Plan Your Space Carefully — and Creatively

Hey, Sassies! I don’t know about you but one of my favorite parts about attending events is all the yummy food and drinks. As we start planning fabulous live experiences again, it’s no secret one of the biggest challenges is how to safely incorporate catering and bar service for guests.

But have no fear! My friends at CORT Events are here with a few quick tips on how creative use of furnishings and décor can help to alleviate some of your – and your clients – catering stressors at your next event.

Plan Your Space Carefully — and Creatively
Looking for a bit of encouragement while you plan? Well, if you keep in mind the general guideline is to dedicate 500 square feet per 10 people when it comes to venue space you’ll be good to go! This gives you the chance to create a safe environment without sacrificing exciting design. CORT Events recommends using different types of dividers — plexiglass, stanchions, planters, and greenery — to designate spaces with variety and add style and texture to the practical applications within the venue.

Let the Tables Turn
These days, people are used to being told to keep their distance everywhere they go, and the same goes for dining at an event. Space tables 10- to 12-feet apart to allow for at least six feet of space for traffic flow, especially if you’re employing servers.

Decor can also help make sparse tables look more inviting, while dividers between tables and sections can ensure more privacy as well as safety.

Serve ’Em Up
In a post-pandemic world, buffets and finger foods are absolutely off-limits at events of any size – unless they’re sectioned and sealed for single servings, of course.

Instead, try designating specific bars for tables and groups at the event and dedicate specific staff for those bar areas. If staffing isn’t in the budget, consider marking lines and places for guests to stand while distancing.

One of the best things you can do is partner with someone who makes setup easy, and the best partner to have on your side is CORT Events. Think of CORT Events as your one-stop source for everything you need to make sure your event looks great, maintains safety and minimizes stress.

Bring the Drama With Event Drape

Hi Sassies! Trade shows, expos, and so much more are coming back to the events world and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve been tasked with helping a client set up their booth or one that’s looking to add a bit of color to an empty event hall, my friends at CORT Events are once again here to help you save the day.

Break up the space

When you’re planning your event and walk into an empty event hall, it’s easy to see a cavernous and nondescript space. But the truth is, that event hall is a blank canvas that gives you endless possibilities for customization. Your creativity and vision will bring the space to life.

One of the most versatile methods for transforming an event space is the use of drapery.

Use drapes to cordon off or divide spaces at your event with ease. When you set up drapes as a stage backdrop, be sure to set aside space for your backstage areas, and use drapes to designate those sections as distinct from public areas.

Drapery also works well to divide a portion of the hall into rooms for breakout sessions or meetings, and it can become a subtle way to make wayfinding easier without signage. The right drapery configurations give you the ability to control your space and divide it in ways that suit your needs.

Create Special Sections

Drapes don’t just give you functional benefits — you can also use them creatively to generate beautiful spaces for specific purposes. Make your bar area more inviting with dramatic drapes that draw attention to a space in the center of the event hall. Set up gorgeous VIP lounges or cabana spaces to get away from the crowds.

Bring in the Color and Texture

Now, let’s be honest, there may have been a time or two that we’ve all relied on a single color of drapery for every use at an event. But why limit ourselves to just one?! In fact, why not try to combine multiple colors of drapes along with lighting for dramatic effects that bring a sense of dimension and texture to an event space. Think beyond monochrome and get creative with color.

Some quick ideas are:

1.              Bring in multiple colors of drapery that fit a client’s branding or the theme of the event.

2.              Use layers of different colored drapery — in complementary or contrasting colors — to give your walls a dimensional look.

3.              Tie layers of drapes in hourglass patterns to give pops of color to a space.

4.              If you’re hosting a multi-day event, move the drapery layers around to create a new theme for each day.

When the time comes to bring your next event to life, don’t go it alone. Trust CORT Events to help you make the most of your event space. From drapes in multiple colors and configurations to the lighting that makes your drapery even more effective, CORT has everything you need — all in one place.