Furniture Inspiration for Your Fall Events

There’s something special about the outdoorsy feel of fall. Maybe it’s the changing leaves or the cooler weather, but everyone seems to want to be outside when the season begins. Fall is an ideal time to bring elements of the outdoors inside. Taking inspiration from earth tones and natural textures can make event attendees feel like they’re tied in with nature.

My friends at CORT Events are here to help you look at how you can find inspiration for an outdoor-inspired design this season.

Fall Foliage Color Combinations

Taking inspiration from the colors of fall leaves is an easy way to bring the outdoors inside and replicate a fall landscape at an indoor event.  Browns, oranges, deeper yellows, and darker greens all suggest the leaves of fall.

Using the Valencia Sofa from CORT Events as a base centers your design with a natural earth tone. Add other soft seating pieces to the mix, like the Bowery Chair in ochre and the Valencia Chair in spice orange. These chairs not only add more soft seating to the space, but they also complement the earthiness of the sofa with the tones of fall leaves.

Bring in an “Earthy” Feel with Texture

Bringing the outdoors into a fall event is about more than just color. Texture is a key to achieving a natural, earthy feel as well. Varying the textures within a space adds dimension and make designs more interesting.

For example, the soft, sophisticated velvet of the Valencia Sofa contrasts well with the distressed leather texture of the Atherton Chair. The Mesa Cocktail Table, with its rustic yet sophisticated barnwood top, adds another dimension of outdoor texture to an already inviting space.

These textures are pleasing to the eye and the touch, and they combine to create a comfortable, cozy space.

Create Warmth with Patterns

Let’s go back to our Valencia Sofa example. It’s earthy in color and has an intriguing velvet texture but adding more patterns to the space breaks up the solid colors and adds interest to the eyes and warmth to the senses.

The Plumes Pillow features a light feather pattern in neutral fall colors for a different sense of bringing the outdoors inside. In contrast, the Albuquerque Pillow in ochre brings a welcoming and inviting Southwest vibe. These pillows with bold, memorable patterns also pair well with the Lena Chair in moss green or the Bowery Chair in ochre.

Make Your Space Feel More like Fall with CORT Events

Combining different colors, textures, and patterns that usher the outdoors inside can bring a “fall” look and feel to your event this season. There’s one source that can provide the furniture and accent items to meet your needs all in one place: CORT Events. From ideas and inspiration to cutting-edge space planning tools to setup and delivery, CORT Events has your back every step of the way.

Inspiration from the Shades of Summer to Fall

The change of season brings welcome variety to the world, and the transformation from summer to fall is no exception. Much in the same way that homeowners can reflect the change of season with fall decor, your events can reflect the excitement and freshness of a new season.

My friends at CORT Events have pulled together a few examples of colors from the Pantone collections that transition from summer to fall, with some practical examples of how you can bring them into your next event.

Transition from Daffodil to Samoan Sun

Yellow is a color that universally suggests positivity and warmth, regardless of the season. Spaces can also be brightened with this shade, along with adding texture, particularly if the room or building has no windows.

The cheerful yellow tone of Samoan Sun is ideal for your fall event because it pairs well with other trending colors for the season, like the subtle green of Martini Olive or the orange-leaning brown of Caramel Café.

In their line up, CORT Events offers the Bowery Chair in ochre pairs which is complemented by the Del Mar Tonal Rug in Earth Brown or the Sedona Side Table with the barnwood top.

Say “Good-bye” to Poinciana and “Hello” Lava Falls

Its been shown that shades of red can evoke feelings of security and protection as well as increase enthusiasm. For events this can be exciting to play with throughout your design because it conjures up the exact feelings you want your attendees  to experience.

The Chandler Sofa in cranberry from CORT Events is the ideal large piece in this shade. Its rich red resembles Pantone’s Lava Falls, and it pairs expertly with the ochre Bowery Chair — CORT even puts those pieces together in the Chandler Bowery Package.

Leave Behind Skydiver and Embrace Midnight

Cool colors like blue and green make a pleasant balance for the warm colors of fall because they provide a welcome contrast.

Pantone chose the rich indigo of Skydiver as its summer shade of blue, but the late-night sky of Midnight is the featured blue for fall. For inspiration, look towards CORT Events Montreal Visions Package to tie deep blues into your fall event. This collection incorporates saffron, spiced orange, brown, and blue hues that tie in with the trends for fall 2022.

Choosing the right fall colors for your event space with CORT Events

The existing elements within your event space go a long way in helping determine the right fall focal color to use. Having the right furniture partner will make a huge difference with this which why CORT Events has you covered. From large pieces to smaller accents and decor, CORT can provide you with everything you need to bring fall color and ultimate practicality to your event.

When you’re ready to make your fall event a success, reach out to CORT Events. You’ll be glad you did.


Hi Sassies,

From music to comedy to fashion, since 2020, TikTok has influenced so many things around us – including color trends that are used at your events this season. My friends at CORT Events took some inspiration from the platform and had advice on blending together surprising color combinations that add flair to your events.

Aesthetic Color Combos

One of the guiding principles of TikTok design is aesthetics. As event industry leaders, we  understand that certain color combinations can achieve the right look, style, or feeling. A TikTok design concept that has gone a long way this year is “dopamine dressing.”

This concept comes from the main principle of color theory: specific colors evoke different emotions, mindsets, or moods. Dopamine dressing and aesthetic color combos deliver various symbolic aspects of color and can work for you at your next event through larger furniture pieces and accessories.

As we prepare for fall and winter, let’s look at ways to incorporate dopamine dressing and color combos of purple and blue into your events in these seasons.

Color Combos with Purple

If you’re hoping to add a bit of mystery, spirituality, or imagination to your event, you can’t go wrong with purple. A symbol of royalty since ancient times when purple dye was so expensive that only the highest echelons of society could afford it, purple makes an enticing color combo for black, especially in lighter tones.

The combination of plum or berry tones with teal is rich and inviting for a different swing, especially when you throw in luxurious textures. One last color combo is purple and yellow for a touch that’s bold and bright.

One crucial accessory that can help you achieve these bold looks is the ottoman. Incorporating an ottoman in your design gives you opportunities for pops of color and extra comfort.

Color Combos with Blue

Blue is one of the most versatile colors when taking on dopamine dressing because it suggests trustworthiness, security, and loyalty.

Bringing blues into an event color palette is easy to maintain a more traditional, reassuring feel while combining with more experimental colors. Depending on your events, shades of blue look great with browns and whites for a natural, retro vibe, while pink and navy provide an elegant sense of style.

CORT Events has flexible seating options in this shade with their bar furniture. The Blade barstool offers contemporary style in a modern, versatile blue that works well with red.

Dress Your Next Event With Timeless Combinations CORT Events

No matter what color combination you take from TikTok inspiration — or dream up on your own — you have a partner every step with CORT Events. When you team up with my friends there, you’re not just renting furniture but also working with a source of creative inspiration and ideas.

The next time you’re ready for vibrant color combinations for your next event, there’s one name to count on: CORT Events.

Getting Back to Things with CORT Events

It’s finally happening again.   

Picture this; you’re clad in a freshly pressed company polo shirt and walking shoes, steaming cup of catered coffee in hand, and you make your way towards the general session room for the first in-person conference in nearly two years. Crazy to think about, right?

But once you’re through those doors, you could be faced with two scenarios:

Scenario one: Behind the doors is a massive and modernly appointed meeting space with the old familiar hit of sensory overload throughout the room. Hyped-up music plays all around with saturated lighting flanking three massive LED screens welcoming you and the other attendees to find seats in a sea of sardine-packed, shabbily worn, basic banquet chairs.

Scenario two: Those same doors open to that meeting space, but in this scenario, attendees take in a dazzling setup of furnishings? At the room’s rear, high-top tables with comfortable-backed stools are waiting for those who want to use their laptops. And for those who want to be front and center, there’s a spacious and sumptuous soft chair sanctuary, complete with a personal side table.

It may seem obvious and small in execution,  but can you tell the difference between these two scenarios? The second was designed with intention,  the attendee’s total experience in mind, and will likely result in increased engagement. In contrast, the former scenario made seating an afterthought and did not thoroughly consider the value that deliberate tradeshow and event furnishings provide attendees.

My friends at CORT Events have been helping their clients with these meaningful and intentional steps since we started meeting in person again. Assisting planners in creating a conscious attendee experience and unrivaled personalized service through furniture rental, CORT Events continues to lead the way in supporting industry association events by designing meaningful gatherings that resonate with meeting professionals.

Designing with Purpose    

As the author, entrepreneur, and gathering-enthusiastic designer Priya Parker continually calls out in her book ‘The Art of Gathering,’ it’s essential to start with the desired end goal for a gathering’s takeaway. She outlines the basic building blocks for event professionals everywhere: ‘The first step in convening people meaningfully is committing to a bold, sharp purpose.’  

This feeling translates easily into furniture design. For example, seamlessly answering for attendees through your layout that you understand they may need to be actively working or writing something that will require a high-top table.  Or that they will be participating in campfire-style round table breakout discussions, which is why you’ve offered them small seating clusters for collaborative conversations. These touches go a long way to accomplish the intended purpose, the takeaway message, and the educational mission than simply setting out banquet chairs arranged theatre style.

Creating A Personalized Experience   

To make a meeting memorable, consider amping up personalized design details. For example, consistently weave a specific color scheme or branded logo seamlessly throughout an event with soft seating, tabletops, accent pillows, greenery, and even wall partitions that immerse attendees in the desired theme. Personalization’s unique power in events is the narrative-style journey it takes attendees on.    

Why CORT Events

CORT Events believes in helping planners to create unique touches at events of every size and type.  They are truly there to help and be an intentionally minded partner from the start until the finish of your events. When you’re ready to plan your next event, make your first call — or online visit — to CORT Events.

This article was contributed by Stephanie Byrd the Associate Marketing Manager with CORT Events. Stephanie appreciates marketing every facet of the tradeshow and events industry. With a depth of former hotelier and upscale brand experience, she enjoys collaborating with industry partners, clients and associations to be as intentional as possible throughout the process of ideating, designing and then executing impactful and memorable events.

She can be reached at …

Color Blocking with CORT Events

Hey there, Sassies!

   Time to dive into one of my favorite topics – color. When incorporating color into events, as planners, we have the opportunity to create an entirely new, exciting world for our guests. Whether through complementary shades, tones, or odd color combinations, they give us a way to express ourselves creatively while providing our clients with one-of-a-kind events. My friends at CORT Events are back and ready to offer help on this topic. This time, they’re looking at color blocking and how we can use this trend through the end of the year.

What is Color Blocking?

From TikTok to the runways, color blocking has been hot this year. At its core, color blocking is mixing two or more colors to create a visually unique look. In the fashion world, this has taken on an eye-catching mix of colors, including bright hues, striking statement pieces, and those unexpected color pairings I mentioned before.

In our event world, we have an opportunity to take this on through furnishings, accessories, and decor to create a modern, hip environment for our guests while also incorporating client branding and logos in a new way.

Staying Neutral or Going Bold with Color Blocking Furniture Design

For a soft and easy layup, pair a neutral color with a bold shade like the red Shimmer Pillow or the green Splendor Pillow with the blue Allegro Sofa. This combination allows the bold color to stand out without being overwhelming.

If you’re able to mix things up and add some bright hues that will pop, head towards opposite ends of the color wheel with the orange Beverly Oasis Modular Soft Seating alongside the teal Malibu chair to create a striking statement while creating an inviting seating environment.

Make a Statement with CORT Events

If you’re hoping to make a bold statement with your next event, look no further than CORT Events. Their team of experts are ready to add their custom solutions and touches to make your event one of a kind. Make your next call to CORT Events.

