Set the Right Stage

Alright, Sassies, Spring has officially sprung and with its arrival we’re seeing a return for certain in-person events – yay! Like always, my friends at CORT Events are ready to help you – and your clients – come back to their corporate meetings and events in the safest way possible this season.

Set the Right Stage

In 2020, as we all found ways to adapt and learn new ways to remain flexible, one thing that was learned is that when it comes to planning events, it’s best to take a “both/and” mindset. I say all of this as initial face-to-face meetings in 2021 are expected to be smaller than the past, regionally focused, and in a hybrid format.

With a small percentage of attendees live and in-person and the rest at home, this is a great opportunity to plan staging so things look as good to the folks tuning in virtually as it does to those in person is a must.

Instead of speaking in front of a screen or a presentation, encourage your clients to think of their meeting like a production set with elements like side tables or greenery from CORT Events that can help make things appear more visually compelling while filling the 6′ space between speakers on stage.

Bring the Connection

There’s no question that everyone is looking forward to meeting again face-to-face as soon as it’s safe to do so. After months apart, in-person attendees will crave that meaningful connection and interaction that was missed in 2020. There are ways to create the warm environment we once knew while keeping physical distancing in mind.

Lean into unique elements like drape, high back seating, and clear dividers to create spaces for safe conversations during networking sessions or break times.

Another approach could be to group teams together by row with CORT Events 30″ tables that come in multiple colors. Not only will they add a bit of visual interests, but color-coded seating can also designate smaller groups to be called on individually for breaks and meals. That’s a win-win!

Put FOMO Back into In-Person – and Hybrid!

Okay, Sassies, let’s be honest for a moment. In the past, it was all about planning the live experience. Creating an equally compelling time for a digital audience wasn’t a focus point. But now, as we begin to incorporate in-person elements back into our planning, we’ll have to think of our guests – including those attending virtually – as more than just attendees. Everyone should feel like an event is for them which is why engagement is so important.

Consider allowing both in-person and virtual attendees to earn points for asking questions during sessions, taking quizzes, and engaging. At the end of the meeting “door” prizes can be given out to the individual that’s earned the most points. This point system will also allow you to measure engagement and offer this data back to your clients so they can adjust the content of future events.

There’s no time like the present to start planning the next meeting. Lean on my friends at CORT Events to build the foundation for a safe event and support. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit