Giving Back on the Big Day: Sustainable Wedding Tips

Hey there sassies, the heart of summer of wedding season is here! As we head into the busiest year for weddings ever, we should expect for eco-friendly celebrations to become a topic that’s front of mind for couples as they consider how their big day may have an impact on the environment. If you’re working with a couple that wants to leave a long-lasting impression, not just on their guest but also on mother earth, with their big day, my friends at CORT Events have a few ways to incorporate sustainability into the planning process without asking your clients to make too many compromises.

Don’t Rule Out Traditions

Couples may look at some traditions of the past, like a sparkler lined march out of the ceremony or reception, and think they need to be slashed from their big day…but have no fear! There are other ways to celebrate without hurting the local ecosystem. Instead of using things like paper confetti or rice, consider offering a green-friendly approach with flowers, fresh herbs, leaves, or biodegradable paper for the exit toss.

Skip the Buffet and Avoid Single-Use Dishes and Utensils

No matter where a wedding is being held this season, whether it’s an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, the buffet is still a no-go. Even though guest still won’t be lining up for dinner this year, don’t be afraid to create an eco-friendly experience for them around the meal by incorporating colors and accessories found in nature into the décor – say hello faux greenery!

And for an eco-friendly alternative at dinner, opt out for plated dinners, rented table linens, utensils, and stemware for guests. These small changes will help to reduce food waste and the amount of items that go to the landfill.

Choose The Right Partners

Wedding planning – whether you’re a professional or not – can be a stressful time. Assisting a couple with their big day while also minimizing the carbon footprint from the event will be an added constraint for some of us, which makes hiring vendors that care about sustainability themselves and are willing to work with you to be as sustainable as possible is critical. 

CORT Events is on a mission to positively impact the communities they serve with a business model that’s sustainable by nature. When working with CORT Events, you get more than just furniture. You’re working with an experienced team of planners who are ready and able to become an important part of your team. Whether it’s support with design, layout options, or the smallest detail, CORT Events is ready to help.

 I’d like to also add in some language here that drive home the point about how CORT Events account execs are all planners themselves, and can be that added hand in design and detail support to help save planners a lot of time this season.