Designing Comfortable Events: Furniture, Color, and More

Hi Everyone! Let’s talk about a tough subject – STRESS. Everyone is feeling some level of stress including your clients and event attendees. More and more, individuals are becoming aware of their mental health but, believe it or not, you can help them by making comfort a priority at your next event.

Here’s a guide from my friends at CORT Events on how to do just that.

How to add Comfort to Your Events

When you’re planning an event, you want the most bang for your buck. Your event is an experience, and adding elements of comfort throughout your event space can tie the theme together as well as make attendees feel at home no matter what room they’re in.

Soothing Colors, Textures, and Patterns

It may sound simple but incorporating colors, textures, and patterns in an event space is a quick way to enhance the level of comfort.

  • Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are soothing and comfortable, while yellow brings feelings of comfort and energy. Whites and pastels can also soothe and comfort attendees.
  • Certain textures evoke feelings of comfort and positive sensations. Soft and smooth textures evoke comfort, so bring those into your event design.
  • Avoid rough and hard textures that bring less desirable sensations.
  • Discernible patterns in natural and manmade elements also suggest comfort.

An easy win with these is to consider using drapery, accessories, and other decor elements to bring pleasing colors, textures, and patterns to your next event.

Comfortable Seating

With CORT Events, they believe that seating is so much more than a chair or sofa, they’re personal sanctuaries for your guests. Soft seating and modular sofas can be both stylish and cozy in any event space, and you can find chairs that match any type of event — even in posh velvet.

Additionally, comfy ottomans are another option for extra seating or for guests to prop their feet on.

Temperature and Lighting

One of the trickiest areas of comfort to navigate is temperature. Everyone has an opinion — some people are always hot, while others are always cold. What do you do? One solution could be to divide your larger event spaces into living-room-sized areas that give attendees more choices and give you more options for temperature control.

With lighting, avoid those awful fluorescent tube lights that every event space seems to have and opt for customizable LED lighting that gives you control over brightness and color. Area lighting gives you options for comfort and coziness in smaller spaces as well.

Event Furniture Rental: Design and Plan with CORT Events

You might think that you need to find multiple sources to help you achieve a comfortable and inviting event space, but you only need one: CORT Events. Not only will you find plenty of ideas that help you achieve comfort and wellness within your event space, but you’ll also find tons of other creative and inspiring ideas.

Ideas to Furnish and Design Your Events Around Every Season

One of the exciting things about the changing seasons is that seasonal decor gives people the opportunity to express themselves in different ways throughout the year.

As an event planner, it’s easy to take advantage of the seasons and create unique styles for each event. Whether you prefer traditional or modern event furniture, you can easily style an event that fits the season with colors, lighting, decor, and furniture from CORT Events.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of seasonal decorating for events throughout the year and how modern furniture rental can help you achieve your event goals.


Spring is a time of renewal for nature and for people in general, and color and decor trends for the season reflect that idea. Consider choosing barstools for your event that reflect the vibrancy of spring.

CORT Events offers the Blade collection of barstools and the accompanying line of chairs in an array of exciting spring colors. For a bit of “shine” to your spring event, add in chrome end tables like the Silverado end table or the Alondra end table.


Nearly everybody equates summer with excitement and freedom, and the hues and decor of the season reflect that carefree sense. Sectional summer furniture and ottoman rentals for your events — like the Beverly collection — can help promote conversation and comfort at your event, no matter the purpose. Consider elegant comfort like the Malibu chair as well as carefree casual pieces like the Christopher chair from CORT Events. Summer is perfect for outdoor events, so when you plan for an event under the sun or stars, consider outdoor furniture rental as well.


Fall is a fun time of year to design an event because the color palate changes drastically in nature and in clothing and decor. Rich neutral tones can mimic the changing leaves and nature define fall. One of the fall furniture ideas that can work for your next autumn event includes the Valencia chair, which combines a classic burnt-orange color with a design that’s both retro and fresh. Pair the chair with pillows that bring in more vibrant fall colors — in fact, pillow rental is a terrific way to bring in pops of color in any season.


