Trend Alert! 2016 Event Design Trends Are Here!

Happy New Year Sassies!! I hope you all had safe and fabulous New Year’s celebration…but, it’s time to get to business. It’s time to put some sass into your 2016 events and our good friends at CORT are here to give us the details on this year’s hottest event design trends.

Technology is going to be a huge part of events next year and planners are going to be challenged to design event spaces that incorporate it without sacrificing fabulous aesthetics. Facilitating and encouraging engagement by providing easy access to information will allow your guests to focus on learning and networking. What is the best way to keep your guests connected? POWER!

Keeping your guests connected requires battery power and plenty of charging areas. So why not design a fabulous charging lounge with CORT’s NEW Powered Collection? With selections from powered sofas to powered endless, modular pieces…you literally have a solution for EVERY design space! How fabulous! CORT’s expanded powered furnishings collection gives planners options to seamlessly incorporate charging into their event space without sacrificing any design!

Another fabulous trend for 2016 is the revival of Danish Modern designs! These fierce, yet simplistic forms, coupled with quality craftsmanship, and warm organic qualities such as wood grain are rich, enduring, and fabulous! Combining organic elements like greenery and softer color palettes will help ground your event and create a sense of calm while still delivering a powerful punch! Pantone’s Spring 2016 color palette emphasizes relaxation, but also a sense of relaxation and exploration which reflects the beauty of natural resources. Couldn’t we all use a bit more relaxation in our lives? Let’s make it happen with color and design in 2016!

CORT has introduced several new collections for 2016 that work perfectly with this trend including the new Danish Modern inspired Larson sofa and chair, which features a walnut wood frame base and comfortable white vinyl seats. Modern minimalism and mid-century silhouettes are still red hot and the Scandinavian influence of CORT’s new Wagner chair with soft cream colored fur upholstery and rounded walnut legs keep this trend fresh and exciting!

Now, this next new CORT piece has me VERY excited. It’s perfect to add a dose of class and sass to an event! The new CORT Dome chair, a French inspired piece, is a fabulous example of a piece that adds an element of surprise that your guests will talk about and remember!

Now remember Sassies, CORT’s complete collection includes a range of other high end modern furnishings that can be used to create fabulous designs. To learn more, visit

Cheers to a new year Sassies! Let’s make it fabulous!


Hey Sassies!

Designing an effective meeting/conference space helps promote productivity, networking and creativity. Smart space planning, comfortable seating, functional furniture, and overall aesthetics play a role in a successful meeting or conference. In designing your next meeting or conference, the design experts at CORT Event Furnishings urge you to consider the following Do’s and Don’ts of meeting design.

Do: use Powered Furniture

The importance of staying connected cannot be stressed enough in the current business environment. When attendees rush to find seating by wall outlets to charge their phones or other electronics, it’s disruptive to the overall experience. Instead, consider utilizing CORT’s new powered furniture for your meeting. Pieces such as the powered Roma sofa offer sleek, stylish seating with charging outlets built seamlessly into the arms. The powered G30 Communal Tables create a great opportunity for communal work space that fosters a team environment and encourages collaborative strategic planning.


Looking for general powered seating options in a lobby or a lounge? Consider the Powered Banquette System. The modular design allows for flexibility in seating that can be configured for any space and allows attendees to relax and charge their devices.

Don’t: Crowd the Room

Make sure you design your rental furnishings in a way that allows for easy movement and flexibility. Consider using round seating such as pieces from the CORT Endless Collection that will allow for constant flow around the furnishings. Bar table groupings are also a great way for small groups to gather and work together on a project or network. The key here is to make sure there is plenty of seating, but also tables for drinks, food or electronics. Modular pieces such as the Heathrow Collection and Endless Collection allow for arranging a design to fit a particular conference activity. The design of your space will make a world of a difference in how your attendees experience the meeting. Comfortable spaces that are conducive to learning and collaboration result in attendees who are more likely to be creative and productive.

Do: Brand the room

Use the conference to tell the story of your corporate brand. This includes signage, marketing collateral, programs, and yes, furniture. What is the theme of your conference? What is the color scheme? How can all of the moving parts, including furniture, play a part in supporting your message? How can you better create an immersive experience for your attendees by making sure ALL pieces work seamlessly together? Are you designing a modern 1960’s, Mad Men type theme? Utilize pieces in the Draper Collection to create iconic vignettes that make attendees feel like they took a step back in time.

Don’t: Fall Short on Design

The days of boardroom style conference set-ups are long gone. Attendees want aesthetically pleasing design that delights the senses and offers a collaborative team environment conducive to learning, networking, and brainstorming. Strive for a holistic approach when it comes to design and make if feel comfortable, but don’t forget the details make the difference. Accent pieces, color schemes and unique seating arrangements go a long way to create an overall immersive experience.

The Fab 3: Top 2015 Fall Trends

Greetings Sassies!

The sizzling summer season is quickly passing us by and you know what that means…the fabulous fall season is almost here!  From pumpkin lattes to décor, I love ALL things fall.  The 2015 fall season has its own fierce set of trends that are sure to make your events as fabulous as ever! My good friends at CORT are here to give you the inside scoop on the three biggest trends my sassies should know about this fall season!

Mod is the new Fab

Mod is in this fall season! And by mod, I mean modular!  Modular furniture is not only fabulous but functional. Sassies, you can’t beat that two for one deal!  Give your fab clients the option to maximize their space by creating custom seating with modular furniture.  CORT has fierce modular pieces such as the Endless Heathrow, and South Beach collections.  Looking to have a posh outdoor fall party? You can’t miss with the indoor/outdoor Boca Collection that can be configured for any size outdoor space.

Fairy Tales? Oh My!

Sassies, who doesn’t love a good fairy tale?!  Don’t pass on the opportunity to create your own fairy tale theme this fall season!  Rustic décor is so last season.  To make your fairy tale a reality, pair clean whites and neutral tones with pastels and greenery to create an otherworldly ambiance that would put even the most fabulous Disney princess to shame (I’m talking to you Queen Elsa!). Tufted furniture is a perfect fit for a fairytale theme.  The French and Victorian inspired CORT Napoleon Chaise Lounge is perfect for a magical ball or small affair.   Iconic white pieces from the Roma collection would be perfect for a posh royal affair.  Let your fabulous fairy tale fantasies run wild this season!

Fierce Customization

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you could customize everything in your life? You love this couch, but if only it was in another color.  I love this color of pant, if only they were in a different style!  I love this bar…if only I could put my logo on it! Pause! Now you can sassies! Brand strategy and implementation is so important and being able to personalize an event to reflect your clients company culture and vibe can take an event from drab to FAB instantly!  Serving tasty drinks at your fall extravaganza?  Check out the CORT Luna Bar which has customizable panels to showcase your personal flair!