyone feels at home, and it’s a place to entertain, which makes it the perfect parallel to a networking event. Choose from this year’s popular living room colors – Ultimate Gray and an accent of Illuminating – to bring that sense of familiarity in. It’s easy to work with gray as a dominant color and tie in bright yellow accent furniture for a pop of color.

From Bedroom to Cocktail Hour

When you’re at home, there’s no better place to relax than the bedroom, so why not use the same concept when you’re designing the area of your event where attendees can unwind? Tying the hottest bedroom colors of 2021 – Terracota and Pistachio green – to your lounge furniture rental choices can help you develop a relaxing and enjoyable lounge space at your next event.

Look for cocktail tables and other serving furniture in these color schemes when you’re searching for bar furniture rentals.

Where can you find color inspiration and a wide selection of styles that reflect this year’s trends? The answer is simple: CORT Events. CORT Events does so much more than offer furniture rental, they create one-of-kind ensembles that leave guests and attendees with memories for years to come.

Adding the Right Pop to Your Events

We’ve all been in the events game long enough to now a successful event takes meticulous planning. From food to audio and visual elements to seating, every aspect of your event carries the weight of its own importance. And you naturally want to make sure you cover every detail.

You’ve put a lot of thought into your events, but have you ever considered the difference your color choices can make? My friends at CORT Events are here with a bit of help on how to use color to help tell the story of your event. Don’t worry if you think you’re not good at choosing colors — by the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be able to tackle color more confidently.

Before you choose the colors for your clients next event, it’s important that you both have a clear idea of what they want the event to achieve. This is a key step in helping to determine the colors you’ll be choosing on their behalf.

Basing your color choices on the reactions that they inspire can help you set the tone for your client and drive attendees in the direction they’re intended to go.

For example, red is a high-energy color that triggers excitement in the brain, while orange stimulates collaboration. Pink and purple suggest nurturing and peacefulness, while blue is another calming color that’s known for helping people relax their bodies and minds. Yellow is considered a “detox” color that helps attendees clear their minds and prepare for productivity. Green suggests harmony and helps boost creativity and innovation.

Choosing the right furniture can go a long way toward bringing your color palette to life. Opt for tables, piping and draping, and lighting that fit your chosen color scheme. Soft seating like chairs, sofas, and ottomans can also provide pops of color that are both beautiful and fun.

Your décor also gives you a chance to play with color. From flowers to balloons to garlands and even photo booth backdrops, the possibilities for vibrant and memorable color are truly endless.

If you’re looking for a partner that can help, make your event a truly memorable one while still staying safe and healthy, turn to CORT Events. Their team of account execs are all planners themselves and can be that added hand in design and detail support to help save planners a lot of time. To learn more, visit www.CORTEvents.com.

The Working Event: Furniture for Work and Play

Hi Sassies, my friends from CORT Events are back with a few tips to tuck away for the new year. If you’ve got a client that plans on ringing in 2022 with a social or networking event, then you’re going to want to put these in your back pocket.

When it comes to networking events, your clients may often come to you wondering what you’ll have planned once the event is over or before an event, how you’ll have things set up to encourage attendees to get to know one another but did you know that furniture can be a huge help with this?

Yep, flexible furniture can serve the business functions of your event as well as encourage fun and play after the event. Here are some of the furniture pieces you can choose to make your next event perfect for work and play.

The Square Sofa

Square, double-sized sofas are terrific options for a multipurpose event. Choose options with a low back or high back. Sofas that have tables built into their corners work well for notetaking on paper or on a device during a meeting or breakout session. And they’re also perfect for drinks and snacks while socializing afterward.

The Modern Modular Sectional

If you’re looking for the next generation of modern seating that allows you practically endless choices, check out modular sectionals. Sectionals take your sofas to the next level by allowing you loads of options for configuration and customization. Just as with modular sofas, you have options for power, attached tables, and high or low backs with a convertible sectional or a square sectional sofa. Sectionals with ottomans provide easy casual seating.

Multifunctional Chairs for Group Seating

Traditional folding chairs can be a thing of the past at your next working event. Today’s event chairs are more stylish, but they’re just as functional as they’ve ever been. Group seating chairs are easy to move around when transitioning from work to play at the event. Using chairs like these allows you to configure your event differently for business and for pleasure.

The Multi-Use Table

Today’s events don’t call for massive folding tables that don’t offer much function. Choose smaller, sleeker tables that are portable and easier to configure in different ways.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to event tables. You can arrange indoor or outdoor coffee tables with sofas and sectionals because they work for notetaking as well as for socializing. Standing cocktail tables are perfect for networking and for hanging out before or after the event. You can find tables in just about any shape, size, and height.

CORT Events is your one-stop shop for all the furniture and decor that fits your event, no matter the purpose or theme. If you’re looking for creative ideas and inspiration, CORT Events has all of those in spades. Learn more at www.cortevents.com.

Your Winter Event Furniture Guide

Temps have cooled down and now it’s time to end the year with a bang! If you have clients that are looking to do something fun this season, my friends at CORT Events are here to help. Check out their tips on optional, good to have, and must have furnishings that’s just right for your events this winter.

Optional Furniture for Outdoor Events

Certain pieces might not make or break your event, but they’re good options to consider. One of the things you should consider is pipe and drape rental. Piping and draping have benefits that are both practical and aesthetic. Best of all, pipe and drape can serve as insulation against the elements.

You can also get a bit creative with dividers, like boxwood hedges, that might normally go in between areas of an event. These can go along the perimeter to help keep the wind out as well.

Good-to-Have Furniture for Outdoor Events

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re considering chair and table rental for an outdoor event. Beyond the obvious — tables, bar tables, and chairs — don’t forget about the difference that soft seating can make. Soft seating is about more than comfort, although there’s nothing better than sitting on a soft surface when the elements are unforgiving.

Don’t forget about tent rental. Precipitation in all its forms is always a wintertime threat, so holding at least part of your event in an outdoor event tent will keep the rain, snow, and sleet off the heads of your guests and keep electronic equipment covered.

The Must-Have Item for Outdoor Events

There’s one important item that you can’t do without at a winter event: lighting. The shortest days of the year take place in wintertime, and if you’re putting on an outdoor event, chances are you’ll encounter darkness.

LED lighting is efficient, portable, and flexible while adding aesthetic value to your event as well, bringing in color and brightness that you can’t achieve on your own. You may be wondering how to light an outdoor event, but it’s not difficult. Don’t forget lamps in and around seating and eating areas to create a more intimate and inviting feel.

No matter the purpose of your event, holding it outdoors in the winter can be magical. My friends at CORT Events are here to support you and your client on their next event. When working with CORT Events, you get more than just furniture. You’re working with an experienced team of planners who are ready and able to become an important part of your team. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit www.cortevents.com.

Giving Back on the Big Day: Sustainable Wedding Tips

Hey there sassies, the heart of summer of wedding season is here! As we head into the busiest year for weddings ever, we should expect for eco-friendly celebrations to become a topic that’s front of mind for couples as they consider how their big day may have an impact on the environment. If you’re working with a couple that wants to leave a long-lasting impression, not just on their guest but also on mother earth, with their big day, my friends at CORT Events have a few ways to incorporate sustainability into the planning process without asking your clients to make too many compromises.

Don’t Rule Out Traditions

Couples may look at some traditions of the past, like a sparkler lined march out of the ceremony or reception, and think they need to be slashed from their big day…but have no fear! There are other ways to celebrate without hurting the local ecosystem. Instead of using things like paper confetti or rice, consider offering a green-friendly approach with flowers, fresh herbs, leaves, or biodegradable paper for the exit toss.

Skip the Buffet and Avoid Single-Use Dishes and Utensils

No matter where a wedding is being held this season, whether it’s an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, the buffet is still a no-go. Even though guest still won’t be lining up for dinner this year, don’t be afraid to create an eco-friendly experience for them around the meal by incorporating colors and accessories found in nature into the décor – say hello faux greenery!

And for an eco-friendly alternative at dinner, opt out for plated dinners, rented table linens, utensils, and stemware for guests. These small changes will help to reduce food waste and the amount of items that go to the landfill.

Choose The Right Partners

Wedding planning – whether you’re a professional or not – can be a stressful time. Assisting a couple with their big day while also minimizing the carbon footprint from the event will be an added constraint for some of us, which makes hiring vendors that care about sustainability themselves and are willing to work with you to be as sustainable as possible is critical. 

CORT Events is on a mission to positively impact the communities they serve with a business model that’s sustainable by nature. When working with CORT Events, you get more than just furniture. You’re working with an experienced team of planners who are ready and able to become an important part of your team. Whether it’s support with design, layout options, or the smallest detail, CORT Events is ready to help.

 I’d like to also add in some language here that drive home the point about how CORT Events account execs are all planners themselves, and can be that added hand in design and detail support to help save planners a lot of time this season.

Indoor & Outdoor Décor and Furniture for Your Summer Event

Sassies, can you believe we’re officially at the halfway mark of 2021? This year is blowing by so quickly. As the weather starts to warm up and push events indoors and outdoors, my friends at CORT Events are back with a few décor tips on how to blend these spaces to create a memorable summer-time event.

Blend Natural Elements

Imagine what feels like a free-flowing, open-space concept, connecting the indoors and the outdoors. Take some of your soft-seating furniture outdoors, and decorate your indoor spaces with topiaries, potted plants, and other natural themes for a seamless flow.

Turn Up the Lights

Lighting is important for any event, but it’s imperative for an outdoor event at night. Decor options for lighting include string lights and lantern lights, which offer both aesthetics and function. Be sure to prioritize safety and comfort when you’re thinking of lighting also. Pathway and stair lighting are necessary for walkways and steps.

Matching Colors and Patterns

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, do keep in mind that aesthetics are still important. While traditional summer colors work well together, don’t be afraid to play up an outdoor space to help make it as festive as possible. Mediterranean and Tuscan influences, such as black and white with topiary, also make a bold statement.

Give Guests Plenty of Space

Think of the word “cohort” as you design the furniture setup. If this is an event that has cocktails and dining, the flow of the room may include an open space for cocktails, perhaps with no chairs and high-top tables, to encourage social distancing, and a dining area, with tables situated at least six feet apart. Rental furniture or event furniture is an ideal thought here, as coordinators can help you with placement and design as well.

If you’re looking for a partner that can help, make your event a truly memorable one while still staying safe and healthy, turn to CORT Events. They offer personalized, white-glove service that make your next event – whether indoors or outdoors – one that your client and their guests won’t forget.

Plan Your Space Carefully — and Creatively

Hey, Sassies! I don’t know about you but one of my favorite parts about attending events is all the yummy food and drinks. As we start planning fabulous live experiences again, it’s no secret one of the biggest challenges is how to safely incorporate catering and bar service for guests.

But have no fear! My friends at CORT Events are here with a few quick tips on how creative use of furnishings and décor can help to alleviate some of your – and your clients – catering stressors at your next event.

Plan Your Space Carefully — and Creatively
Looking for a bit of encouragement while you plan? Well, if you keep in mind the general guideline is to dedicate 500 square feet per 10 people when it comes to venue space you’ll be good to go! This gives you the chance to create a safe environment without sacrificing exciting design. CORT Events recommends using different types of dividers — plexiglass, stanchions, planters, and greenery — to designate spaces with variety and add style and texture to the practical applications within the venue.

Let the Tables Turn
These days, people are used to being told to keep their distance everywhere they go, and the same goes for dining at an event. Space tables 10- to 12-feet apart to allow for at least six feet of space for traffic flow, especially if you’re employing servers.

Decor can also help make sparse tables look more inviting, while dividers between tables and sections can ensure more privacy as well as safety.

Serve ’Em Up
In a post-pandemic world, buffets and finger foods are absolutely off-limits at events of any size – unless they’re sectioned and sealed for single servings, of course.

Instead, try designating specific bars for tables and groups at the event and dedicate specific staff for those bar areas. If staffing isn’t in the budget, consider marking lines and places for guests to stand while distancing.

One of the best things you can do is partner with someone who makes setup easy, and the best partner to have on your side is CORT Events. Think of CORT Events as your one-stop source for everything you need to make sure your event looks great, maintains safety and minimizes stress.

Bring the Drama With Event Drape

Hi Sassies! Trade shows, expos, and so much more are coming back to the events world and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve been tasked with helping a client set up their booth or one that’s looking to add a bit of color to an empty event hall, my friends at CORT Events are once again here to help you save the day.

Break up the space

When you’re planning your event and walk into an empty event hall, it’s easy to see a cavernous and nondescript space. But the truth is, that event hall is a blank canvas that gives you endless possibilities for customization. Your creativity and vision will bring the space to life.

One of the most versatile methods for transforming an event space is the use of drapery.

Use drapes to cordon off or divide spaces at your event with ease. When you set up drapes as a stage backdrop, be sure to set aside space for your backstage areas, and use drapes to designate those sections as distinct from public areas.

Drapery also works well to divide a portion of the hall into rooms for breakout sessions or meetings, and it can become a subtle way to make wayfinding easier without signage. The right drapery configurations give you the ability to control your space and divide it in ways that suit your needs.

Create Special Sections

Drapes don’t just give you functional benefits — you can also use them creatively to generate beautiful spaces for specific purposes. Make your bar area more inviting with dramatic drapes that draw attention to a space in the center of the event hall. Set up gorgeous VIP lounges or cabana spaces to get away from the crowds.

Bring in the Color and Texture

Now, let’s be honest, there may have been a time or two that we’ve all relied on a single color of drapery for every use at an event. But why limit ourselves to just one?! In fact, why not try to combine multiple colors of drapes along with lighting for dramatic effects that bring a sense of dimension and texture to an event space. Think beyond monochrome and get creative with color.

Some quick ideas are:

1.              Bring in multiple colors of drapery that fit a client’s branding or the theme of the event.

2.              Use layers of different colored drapery — in complementary or contrasting colors — to give your walls a dimensional look.

3.              Tie layers of drapes in hourglass patterns to give pops of color to a space.

4.              If you’re hosting a multi-day event, move the drapery layers around to create a new theme for each day.

When the time comes to bring your next event to life, don’t go it alone. Trust CORT Events to help you make the most of your event space. From drapes in multiple colors and configurations to the lighting that makes your drapery even more effective, CORT has everything you need — all in one place.