Winter is a truly unique time because colors and winter decor both match and contrast the starkness of the outdoor landscape.  Using classic, timeless neutral shades with pops of exciting, brighter tones in your furniture is a great way to create a memorable event.

Renting ottomans for events are a terrific option for easily configurable seating. Oval ottomans from the Endless Collection give you modular seating that can throw in the dramatically contrasting shades of winter colors.

Partner with CORT Events Rentals in Every Season

No matter what time of year you’re looking to plan an event, CORT Events is your perfect partner. CORT offers you a vast array of styles, colors, and collections for events of any size, any style, and any season. You can count on them for creative inspiration too.

Bringing Pearlcore into Your Event Design

Hey there, Sassies! As you’re planning events in 2022, chances are you’re looking to harness some of the popular trends that have debuted this year. One of the hottest trends for 2022 that’s hard to explain on paper — but you would know when you saw it in person — is pearlcore. Here with tips on how to take this trend from the runway to your next event are my friends from CORT Events.

What Exactly Is Pearlcore?

Pearlcore is a hot design trend that, true to its name, relies on iridescent accents and a color scheme based on off white neturals. The look that pearlcore gives you suggests the smooth, shiny iridescence of pearls and brings that timeless, classy look into interior design while still looking modern and can give a peaceful, soothing vibe to an event.

How Do You Achieve a Pearlcore Look?

One of the best ways to introduce pearlcore into a design is to use accents to bring iridescence without it being over the top. Accents like lighting, drapes, and inlaid surfaces are a good start. Incorporate linens, pearl strands, garland, tiling, and mirrors to further support a pearlcore look.

Pearlcore Accents for Events

Accents are an ideal way to introduce pearlcore to your event design. As an alternative to larger pieces that dominate your space, iridescent accents and off-white decor pieces can draw in pearlcore elements in a more subtle way. Consider some of these accent ideas when you’re looking for event decor rentals.


Use throw pillows to soften the look and feel of furniture and imbue the colors and textures of pearlcore. A Champagne Velvet Pillow and Ombre Pillow offer shimmery texture and subtle colors that pair well with pearlcore designs. For a more elegant style, try the Regal Pillow or the Dia Pillow.


Accent lighting can also help you achieve a pearlcore look. Check out the Delano collection of table lamps and floor lamps to see a retro design that ties in well with off-white and neutral tones. LED column lighting can also help you add some iridescence in corners and at the division points between spaces.

Throw rugs

Throw rugs are some of the most versatile accessories you can use in a space. They lend warmth, break up large expanses of bare flooring, and can be used to section off different areas of your event. The Circles rug combines rich, neutral tones with an enticing pattern, while the Visions rug adds impressionist textures and bright gold or rich purple tones. The Lapis rug looks rugged and natural, while the Horizons rug brings vibrant blues to your decor.

Table accents

Accent pieces for tables make it easy to add pearlcore elements to dining tables, display tables, or end tables. Rely on tablecloths in off-white, iridescent, soft pastels, and patterns or lined with pearl edging to spread a pearlcore effect across the whole table.


Drapery along the walls, used as room dividers, or strategically placed for lighting or projection can be effective and striking. There are plenty of options for drape rental for your next event.

CORT Events: Your Partner in Event Design

When you’re ready to plan your next event, partnering with the right event furniture rental company can make all the difference. Whether you have a vision for your event in mind or you need some creative inspiration and resources for planning, CORT Events is ready to partner with you. Give CORT Events a call or check them out on the web to make your next event a reality.

Winter Wedding Ideas That Work All Year Long

Hi Sassies, the winter cold is blowing out and warmer days are on their way! With this temp shift, the spring wedding season is once again on the horizon. But before all of the snow has melted and we wave goodbye to the winter, my friends at CORT Events have a few ideas that will carry over to the spring.

The Wedding Venue That Works in Every Season

Although barn weddings are particularly beautiful in the winter, this is an ideal venue for every season. Many barn venues are blank canvases that will allow you to create a beautiful wedding memory for your clients and their guests. 

