Get cozy with CORT in 2011!

Hello Sassies!!!!

I know it’s hard to see past your piles of wrapping paper and bows, but 2011 is right around the corner. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to have more fun with 2011 events! Get rid of stuffy, uncomfortable seating and give your guests the opportunity to plop down on something cozy.

My friends at CORT are always on top of the latest trends in event planning and will make sure you are ready for 2011! CORT offers fun seating options such as ottomans that facilitate gabbing and socializing. Place ottomans throughout your event or configure them into circular or serpentine seating. Actually, why not create your own design with the ottomans? A company logo or perhaps the sassy face of yours truly?

And sassies, even though 2011 is all about F-U-N, I know y’all are in budget meetings talking about dolla dolla bills. Luckily, CORT’s flexible seating options work with events (and budgets) big and small!