An Open Letter From CORT Events

To Our Friends and Colleagues,

Needless to say, it’s been an extraordinarily challenging year. Some have found this year to be the perfect canvas for reflection and growth, but most have found it to be the source of the most severe personal and professional struggles in their lifetime. And for others – it’s been both!

We at CORT Events want to take this moment to acknowledge your resilience, your open minds and hearts, and your dedication towards coming back stronger than ever. If nothing else, your passion for our industry and its recovery has proven this saying true: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

As we inch towards 2021, here are some things we’re asking Santa for:

  • Strength to guide our ongoing fight to recovery.
  • Our colleagues’, friends’ and loved ones’ well-being.
  • Not a comeback, but the brilliant evolution of our industry.
  • Continued solidarity amongst us all.

Regardless of what the near future holds, please trust us to be open ears to your hopes and concerns. We’re fortunate to have the Berkshire Hathaway name behind us to grant us the stability and reliability necessary to be your steady partner and willing resource as we heal together. We look forward to serving you in the new year.

Have a safe, love-filled holiday season,

Damon Ross & The CORT Events Family

PS. Season’s greetings directly from some of our team members!

Classic Never Goes Out of Style

I can always rely on CORT Events to deliver the daring and bold style trends, but their classic collections are my go-to no matter the occasion! If you’re looking to create gorgeous and safe events, check out these tried and true collections:  

Safety First, Sassies!

Y’all already know attendee’s comfort and safety is our top priority. The Safety Collection is heaven sent for every event planner! This collection includes everything y’all need to help attendees feel at ease. From clear dividers to wayfinding decals, these offerings provide both form and function. Pro tip: Elevate your next event with personalized options that match your spectacular style and brand.

“Wow” with Ottomans

I’m going to let y’all in on my best kept secret for maximizing space without compromising style…CORT Events’ Beverly Ottoman collection! This modular collection is available in 11 fabulous colors, so there’s a perfect option no matter the size or color scheme. To create owned seating, pair the Beverly Oasis pieces with individual charging hubs, so attendees can power up their devices and remain in one seat for the duration of the event.

Stylin’ Soft Seating Options

The possibilities are endless when you start a design with classic black and white furnishings. Luckily, CORT Events has a variety of neutral soft seating options, like the antimicrobial Baja collection or the timeless Naples Sofa. Just because we’re taking extra precautions with owned seating doesn’t mean we have to give up larger seating options. Pair a clear divider with a loveseat or sofa to encourage safe socialization. Don’t forget to add C-shaped tables between individual seats so guests understand where to sit!

Remember sassies, my friends at CORT Events are available to support you through your next event with safety and health top of mind. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

Safety and Comfort: All about the Attendees

I’ve been so impressed by the creativity and tenacity the events industry has shown while we work together to safely bring people back together. From virtual cocktail hours to micro-weddings, we’ve seen a major shift in how we plan events as a result of COVID-19. I know all my planner and designer friends out there are up to date on the latest protocols, but I’m not sure how attendees are feeling when it comes to in-person events. I know with thoughtful planning and reinventive designs, we can help attendees feel safe and comfortable returning to live events! My friends at CORT Events are  sharing some more of their terrific tips to ensure every attendee feels comfortable, safe and fabulous while attending in-person events.

Loud and Clear Communication

Y’all, communication with attendees is key – especially in this crazy new world!  Attendees will expect all the details to make sure their health is a top priority, specifically on distancing guidelines, PPE regulations, safety precautions and cleaning procedures. Addressing attendees’ concerns in advance and on-site will help eliminate confusion and stress so everyone can have the best time! To pull off a successful and safe event, be sure to directly communicate the steps you’re taking to assure attendee safety before, during and after the event.

Design with Safety in Mind

Sassies, I want to get back to safe, in-person events just as much as y’all, so that means we have to be considerate of every guests’ comfort level. Some attendees might be as eager as me to get back on the social scene, while others may be more hesitant. With safety-focused designs that facilitate movement and promote distancing, like freestanding clear dividers,  stanchions, and floor decals, we can provide the peace of mind each attendee needs. Take this opportunity to let your personality and brand shine by creating personalized dividers featuring your logo or custom artwork! 

Prioritize Wellbeing

It’s no secret I like to accessorize wherever I can – that’s why I’m so excited to create a calm and warm environment for my attendees! With distanced seating and dividers, we must incorporate natural elements like greenery, florals and uplighting to maximize comfort and familiarity. Pro tip: Don’t forget to provide individual tables with charging capabilities to complete attendees’ individual spaces!

Sassies, making sure every person is comfortable will be key to throwing fabulous in-person events, meetings, and shows. My friends at CORT Events are here to lend their expertise when it comes to designing spaces your attendees will remember, while keeping them safe!  

You can schedule a consultation with on a CORT design expert! To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit  

Reconnect with Hybrid Meetings & Events

By Steve Kemble

Hey, Sassies! I’ll tell you what, this COVID-19 pandemic has really had an impact on the events industry over the last several months. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get back to business, even if that means smaller hybrid events for now!

Current guidelines say we must reduce in-person attendee capacity, so supplementing with a robust virtual experience is a must to keep everyone involved and engaged. With this approach, we can get back to the business of creating unique experiences, all while keeping attendees safe! My friends at CORT Events always have great ideas when it comes to planning the perfect event, even during a pandemic. Here are some of their tips and best practices to ensure your upcoming hybrid events keep all attendees excited, engaged, and most importantly, safe.

One Event, Two Audiences

When designing a hybrid meeting, consider not only how the layout, design and format of the space will impact in-person attendees, but also attendees participating remotely.  Sassies, lighting, audio and colorful stage sets will have a tremendous impact on the virtual attendees’ overall experience. I’m excited to start networking and collaborating again with all of you, and CORT Events’ modern and practical options for furnishing your event space, such as large sectionals, individual chairs or ottoman configurations, can allow us to do that safely! Be sure to interact with virtual attendees in real time via their mobile devices. You know I love a good swag bag, so if you are giving away goodies to in-person guests, be sure to mail a bag to your remote attendees too!

Set the Stage

Forget mingling, guest speakers and presenters will need to practice healthy distancing while on the meeting stage. Why not envision the stage as a set rather than a classroom? CORT offers beautiful drapes, customizable dividers and greenery to create a warm and inviting atmosphere even as we all practice social distancing. Communal microphones are a big no-no in the COVID-19 world – instead, ensure each speaker is individually connected to a microphone. If your event features simultaneous activities across multiple stages, be sure to broadcast the event in a way so virtual attendees can have a holistic experience, as opposed to a singular perspective.

Out-of-the-Box Engagement

Y’all, digital capabilities will be so important with hybrid events and will involve an added layer of creativity to improve engagement all around! For in-person attendees, be sure to provide large and ample displays throughout the meeting space to limit crowding. Connect attendees together by integrating live chat features for comments, questions and polls. Acknowledge and interact with virtual attendees via livestream to recognize their contributions to the conversation. Be sure to record and distribute the broadcast after the meeting to further promote conversation among those in attendance, either in-person or remote. Technology can also be used when it comes to providing food and beverages for in-person attendees. Consider making timed reservations when attendees register to eliminate lines or assign attendees a group number and broadcast via mobile devices when it’s time for them to pick up their food items.

Sassies, it is time to safely restart events, while making health and well-being a top priority. See you soon!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit