Indoor & Outdoor Décor and Furniture for Your Summer Event

Sassies, can you believe we’re officially at the halfway mark of 2021? This year is blowing by so quickly. As the weather starts to warm up and push events indoors and outdoors, my friends at CORT Events are back with a few décor tips on how to blend these spaces to create a memorable summer-time event.

Blend Natural Elements

Imagine what feels like a free-flowing, open-space concept, connecting the indoors and the outdoors. Take some of your soft-seating furniture outdoors, and decorate your indoor spaces with topiaries, potted plants, and other natural themes for a seamless flow.

Turn Up the Lights

Lighting is important for any event, but it’s imperative for an outdoor event at night. Decor options for lighting include string lights and lantern lights, which offer both aesthetics and function. Be sure to prioritize safety and comfort when you’re thinking of lighting also. Pathway and stair lighting are necessary for walkways and steps.

Matching Colors and Patterns

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, do keep in mind that aesthetics are still important. While traditional summer colors work well together, don’t be afraid to play up an outdoor space to help make it as festive as possible. Mediterranean and Tuscan influences, such as black and white with topiary, also make a bold statement.

Give Guests Plenty of Space

Think of the word “cohort” as you design the furniture setup. If this is an event that has cocktails and dining, the flow of the room may include an open space for cocktails, perhaps with no chairs and high-top tables, to encourage social distancing, and a dining area, with tables situated at least six feet apart. Rental furniture or event furniture is an ideal thought here, as coordinators can help you with placement and design as well.

If you’re looking for a partner that can help, make your event a truly memorable one while still staying safe and healthy, turn to CORT Events. They offer personalized, white-glove service that make your next event – whether indoors or outdoors – one that your client and their guests won’t forget.