More and more event spaces are converted barns, and the rustic charm can be both elegant and fun. But don’t forget, lighting and décor are key to a barn wedding — especially in months before daylight savings has ended — and depending on the locale of the wedding, heating will be paramount too.

Snowy Wedding Decor That Never Melts

Who doesn’t see beauty when thinking of falling snow in the wintertime? Snowflakes, flurries, they’re the best. But just because the season is warming up doesn’t mean that this effect can’t be duplicated for your bride and groom at any time of year. Incorporating twinkling lights and candles, and employing evergreen into the décor throughout the venue can create a snowy and cozy effect during the event.

Timeless Winter Colors That Always Work

Winter weddings typically mean that most traditional wedding colors are out the window. Pastels and bright colors that are perfect in spring and summer won’t necessarily fly in wintertime, there are a few color ideas from the season that holds their elegance throughout the year. Think rich hues and bold contrasts with whites and neutrals. A blue winter wedding may sound like a cliché, but it can be a classic, timeless look, or think of it as an opportunity to decorate like a royal blue fairytale style wedding.

One of the best things while planning a wedding at any time of year is that you don’t have to do it alone. When you partner with CORT Events, creative inspiration, and ideas like the ones you just read abound. It doesn’t matter if you’re client is looking for something traditional or a wedding that’s more modern and innovative, they can help you plan and prepare.

With CORT Events, you don’t have to sweat the delivery, setup, and assembly, because it’s all taken care of quickly and efficiently. From the beginning stages of your planning to the aftermath, they’re here for you.

Steve Kemble – Winter Wedding Post Copy

Let it snow, Sassies! 

Even when the snow stops falling, these winter wedding ideas stay in style, so you don’t have to rush down the aisle! ?‍♀?

Head to my blog and find all the wedding inspo you need:

2022 Color Trends to Your Events

Hi there, Sassies. The countdown is officially on for 2022 and my friends at CORT Events are already ahead of the curve with tips on how you can give your event an up-to-the-moment look with 2022’s colors of the year.

Vibrant Periwinkle

This year, we saw that the 2021 colors of the year reflected the desire for stability and consistency after a pandemic year with so much uncertainty. For 2022, Pantone — the world’s color authority — has introduced a custom hue as their color of the year for the first time.

Veri Peri is a vibrant, purple-blue shade that the color authority chose for its joyous and dynamic confidence. CORT’s Sterling Chandler Package includes furniture pieces that tie in shades of periwinkle, while the Constellation Package gives you complimentary colors if you’re using periwinkle with walls or drapery.

CORT Events is also featuring products from this same color family in their “Creativity and Courage” line. If you’d rather use periwinkle in splashes, look for rugs and pillows that tie in the color without making it a focus. CORT Events also gives you the ability to  customize products to match any Pantone color, pattern or graphic.

Dusty Green

Dusty green hues are warm and organic, and they tie in well with natural wood and neutral tones. Shades of green with natural tones work for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as various times throughout the year.

Tying dusty green tones into your next event is simple, and it can be an effective way to achieve an organic look that brings the outdoors inside or complements an outside event. The Lena Chair Package from CORT incorporates dusty green into a garden-themed space plan, while the Sterling Lena Package invites natural hues into a sleek modern design.

Soft Brown

It’s not a dirty brown or a chocolate color — instead, it’s a softer brown that’s still earthy yet sophisticated. It’s classic and historical in its soft elegance, and it works effectively as an interior or exterior color.

If you’re looking for ways to work soft brown into your next event, check out CORT’s Valencia Package. In it, softer shades of brown blend with darker browns and other earth tones for a Mediterranean look. Or try the Baja Beverly Package, which ties together browns and neutrals in an appealing mid-century modern mix. Opt for accessories that tie in earthy tones, blend them with other natural styles, or offer complementary colors.

When you’re ready to bring these trendy and exciting colors into your next event plan, there’s one name to trust: CORT Events. They’re not just your go-to for renting furniture pieces like tables and chairs — they’re your source for creative inspiration and ideas that will make your next event one to remember.

Lighting Inspiration for Your Next Event

With all the elements we have to think about when we’re planning an event, sometimes it’s easy to overlook lighting — or at least to take it for granted. While lighting has its obvious pragmatic applications, it also gives us plenty of ways to innovate and wow our attendees.

My friends at CORT Events like to think of lighting as a way to make a statement, help clients highlight their brand, or add pops of color to any event space. That’s why they’ve come up with this quick and easy guide to help with choosing the right event lighting solutions to add creativity and drama to any type of event in any venue.

Column and Pedestal Event Lighting

LED column and pedestal indoor event lighting provide you versatility and beauty in larger venues. CORT’s Luna Lighting collection of column and pedestal lights are bright and visually striking, but they also give you exciting options. You can add your logo and branding to column and pedestal lighting to raise brand awareness and corporate events, fundraisers, conferences, or product launches.

Decorative Lighting for Events

Another way to use indoor event lighting to your advantage is by renting LED accent lights. These lightweight, portable lights can go anywhere to add color and dramatic effects in any space or venue, and they can be powered both via batteries or plug-in. LED accent lighting can make an otherwise boring venue or room come to life, and they’re strong enough to use inside or in the great outdoors.

Creative Event Lighting Ideas

When it comes to lighting your event, you can use smaller lights for brilliant creative effects as well. Movie lamps give you options for projecting your logo or other branding elements onto walls, curtains, or screens. It’s a terrific way to increase brand awareness at any event.

Don’t forget, floor and table lamps offer the opportunity for more focused lighting in a conversation area, breakout room, or dining space. Smaller lighting pieces like these allow you to have more control over the light in specific areas, and they help create a warm, intimate feel when you want to bring a touch of home to your event.

Achieving your creative lighting ideas doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you find the right partner, your indoor or outdoor event lighting – along with furniture and décor – rental can be easy and fun. With CORT Events, you have that partner. When you’re ready to tackle your event lighting or event furniture rental needs, check out CORT Events for easy planning and peace of mind when your event rolls around.

From Home Decor to the Event Floor

Hi Sassies. As 2021 draws to a close, it’s always nice to look back at what made this year unique.  With the huge boom of the work from home movement caused by the pandemic, many of us have grown used to having the comfort of home right at our fingertips throughout our workday. So why not do the same at your next event?

One great way to incorporate a relaxing, home-like environment at your next event is with color. Using colors that remind eventgoers of home helps them feel comfortable and as a bonus, those who work from home will recognize the comforts that they’re used to.

If you’re wondering how, you can add some of the comforts of home into your next event, don’t worry. CORT Events has a few tricks for you to keep up your sleeve as you plan for next year.

From Dining Room to Banquet Hall

The relationship between the dining room at home and the banquet hall at an event is a natural one, so pulling inspiration from this year’s dining room decor trends work well in either type of venue. One of the top trends in dining rooms in 2021 is the Scandinavian look. Tie in whites and natural wood elements for a crisp, clean style. White chairs and decor with a natural look can help you achieve this simple, modern look.

Designers have also brought in dark, yet bold colors into the dining room in 2021, particularly shades of navy blue and dark green that suggest timelessness and trendiness at the same time.

From Living Room to Networking Event

The living room is a casual, comfortable place where everyone feels at home, and it’s a place to entertain, which makes it the perfect parallel to a networking event. Choose from this year’s popular living room colors – Ultimate Gray and an accent of Illuminating – to bring that sense of familiarity in. It’s easy to work with gray as a dominant color and tie in bright yellow accent furniture for a pop of color.

From Bedroom to Cocktail Hour

When you’re at home, there’s no better place to relax than the bedroom, so why not use the same concept when you’re designing the area of your event where attendees can unwind? Tying the hottest bedroom colors of 2021 – Terracota and Pistachio green – to your lounge furniture rental choices can help you develop a relaxing and enjoyable lounge space at your next event.

Look for cocktail tables and other serving furniture in these color schemes when you’re searching for bar furniture rentals.

Where can you find color inspiration and a wide selection of styles that reflect this year’s trends? The answer is simple: CORT Events. CORT Events does so much more than offer furniture rental, they create one-of-kind ensembles that leave guests and attendees with memories for years to come.

Adding the Right Pop to Your Events

We’ve all been in the events game long enough to now a successful event takes meticulous planning. From food to audio and visual elements to seating, every aspect of your event carries the weight of its own importance. And you naturally want to make sure you cover every detail.

You’ve put a lot of thought into your events, but have you ever considered the difference your color choices can make? My friends at CORT Events are here with a bit of help on how to use color to help tell the story of your event. Don’t worry if you think you’re not good at choosing colors — by the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be able to tackle color more confidently.

Before you choose the colors for your clients next event, it’s important that you both have a clear idea of what they want the event to achieve. This is a key step in helping to determine the colors you’ll be choosing on their behalf.

Basing your color choices on the reactions that they inspire can help you set the tone for your client and drive attendees in the direction they’re intended to go.

For example, red is a high-energy color that triggers excitement in the brain, while orange stimulates collaboration. Pink and purple suggest nurturing and peacefulness, while blue is another calming color that’s known for helping people relax their bodies and minds. Yellow is considered a “detox” color that helps attendees clear their minds and prepare for productivity. Green suggests harmony and helps boost creativity and innovation.

Choosing the right furniture can go a long way toward bringing your color palette to life. Opt for tables, piping and draping, and lighting that fit your chosen color scheme. Soft seating like chairs, sofas, and ottomans can also provide pops of color that are both beautiful and fun.

Your décor also gives you a chance to play with color. From flowers to balloons to garlands and even photo booth backdrops, the possibilities for vibrant and memorable color are truly endless.

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The Working Event: Furniture for Work and Play

Hi Sassies, my friends from CORT Events are back with a few tips to tuck away for the new year. If you’ve got a client that plans on ringing in 2022 with a social or networking event, then you’re going to want to put these in your back pocket.

When it comes to networking events, your clients may often come to you wondering what you’ll have planned once the event is over or before an event, how you’ll have things set up to encourage attendees to get to know one another but did you know that furniture can be a huge help with this?

Yep, flexible furniture can serve the business functions of your event as well as encourage fun and play after the event. Here are some of the furniture pieces you can choose to make your next event perfect for work and play.

The Square Sofa

Square, double-sized sofas are terrific options for a multipurpose event. Choose options with a low back or high back. Sofas that have tables built into their corners work well for notetaking on paper or on a device during a meeting or breakout session. And they’re also perfect for drinks and snacks while socializing afterward.

The Modern Modular Sectional

If you’re looking for the next generation of modern seating that allows you practically endless choices, check out modular sectionals. Sectionals take your sofas to the next level by allowing you loads of options for configuration and customization. Just as with modular sofas, you have options for power, attached tables, and high or low backs with a convertible sectional or a square sectional sofa. Sectionals with ottomans provide easy casual seating.

Multifunctional Chairs for Group Seating

Traditional folding chairs can be a thing of the past at your next working event. Today’s event chairs are more stylish, but they’re just as functional as they’ve ever been. Group seating chairs are easy to move around when transitioning from work to play at the event. Using chairs like these allows you to configure your event differently for business and for pleasure.

The Multi-Use Table

Today’s events don’t call for massive folding tables that don’t offer much function. Choose smaller, sleeker tables that are portable and easier to configure in different ways.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to event tables. You can arrange indoor or outdoor coffee tables with sofas and sectionals because they work for notetaking as well as for socializing. Standing cocktail tables are perfect for networking and for hanging out before or after the event. You can find tables in just about any shape, size, and height.

CORT Events is your one-stop shop for all the furniture and decor that fits your event, no matter the purpose or theme. If you’re looking for creative ideas and inspiration, CORT Events has all of those in spades. Learn more at