Your Winter Event Furniture Guide

Temps have cooled down and now it’s time to end the year with a bang! If you have clients that are looking to do something fun this season, my friends at CORT Events are here to help. Check out their tips on optional, good to have, and must have furnishings that’s just right for your events this winter.

Optional Furniture for Outdoor Events

Certain pieces might not make or break your event, but they’re good options to consider. One of the things you should consider is pipe and drape rental. Piping and draping have benefits that are both practical and aesthetic. Best of all, pipe and drape can serve as insulation against the elements.

You can also get a bit creative with dividers, like boxwood hedges, that might normally go in between areas of an event. These can go along the perimeter to help keep the wind out as well.

Good-to-Have Furniture for Outdoor Events

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re considering chair and table rental for an outdoor event. Beyond the obvious — tables, bar tables, and chairs — don’t forget about the difference that soft seating can make. Soft seating is about more than comfort, although there’s nothing better than sitting on a soft surface when the elements are unforgiving.

Don’t forget about tent rental. Precipitation in all its forms is always a wintertime threat, so holding at least part of your event in an outdoor event tent will keep the rain, snow, and sleet off the heads of your guests and keep electronic equipment covered.

The Must-Have Item for Outdoor Events

There’s one important item that you can’t do without at a winter event: lighting. The shortest days of the year take place in wintertime, and if you’re putting on an outdoor event, chances are you’ll encounter darkness.

LED lighting is efficient, portable, and flexible while adding aesthetic value to your event as well, bringing in color and brightness that you can’t achieve on your own. You may be wondering how to light an outdoor event, but it’s not difficult. Don’t forget lamps in and around seating and eating areas to create a more intimate and inviting feel.

No matter the purpose of your event, holding it outdoors in the winter can be magical. My friends at CORT Events are here to support you and your client on their next event. When working with CORT Events, you get more than just furniture. You’re working with an experienced team of planners who are ready and able to become an important part of your team. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit