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Regardless the size of your business, branding is important and matters. You have to gain trust, spend time, emotion and more to push your business to the top.

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Transformation with Drapery

Hey everyone!  It’s your creative visionary, Steve Kemble, here to delve into the art of transforming event spaces using a versatile and timeless tool: drapery. Let this old favorite be your secret weapon this year.

Whether you’re hosting a wedding, a gala, or a corporate event, drapery provides a blank canvas to create the ambiance and atmosphere you desire. But let’s not forget, furniture is an essential ingredient in this creative recipe.

CORT Events offers a wide range of furniture options that perfectly complement the elegance and versatility of drapes. Picture this: a luxurious lounge area nestled amidst the flowing fabric and sleek lines of the drape setup. CORT Events’ selection of sofas, chairs, and tables can transform any corner of your event space into a cozy and inviting seating area.

For an opulent touch, imagine pairing the sophisticated draped backdrop with CORT Events’ Endless Sofa, adorned in rich velvet upholstery. The plush cushions and exquisite craftsmanship of the sofa will not only provide comfort but also enhance the overall visual aesthetic. Guests will be captivated by the seamless blend of drapes with the luxurious furniture, creating an ambiance that exudes sophistication and refinement.

And let’s not forget about the importance of cocktail tables in your event setup. CORT Events offers a variety of stylish and functional tables that can be strategically placed throughout the drape design. Guests can gather around these tables, enjoying their drinks and engaging in lively conversations, all while being immersed in the timeless elegance created by the draped framework.

The key is to find the perfect balance between the versatility of drapes and the charm of well-curated furniture. CORT Events understands the importance of this balance, offering a wide selection of furniture that seamlessly integrates with the drape design. Their commitment to quality and style ensures that each piece of furniture enhances the overall aesthetic, elevating your event to new heights.

So, my fellow event aficionados, as you embark on your next design journey with drapery, remember the transformative power of furniture. Let CORT Events be your trusted partner in curating a memorable and visually stunning event. Together, we’ll create an atmosphere that captures the hearts and imaginations of your guests.

Until next time, keep dreaming big and planning those remarkable events!

The Art of Creating Memorable Event Signage

Hi, sassies! Today, let’s talk about the art of creating memorable event signage that does more than direct attendees but serves as an opportunity to showcase your clients brand, set the tone for your event, and create an unforgettable impression. And guess what? CORT Events has just the right options to help you achieve all that and more.

Let’s start with the Maxim Bar from CORT Events. This sleek and stylish bar not only serves as a functional focal point but also doubles as a customizable signage opportunity. Imagine your logo or event hashtag displayed prominently on the front of the bar, catching the eyes of your attendees as they gather for a drink. It’s a brilliant way to reinforce your brand and create a cohesive event experience.

Looking for something with a touch of glamour? The Posh Bar from CORT Events is here to make a statement. With its glossy white finish and customizable options, this bar is the epitome of elegance. You can add your event name, logo, or any other personalized design to the front of the bar, instantly transforming it into a work of art. It’s not just a bar; it’s a conversation starter and a stunning visual element that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

But why stop at bars? CORT Events offers a range of customizable options for all your signage needs. From podiums to backdrops, they have the tools to help you create a cohesive and visually appealing event space. Personalize your signage with your event’s theme, colors, or messaging to create a seamless brand experience that resonates with your attendees.

The devil is in the details, Sassies, and signage is not just about pointing people in the right direction; it’s about crafting an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression. So, my event-planning rockstars, embrace the power of signage and unleash your creativity. Let CORT Events be your partner in creating a visually stunning and seamlessly branded event. Until next time, keep planning those remarkable events!

Creating Immersive Event Experiences with Projection Mapping

Hey there, Sassies! It’s Steve Kemble, your event aficionado, here to share the latest trends in creating immersive event experiences. If you want to take your events to the next level in 2023, you can’t miss out on the magic of projection mapping!

Projection mapping allows you to transform ordinary surfaces into dynamic, visual spectacles. Imagine turning a blank wall into a vibrant canvas, projecting stunning visuals that captivate your audience. With projection mapping, you can transport your guests to different worlds, tell compelling stories, and create awe-inspiring moments.

And as I always say, no event is complete with furniture. But rather than playing things safe, why not take things a step further with a bit of personalization. This secret ingredient can set your events apart from the rest and it’s also where CORT Events can be a huge help. They offer a range of personalization options that allow you to transform any space into a reflection of your vision.

One item that caught my eye is the Posh Bar from CORT Events. This stunning piece adds a touch of modern elegance to any event while also being versatile. Its white acrylic panels can be easily branded, while the available customizable LED lighting allows you to match your event’s color scheme or create captivating lighting effects.

Another gem from their collection is the Endless Collection® in Serpentine. These versatile pieces can be arranged in various configurations to fit your event’s layout. Their sleek design and luxurious upholstery make it a stylish addition to any gathering.

And last, but certainly not least, let’s not forget about the power of details, my dear Sassies. Small accents can make a big impact. Consider incorporating decorative elements like plush pillows, statement lighting fixtures, and eye-catching centerpieces. These little touches add layers of charm and create an immersive experience that will leave your attendees captivated.

So, here’s to a future filled with extraordinary events that push the boundaries of innovation. Stay inspired, my darlings, and keep embracing the endless possibilities that technology and CORT Events brings to the world of event planning. Cheers to unforgettable experiences!

Elevating Event Experiences with Interactive Technology

Hey there, Sassies! It’s Steve Kemble, your go-to event guru, here to share some fabulous insights on making your events sparkle in 2023. Today, let’s talk about how you can elevate your event experiences with interactive technology. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

In this digital age, incorporating interactive technology can take your events to the next level. Picture this: guests walk into your event space and are greeted by stunning LED video walls displaying captivating visuals that set the mood. As they explore, they stumble upon interactive touchscreens, allowing them to engage with customized content, such as event schedules, speaker bios, and social media feeds.

To make your event stand out, consider incorporating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. Set up VR stations where attendees can transport themselves to exotic destinations, explore new products, or even take part in virtual team-building activities. AR can be used to enhance event signage, transforming static banners into dynamic, eye-catching displays.

Now, let’s talk furniture because the dream cannot be completed without a place for guests to sit! CORT Events has some incredible options to complement your interactive tech setup. Consider their modular lounge furniture, like the stunning Endless Collection®, which allows for flexible seating arrangements. Pair it with powered high-top tables equipped with built-in charging stations, ensuring your guests stay connected while they mingle.

As we’ve all learned over the last few years, technology is an amazing way to elevate your event experiences and make them truly memorable – but it doesn’t just stop there. Ensure that your guests have an unforgettable time and leave with lasting impressions with help from my friends at CORT Events.  They are always going above and beyond. And when you work with their team, you always get more than what you’re paying for. More connections. More agility. More responsiveness. More service. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the CORT Events web site or contact their team today and make your next event sparkle!

A Captivating Brand Story: CORT Events’ ‘Blank Slate’ Video

Who doesn’t love a good story? And sassies, do I have good one to share with you all. As a lover of captivating narratives, I was blown away by how CORT Events not only showcased their furniture and design services but also ignited imagination and evoked emotion in the viewer.

Inspirational Transformation Starts Here

The CORT Events team embarked on their journey to create this remarkable video concept years ago, aiming to redefine how they present their expansive range of furniture, decor, and design services nationwide. Their goal was ambitious—to go beyond the ordinary and inspire event professionals to think differently about event furnishing and design.

In the early stages of concepting, the team envisioned creating short video clips that highlighted the trendy furniture collections, white-glove services, and consultative approach that set CORT Events apart. But they didn’t stop there. They wanted to delve deeper and answer the critical questions of ‘how’ and ‘why’ they provide experiences the way they do.

The concept of a “blank slate” became the guiding force behind the video. It served as both a metaphor and a physical space—a starting point that would ignite users’ creativity and encourage them to imagine their own unique event layouts.

The 9,400 sq. ft. cyclic film stage set, with its vastness and endless possibilities, truly brought the concept of a blank slate to life. The video was meticulously designed to engage viewers on multiple levels. It showcased various scenarios specific to different types of meetings and events, capturing movement and focusing on intricate details.

The team carefully considered each scene, strategically placing furniture pieces like the luxurious emerald green Endless sofa as the centerpiece of a glamorous gala or the bespoke Danish Modern-inspired Aspen Chair in the foreground of a corporate prefunction gathering. These choices were intentional and aligned with CORT Events’ commitment to thoughtful design.

But what truly sets this brand video apart is its ability to inspire. The team infused humanity and great storytelling into every frame, emphasizing how a piece of furniture becomes an essential and fundamental part of an environment. By incorporating everyday objects as props and featuring live people, text overlay, and timelapse cinematography, the video creates a rich and textured story that resonates across different media platforms.

Whether viewed silently on a tradeshow booth monitor or on a mobile device through social media, this brand video leaves a lasting impact on show organizers, meeting planners, and event architects. It showcases that events are more than singular occasions—they have the power to be transformative experiences that truly matter.

So, hats off to CORT Events for their captivating ‘Blank Slate’ video. It not only showcases their wide range of products and services but also invites viewers into a world of endless possibilities and creative expression. It’s a true testament to their commitment to creating unforgettable moments for every event. Bravo, CORT Events!

Remember, Sassies, a great brand story goes beyond the surface and connects with people on a deeper level. So, as you plan your next event, let the power of storytelling and creativity guide you in crafting an experience that will leave a lasting impression. Happy storytelling, Sassies!

Furniture Inspiration for Your Fall Events

There’s something special about the outdoorsy feel of fall. Maybe it’s the changing leaves or the cooler weather, but everyone seems to want to be outside when the season begins. Fall is an ideal time to bring elements of the outdoors inside. Taking inspiration from earth tones and natural textures can make event attendees feel like they’re tied in with nature.

My friends at CORT Events are here to help you look at how you can find inspiration for an outdoor-inspired design this season.

Fall Foliage Color Combinations

Taking inspiration from the colors of fall leaves is an easy way to bring the outdoors inside and replicate a fall landscape at an indoor event.  Browns, oranges, deeper yellows, and darker greens all suggest the leaves of fall.

Using the Valencia Sofa from CORT Events as a base centers your design with a natural earth tone. Add other soft seating pieces to the mix, like the Bowery Chair in ochre and the Valencia Chair in spice orange. These chairs not only add more soft seating to the space, but they also complement the earthiness of the sofa with the tones of fall leaves.

Bring in an “Earthy” Feel with Texture

Bringing the outdoors into a fall event is about more than just color. Texture is a key to achieving a natural, earthy feel as well. Varying the textures within a space adds dimension and make designs more interesting.

For example, the soft, sophisticated velvet of the Valencia Sofa contrasts well with the distressed leather texture of the Atherton Chair. The Mesa Cocktail Table, with its rustic yet sophisticated barnwood top, adds another dimension of outdoor texture to an already inviting space.

These textures are pleasing to the eye and the touch, and they combine to create a comfortable, cozy space.

Create Warmth with Patterns

Let’s go back to our Valencia Sofa example. It’s earthy in color and has an intriguing velvet texture but adding more patterns to the space breaks up the solid colors and adds interest to the eyes and warmth to the senses.

The Plumes Pillow features a light feather pattern in neutral fall colors for a different sense of bringing the outdoors inside. In contrast, the Albuquerque Pillow in ochre brings a welcoming and inviting Southwest vibe. These pillows with bold, memorable patterns also pair well with the Lena Chair in moss green or the Bowery Chair in ochre.

Make Your Space Feel More like Fall with CORT Events

Combining different colors, textures, and patterns that usher the outdoors inside can bring a “fall” look and feel to your event this season. There’s one source that can provide the furniture and accent items to meet your needs all in one place: CORT Events. From ideas and inspiration to cutting-edge space planning tools to setup and delivery, CORT Events has your back every step of the way.

Inspiration from the Shades of Summer to Fall

The change of season brings welcome variety to the world, and the transformation from summer to fall is no exception. Much in the same way that homeowners can reflect the change of season with fall decor, your events can reflect the excitement and freshness of a new season.

My friends at CORT Events have pulled together a few examples of colors from the Pantone collections that transition from summer to fall, with some practical examples of how you can bring them into your next event.

Transition from Daffodil to Samoan Sun

Yellow is a color that universally suggests positivity and warmth, regardless of the season. Spaces can also be brightened with this shade, along with adding texture, particularly if the room or building has no windows.

The cheerful yellow tone of Samoan Sun is ideal for your fall event because it pairs well with other trending colors for the season, like the subtle green of Martini Olive or the orange-leaning brown of Caramel Café.

In their line up, CORT Events offers the Bowery Chair in ochre pairs which is complemented by the Del Mar Tonal Rug in Earth Brown or the Sedona Side Table with the barnwood top.

Say “Good-bye” to Poinciana and “Hello” Lava Falls

Its been shown that shades of red can evoke feelings of security and protection as well as increase enthusiasm. For events this can be exciting to play with throughout your design because it conjures up the exact feelings you want your attendees  to experience.

The Chandler Sofa in cranberry from CORT Events is the ideal large piece in this shade. Its rich red resembles Pantone’s Lava Falls, and it pairs expertly with the ochre Bowery Chair — CORT even puts those pieces together in the Chandler Bowery Package.

Leave Behind Skydiver and Embrace Midnight

Cool colors like blue and green make a pleasant balance for the warm colors of fall because they provide a welcome contrast.

Pantone chose the rich indigo of Skydiver as its summer shade of blue, but the late-night sky of Midnight is the featured blue for fall. For inspiration, look towards CORT Events Montreal Visions Package to tie deep blues into your fall event. This collection incorporates saffron, spiced orange, brown, and blue hues that tie in with the trends for fall 2022.

Choosing the right fall colors for your event space with CORT Events

The existing elements within your event space go a long way in helping determine the right fall focal color to use. Having the right furniture partner will make a huge difference with this which why CORT Events has you covered. From large pieces to smaller accents and decor, CORT can provide you with everything you need to bring fall color and ultimate practicality to your event.

When you’re ready to make your fall event a success, reach out to CORT Events. You’ll be glad you did.


Hi Sassies,

From music to comedy to fashion, since 2020, TikTok has influenced so many things around us – including color trends that are used at your events this season. My friends at CORT Events took some inspiration from the platform and had advice on blending together surprising color combinations that add flair to your events.

Aesthetic Color Combos

One of the guiding principles of TikTok design is aesthetics. As event industry leaders, we  understand that certain color combinations can achieve the right look, style, or feeling. A TikTok design concept that has gone a long way this year is “dopamine dressing.”

This concept comes from the main principle of color theory: specific colors evoke different emotions, mindsets, or moods. Dopamine dressing and aesthetic color combos deliver various symbolic aspects of color and can work for you at your next event through larger furniture pieces and accessories.

As we prepare for fall and winter, let’s look at ways to incorporate dopamine dressing and color combos of purple and blue into your events in these seasons.

Color Combos with Purple

If you’re hoping to add a bit of mystery, spirituality, or imagination to your event, you can’t go wrong with purple. A symbol of royalty since ancient times when purple dye was so expensive that only the highest echelons of society could afford it, purple makes an enticing color combo for black, especially in lighter tones.

The combination of plum or berry tones with teal is rich and inviting for a different swing, especially when you throw in luxurious textures. One last color combo is purple and yellow for a touch that’s bold and bright.

One crucial accessory that can help you achieve these bold looks is the ottoman. Incorporating an ottoman in your design gives you opportunities for pops of color and extra comfort.

Color Combos with Blue

Blue is one of the most versatile colors when taking on dopamine dressing because it suggests trustworthiness, security, and loyalty.

Bringing blues into an event color palette is easy to maintain a more traditional, reassuring feel while combining with more experimental colors. Depending on your events, shades of blue look great with browns and whites for a natural, retro vibe, while pink and navy provide an elegant sense of style.

CORT Events has flexible seating options in this shade with their bar furniture. The Blade barstool offers contemporary style in a modern, versatile blue that works well with red.

Dress Your Next Event With Timeless Combinations CORT Events

No matter what color combination you take from TikTok inspiration — or dream up on your own — you have a partner every step with CORT Events. When you team up with my friends there, you’re not just renting furniture but also working with a source of creative inspiration and ideas.

The next time you’re ready for vibrant color combinations for your next event, there’s one name to count on: CORT Events.

Getting Back to Things with CORT Events

It’s finally happening again.   

Picture this; you’re clad in a freshly pressed company polo shirt and walking shoes, steaming cup of catered coffee in hand, and you make your way towards the general session room for the first in-person conference in nearly two years. Crazy to think about, right?

But once you’re through those doors, you could be faced with two scenarios:

Scenario one: Behind the doors is a massive and modernly appointed meeting space with the old familiar hit of sensory overload throughout the room. Hyped-up music plays all around with saturated lighting flanking three massive LED screens welcoming you and the other attendees to find seats in a sea of sardine-packed, shabbily worn, basic banquet chairs.

Scenario two: Those same doors open to that meeting space, but in this scenario, attendees take in a dazzling setup of furnishings? At the room’s rear, high-top tables with comfortable-backed stools are waiting for those who want to use their laptops. And for those who want to be front and center, there’s a spacious and sumptuous soft chair sanctuary, complete with a personal side table.

It may seem obvious and small in execution,  but can you tell the difference between these two scenarios? The second was designed with intention,  the attendee’s total experience in mind, and will likely result in increased engagement. In contrast, the former scenario made seating an afterthought and did not thoroughly consider the value that deliberate tradeshow and event furnishings provide attendees.

My friends at CORT Events have been helping their clients with these meaningful and intentional steps since we started meeting in person again. Assisting planners in creating a conscious attendee experience and unrivaled personalized service through furniture rental, CORT Events continues to lead the way in supporting industry association events by designing meaningful gatherings that resonate with meeting professionals.

Designing with Purpose    

As the author, entrepreneur, and gathering-enthusiastic designer Priya Parker continually calls out in her book ‘The Art of Gathering,’ it’s essential to start with the desired end goal for a gathering’s takeaway. She outlines the basic building blocks for event professionals everywhere: ‘The first step in convening people meaningfully is committing to a bold, sharp purpose.’  

This feeling translates easily into furniture design. For example, seamlessly answering for attendees through your layout that you understand they may need to be actively working or writing something that will require a high-top table.  Or that they will be participating in campfire-style round table breakout discussions, which is why you’ve offered them small seating clusters for collaborative conversations. These touches go a long way to accomplish the intended purpose, the takeaway message, and the educational mission than simply setting out banquet chairs arranged theatre style.

Creating A Personalized Experience   

To make a meeting memorable, consider amping up personalized design details. For example, consistently weave a specific color scheme or branded logo seamlessly throughout an event with soft seating, tabletops, accent pillows, greenery, and even wall partitions that immerse attendees in the desired theme. Personalization’s unique power in events is the narrative-style journey it takes attendees on.    

Why CORT Events

CORT Events believes in helping planners to create unique touches at events of every size and type.  They are truly there to help and be an intentionally minded partner from the start until the finish of your events. When you’re ready to plan your next event, make your first call — or online visit — to CORT Events.

This article was contributed by Stephanie Byrd the Associate Marketing Manager with CORT Events. Stephanie appreciates marketing every facet of the tradeshow and events industry. With a depth of former hotelier and upscale brand experience, she enjoys collaborating with industry partners, clients and associations to be as intentional as possible throughout the process of ideating, designing and then executing impactful and memorable events.

She can be reached at …

Color Blocking with CORT Events

Hey there, Sassies!

   Time to dive into one of my favorite topics – color. When incorporating color into events, as planners, we have the opportunity to create an entirely new, exciting world for our guests. Whether through complementary shades, tones, or odd color combinations, they give us a way to express ourselves creatively while providing our clients with one-of-a-kind events. My friends at CORT Events are back and ready to offer help on this topic. This time, they’re looking at color blocking and how we can use this trend through the end of the year.

What is Color Blocking?

From TikTok to the runways, color blocking has been hot this year. At its core, color blocking is mixing two or more colors to create a visually unique look. In the fashion world, this has taken on an eye-catching mix of colors, including bright hues, striking statement pieces, and those unexpected color pairings I mentioned before.

In our event world, we have an opportunity to take this on through furnishings, accessories, and decor to create a modern, hip environment for our guests while also incorporating client branding and logos in a new way.

Staying Neutral or Going Bold with Color Blocking Furniture Design

For a soft and easy layup, pair a neutral color with a bold shade like the red Shimmer Pillow or the green Splendor Pillow with the blue Allegro Sofa. This combination allows the bold color to stand out without being overwhelming.

If you’re able to mix things up and add some bright hues that will pop, head towards opposite ends of the color wheel with the orange Beverly Oasis Modular Soft Seating alongside the teal Malibu chair to create a striking statement while creating an inviting seating environment.

Make a Statement with CORT Events

If you’re hoping to make a bold statement with your next event, look no further than CORT Events. Their team of experts are ready to add their custom solutions and touches to make your event one of a kind. Make your next call to CORT Events.

Designing Comfortable Events: Furniture, Color, and More

Hi Everyone! Let’s talk about a tough subject – STRESS. Everyone is feeling some level of stress including your clients and event attendees. More and more, individuals are becoming aware of their mental health but, believe it or not, you can help them by making comfort a priority at your next event.

Here’s a guide from my friends at CORT Events on how to do just that.

How to add Comfort to Your Events

When you’re planning an event, you want the most bang for your buck. Your event is an experience, and adding elements of comfort throughout your event space can tie the theme together as well as make attendees feel at home no matter what room they’re in.

Soothing Colors, Textures, and Patterns

It may sound simple but incorporating colors, textures, and patterns in an event space is a quick way to enhance the level of comfort.

  • Cool colors like blue, green, and purple are soothing and comfortable, while yellow brings feelings of comfort and energy. Whites and pastels can also soothe and comfort attendees.
  • Certain textures evoke feelings of comfort and positive sensations. Soft and smooth textures evoke comfort, so bring those into your event design.
  • Avoid rough and hard textures that bring less desirable sensations.
  • Discernible patterns in natural and manmade elements also suggest comfort.

An easy win with these is to consider using drapery, accessories, and other decor elements to bring pleasing colors, textures, and patterns to your next event.

Comfortable Seating

With CORT Events, they believe that seating is so much more than a chair or sofa, they’re personal sanctuaries for your guests. Soft seating and modular sofas can be both stylish and cozy in any event space, and you can find chairs that match any type of event — even in posh velvet.

Additionally, comfy ottomans are another option for extra seating or for guests to prop their feet on.

Temperature and Lighting

One of the trickiest areas of comfort to navigate is temperature. Everyone has an opinion — some people are always hot, while others are always cold. What do you do? One solution could be to divide your larger event spaces into living-room-sized areas that give attendees more choices and give you more options for temperature control.

With lighting, avoid those awful fluorescent tube lights that every event space seems to have and opt for customizable LED lighting that gives you control over brightness and color. Area lighting gives you options for comfort and coziness in smaller spaces as well.

Event Furniture Rental: Design and Plan with CORT Events

You might think that you need to find multiple sources to help you achieve a comfortable and inviting event space, but you only need one: CORT Events. Not only will you find plenty of ideas that help you achieve comfort and wellness within your event space, but you’ll also find tons of other creative and inspiring ideas.

Ideas to Furnish and Design Your Events Around Every Season

One of the exciting things about the changing seasons is that seasonal decor gives people the opportunity to express themselves in different ways throughout the year.

As an event planner, it’s easy to take advantage of the seasons and create unique styles for each event. Whether you prefer traditional or modern event furniture, you can easily style an event that fits the season with colors, lighting, decor, and furniture from CORT Events.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of seasonal decorating for events throughout the year and how modern furniture rental can help you achieve your event goals.


Spring is a time of renewal for nature and for people in general, and color and decor trends for the season reflect that idea. Consider choosing barstools for your event that reflect the vibrancy of spring.

CORT Events offers the Blade collection of barstools and the accompanying line of chairs in an array of exciting spring colors. For a bit of “shine” to your spring event, add in chrome end tables like the Silverado end table or the Alondra end table.


Nearly everybody equates summer with excitement and freedom, and the hues and decor of the season reflect that carefree sense. Sectional summer furniture and ottoman rentals for your events — like the Beverly collection — can help promote conversation and comfort at your event, no matter the purpose. Consider elegant comfort like the Malibu chair as well as carefree casual pieces like the Christopher chair from CORT Events. Summer is perfect for outdoor events, so when you plan for an event under the sun or stars, consider outdoor furniture rental as well.


Fall is a fun time of year to design an event because the color palate changes drastically in nature and in clothing and decor. Rich neutral tones can mimic the changing leaves and nature define fall. One of the fall furniture ideas that can work for your next autumn event includes the Valencia chair, which combines a classic burnt-orange color with a design that’s both retro and fresh. Pair the chair with pillows that bring in more vibrant fall colors — in fact, pillow rental is a terrific way to bring in pops of color in any season.


Winter is a truly unique time because colors and winter decor both match and contrast the starkness of the outdoor landscape.  Using classic, timeless neutral shades with pops of exciting, brighter tones in your furniture is a great way to create a memorable event.

Renting ottomans for events are a terrific option for easily configurable seating. Oval ottomans from the Endless Collection give you modular seating that can throw in the dramatically contrasting shades of winter colors.

Partner with CORT Events Rentals in Every Season

No matter what time of year you’re looking to plan an event, CORT Events is your perfect partner. CORT offers you a vast array of styles, colors, and collections for events of any size, any style, and any season. You can count on them for creative inspiration too.

Bringing Pearlcore into Your Event Design

Hey there, Sassies! As you’re planning events in 2022, chances are you’re looking to harness some of the popular trends that have debuted this year. One of the hottest trends for 2022 that’s hard to explain on paper — but you would know when you saw it in person — is pearlcore. Here with tips on how to take this trend from the runway to your next event are my friends from CORT Events.

What Exactly Is Pearlcore?

Pearlcore is a hot design trend that, true to its name, relies on iridescent accents and a color scheme based on off white neturals. The look that pearlcore gives you suggests the smooth, shiny iridescence of pearls and brings that timeless, classy look into interior design while still looking modern and can give a peaceful, soothing vibe to an event.

How Do You Achieve a Pearlcore Look?

One of the best ways to introduce pearlcore into a design is to use accents to bring iridescence without it being over the top. Accents like lighting, drapes, and inlaid surfaces are a good start. Incorporate linens, pearl strands, garland, tiling, and mirrors to further support a pearlcore look.

Pearlcore Accents for Events

Accents are an ideal way to introduce pearlcore to your event design. As an alternative to larger pieces that dominate your space, iridescent accents and off-white decor pieces can draw in pearlcore elements in a more subtle way. Consider some of these accent ideas when you’re looking for event decor rentals.


Use throw pillows to soften the look and feel of furniture and imbue the colors and textures of pearlcore. A Champagne Velvet Pillow and Ombre Pillow offer shimmery texture and subtle colors that pair well with pearlcore designs. For a more elegant style, try the Regal Pillow or the Dia Pillow.


Accent lighting can also help you achieve a pearlcore look. Check out the Delano collection of table lamps and floor lamps to see a retro design that ties in well with off-white and neutral tones. LED column lighting can also help you add some iridescence in corners and at the division points between spaces.

Throw rugs

Throw rugs are some of the most versatile accessories you can use in a space. They lend warmth, break up large expanses of bare flooring, and can be used to section off different areas of your event. The Circles rug combines rich, neutral tones with an enticing pattern, while the Visions rug adds impressionist textures and bright gold or rich purple tones. The Lapis rug looks rugged and natural, while the Horizons rug brings vibrant blues to your decor.

Table accents

Accent pieces for tables make it easy to add pearlcore elements to dining tables, display tables, or end tables. Rely on tablecloths in off-white, iridescent, soft pastels, and patterns or lined with pearl edging to spread a pearlcore effect across the whole table.


Drapery along the walls, used as room dividers, or strategically placed for lighting or projection can be effective and striking. There are plenty of options for drape rental for your next event.

CORT Events: Your Partner in Event Design

When you’re ready to plan your next event, partnering with the right event furniture rental company can make all the difference. Whether you have a vision for your event in mind or you need some creative inspiration and resources for planning, CORT Events is ready to partner with you. Give CORT Events a call or check them out on the web to make your next event a reality.

Winter Wedding Ideas That Work All Year Long

Hi Sassies, the winter cold is blowing out and warmer days are on their way! With this temp shift, the spring wedding season is once again on the horizon. But before all of the snow has melted and we wave goodbye to the winter, my friends at CORT Events have a few ideas that will carry over to the spring.

The Wedding Venue That Works in Every Season

Although barn weddings are particularly beautiful in the winter, this is an ideal venue for every season. Many barn venues are blank canvases that will allow you to create a beautiful wedding memory for your clients and their guests. 

More and more event spaces are converted barns, and the rustic charm can be both elegant and fun. But don’t forget, lighting and décor are key to a barn wedding — especially in months before daylight savings has ended — and depending on the locale of the wedding, heating will be paramount too.

Snowy Wedding Decor That Never Melts

Who doesn’t see beauty when thinking of falling snow in the wintertime? Snowflakes, flurries, they’re the best. But just because the season is warming up doesn’t mean that this effect can’t be duplicated for your bride and groom at any time of year. Incorporating twinkling lights and candles, and employing evergreen into the décor throughout the venue can create a snowy and cozy effect during the event.

Timeless Winter Colors That Always Work

Winter weddings typically mean that most traditional wedding colors are out the window. Pastels and bright colors that are perfect in spring and summer won’t necessarily fly in wintertime, there are a few color ideas from the season that holds their elegance throughout the year. Think rich hues and bold contrasts with whites and neutrals. A blue winter wedding may sound like a cliché, but it can be a classic, timeless look, or think of it as an opportunity to decorate like a royal blue fairytale style wedding.

One of the best things while planning a wedding at any time of year is that you don’t have to do it alone. When you partner with CORT Events, creative inspiration, and ideas like the ones you just read abound. It doesn’t matter if you’re client is looking for something traditional or a wedding that’s more modern and innovative, they can help you plan and prepare.

With CORT Events, you don’t have to sweat the delivery, setup, and assembly, because it’s all taken care of quickly and efficiently. From the beginning stages of your planning to the aftermath, they’re here for you.

Steve Kemble – Winter Wedding Post Copy

Let it snow, Sassies! 

Even when the snow stops falling, these winter wedding ideas stay in style, so you don’t have to rush down the aisle! ?‍♀?

Head to my blog and find all the wedding inspo you need:

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / February, 2021

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / January, 2021

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / January, 2021

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / December, 2021

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / December, 2021

2022 Color Trends to Your Events

Hi there, Sassies. The countdown is officially on for 2022 and my friends at CORT Events are already ahead of the curve with tips on how you can give your event an up-to-the-moment look with 2022’s colors of the year.

Vibrant Periwinkle

This year, we saw that the 2021 colors of the year reflected the desire for stability and consistency after a pandemic year with so much uncertainty. For 2022, Pantone — the world’s color authority — has introduced a custom hue as their color of the year for the first time.

Veri Peri is a vibrant, purple-blue shade that the color authority chose for its joyous and dynamic confidence. CORT’s Sterling Chandler Package includes furniture pieces that tie in shades of periwinkle, while the Constellation Package gives you complimentary colors if you’re using periwinkle with walls or drapery.

CORT Events is also featuring products from this same color family in their “Creativity and Courage” line. If you’d rather use periwinkle in splashes, look for rugs and pillows that tie in the color without making it a focus. CORT Events also gives you the ability to  customize products to match any Pantone color, pattern or graphic.

Dusty Green

Dusty green hues are warm and organic, and they tie in well with natural wood and neutral tones. Shades of green with natural tones work for both indoor and outdoor events, as well as various times throughout the year.

Tying dusty green tones into your next event is simple, and it can be an effective way to achieve an organic look that brings the outdoors inside or complements an outside event. The Lena Chair Package from CORT incorporates dusty green into a garden-themed space plan, while the Sterling Lena Package invites natural hues into a sleek modern design.

Soft Brown

It’s not a dirty brown or a chocolate color — instead, it’s a softer brown that’s still earthy yet sophisticated. It’s classic and historical in its soft elegance, and it works effectively as an interior or exterior color.

If you’re looking for ways to work soft brown into your next event, check out CORT’s Valencia Package. In it, softer shades of brown blend with darker browns and other earth tones for a Mediterranean look. Or try the Baja Beverly Package, which ties together browns and neutrals in an appealing mid-century modern mix. Opt for accessories that tie in earthy tones, blend them with other natural styles, or offer complementary colors.

When you’re ready to bring these trendy and exciting colors into your next event plan, there’s one name to trust: CORT Events. They’re not just your go-to for renting furniture pieces like tables and chairs — they’re your source for creative inspiration and ideas that will make your next event one to remember.

Lighting Inspiration for Your Next Event

With all the elements we have to think about when we’re planning an event, sometimes it’s easy to overlook lighting — or at least to take it for granted. While lighting has its obvious pragmatic applications, it also gives us plenty of ways to innovate and wow our attendees.

My friends at CORT Events like to think of lighting as a way to make a statement, help clients highlight their brand, or add pops of color to any event space. That’s why they’ve come up with this quick and easy guide to help with choosing the right event lighting solutions to add creativity and drama to any type of event in any venue.

Column and Pedestal Event Lighting

LED column and pedestal indoor event lighting provide you versatility and beauty in larger venues. CORT’s Luna Lighting collection of column and pedestal lights are bright and visually striking, but they also give you exciting options. You can add your logo and branding to column and pedestal lighting to raise brand awareness and corporate events, fundraisers, conferences, or product launches.

Decorative Lighting for Events

Another way to use indoor event lighting to your advantage is by renting LED accent lights. These lightweight, portable lights can go anywhere to add color and dramatic effects in any space or venue, and they can be powered both via batteries or plug-in. LED accent lighting can make an otherwise boring venue or room come to life, and they’re strong enough to use inside or in the great outdoors.

Creative Event Lighting Ideas

When it comes to lighting your event, you can use smaller lights for brilliant creative effects as well. Movie lamps give you options for projecting your logo or other branding elements onto walls, curtains, or screens. It’s a terrific way to increase brand awareness at any event.

Don’t forget, floor and table lamps offer the opportunity for more focused lighting in a conversation area, breakout room, or dining space. Smaller lighting pieces like these allow you to have more control over the light in specific areas, and they help create a warm, intimate feel when you want to bring a touch of home to your event.

Achieving your creative lighting ideas doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you find the right partner, your indoor or outdoor event lighting – along with furniture and décor – rental can be easy and fun. With CORT Events, you have that partner. When you’re ready to tackle your event lighting or event furniture rental needs, check out CORT Events for easy planning and peace of mind when your event rolls around.

From Home Decor to the Event Floor

Hi Sassies. As 2021 draws to a close, it’s always nice to look back at what made this year unique.  With the huge boom of the work from home movement caused by the pandemic, many of us have grown used to having the comfort of home right at our fingertips throughout our workday. So why not do the same at your next event?

One great way to incorporate a relaxing, home-like environment at your next event is with color. Using colors that remind eventgoers of home helps them feel comfortable and as a bonus, those who work from home will recognize the comforts that they’re used to.

If you’re wondering how, you can add some of the comforts of home into your next event, don’t worry. CORT Events has a few tricks for you to keep up your sleeve as you plan for next year.

From Dining Room to Banquet Hall

The relationship between the dining room at home and the banquet hall at an event is a natural one, so pulling inspiration from this year’s dining room decor trends work well in either type of venue. One of the top trends in dining rooms in 2021 is the Scandinavian look. Tie in whites and natural wood elements for a crisp, clean style. White chairs and decor with a natural look can help you achieve this simple, modern look.

Designers have also brought in dark, yet bold colors into the dining room in 2021, particularly shades of navy blue and dark green that suggest timelessness and trendiness at the same time.

From Living Room to Networking Event

The living room is a casual, comfortable place where everyone feels at home, and it’s a place to entertain, which makes it the perfect parallel to a networking event. Choose from this year’s popular living room colors – Ultimate Gray and an accent of Illuminating – to bring that sense of familiarity in. It’s easy to work with gray as a dominant color and tie in bright yellow accent furniture for a pop of color.

From Bedroom to Cocktail Hour

When you’re at home, there’s no better place to relax than the bedroom, so why not use the same concept when you’re designing the area of your event where attendees can unwind? Tying the hottest bedroom colors of 2021 – Terracota and Pistachio green – to your lounge furniture rental choices can help you develop a relaxing and enjoyable lounge space at your next event.

Look for cocktail tables and other serving furniture in these color schemes when you’re searching for bar furniture rentals.

Where can you find color inspiration and a wide selection of styles that reflect this year’s trends? The answer is simple: CORT Events. CORT Events does so much more than offer furniture rental, they create one-of-kind ensembles that leave guests and attendees with memories for years to come.

Adding the Right Pop to Your Events

We’ve all been in the events game long enough to now a successful event takes meticulous planning. From food to audio and visual elements to seating, every aspect of your event carries the weight of its own importance. And you naturally want to make sure you cover every detail.

You’ve put a lot of thought into your events, but have you ever considered the difference your color choices can make? My friends at CORT Events are here with a bit of help on how to use color to help tell the story of your event. Don’t worry if you think you’re not good at choosing colors — by the time you finish reading this guide, you’ll be able to tackle color more confidently.

Before you choose the colors for your clients next event, it’s important that you both have a clear idea of what they want the event to achieve. This is a key step in helping to determine the colors you’ll be choosing on their behalf.

Basing your color choices on the reactions that they inspire can help you set the tone for your client and drive attendees in the direction they’re intended to go.

For example, red is a high-energy color that triggers excitement in the brain, while orange stimulates collaboration. Pink and purple suggest nurturing and peacefulness, while blue is another calming color that’s known for helping people relax their bodies and minds. Yellow is considered a “detox” color that helps attendees clear their minds and prepare for productivity. Green suggests harmony and helps boost creativity and innovation.

Choosing the right furniture can go a long way toward bringing your color palette to life. Opt for tables, piping and draping, and lighting that fit your chosen color scheme. Soft seating like chairs, sofas, and ottomans can also provide pops of color that are both beautiful and fun.

Your décor also gives you a chance to play with color. From flowers to balloons to garlands and even photo booth backdrops, the possibilities for vibrant and memorable color are truly endless.

If you’re looking for a partner that can help, make your event a truly memorable one while still staying safe and healthy, turn to CORT Events. Their team of account execs are all planners themselves and can be that added hand in design and detail support to help save planners a lot of time. To learn more, visit

The Working Event: Furniture for Work and Play

Hi Sassies, my friends from CORT Events are back with a few tips to tuck away for the new year. If you’ve got a client that plans on ringing in 2022 with a social or networking event, then you’re going to want to put these in your back pocket.

When it comes to networking events, your clients may often come to you wondering what you’ll have planned once the event is over or before an event, how you’ll have things set up to encourage attendees to get to know one another but did you know that furniture can be a huge help with this?

Yep, flexible furniture can serve the business functions of your event as well as encourage fun and play after the event. Here are some of the furniture pieces you can choose to make your next event perfect for work and play.

The Square Sofa

Square, double-sized sofas are terrific options for a multipurpose event. Choose options with a low back or high back. Sofas that have tables built into their corners work well for notetaking on paper or on a device during a meeting or breakout session. And they’re also perfect for drinks and snacks while socializing afterward.

The Modern Modular Sectional

If you’re looking for the next generation of modern seating that allows you practically endless choices, check out modular sectionals. Sectionals take your sofas to the next level by allowing you loads of options for configuration and customization. Just as with modular sofas, you have options for power, attached tables, and high or low backs with a convertible sectional or a square sectional sofa. Sectionals with ottomans provide easy casual seating.

Multifunctional Chairs for Group Seating

Traditional folding chairs can be a thing of the past at your next working event. Today’s event chairs are more stylish, but they’re just as functional as they’ve ever been. Group seating chairs are easy to move around when transitioning from work to play at the event. Using chairs like these allows you to configure your event differently for business and for pleasure.

The Multi-Use Table

Today’s events don’t call for massive folding tables that don’t offer much function. Choose smaller, sleeker tables that are portable and easier to configure in different ways.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to event tables. You can arrange indoor or outdoor coffee tables with sofas and sectionals because they work for notetaking as well as for socializing. Standing cocktail tables are perfect for networking and for hanging out before or after the event. You can find tables in just about any shape, size, and height.

CORT Events is your one-stop shop for all the furniture and decor that fits your event, no matter the purpose or theme. If you’re looking for creative ideas and inspiration, CORT Events has all of those in spades. Learn more at

Your Winter Event Furniture Guide

Temps have cooled down and now it’s time to end the year with a bang! If you have clients that are looking to do something fun this season, my friends at CORT Events are here to help. Check out their tips on optional, good to have, and must have furnishings that’s just right for your events this winter.

Optional Furniture for Outdoor Events

Certain pieces might not make or break your event, but they’re good options to consider. One of the things you should consider is pipe and drape rental. Piping and draping have benefits that are both practical and aesthetic. Best of all, pipe and drape can serve as insulation against the elements.

You can also get a bit creative with dividers, like boxwood hedges, that might normally go in between areas of an event. These can go along the perimeter to help keep the wind out as well.

Good-to-Have Furniture for Outdoor Events

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you’re considering chair and table rental for an outdoor event. Beyond the obvious — tables, bar tables, and chairs — don’t forget about the difference that soft seating can make. Soft seating is about more than comfort, although there’s nothing better than sitting on a soft surface when the elements are unforgiving.

Don’t forget about tent rental. Precipitation in all its forms is always a wintertime threat, so holding at least part of your event in an outdoor event tent will keep the rain, snow, and sleet off the heads of your guests and keep electronic equipment covered.

The Must-Have Item for Outdoor Events

There’s one important item that you can’t do without at a winter event: lighting. The shortest days of the year take place in wintertime, and if you’re putting on an outdoor event, chances are you’ll encounter darkness.

LED lighting is efficient, portable, and flexible while adding aesthetic value to your event as well, bringing in color and brightness that you can’t achieve on your own. You may be wondering how to light an outdoor event, but it’s not difficult. Don’t forget lamps in and around seating and eating areas to create a more intimate and inviting feel.

No matter the purpose of your event, holding it outdoors in the winter can be magical. My friends at CORT Events are here to support you and your client on their next event. When working with CORT Events, you get more than just furniture. You’re working with an experienced team of planners who are ready and able to become an important part of your team. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

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Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / July, 2021

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Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / June, 2021

Steve Kemble in US Weekly, June, 2021 Fashion Police
Steve Kemble in US Weekly, June, 2021 Fashion Police

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / April, 2021

Steve Kemble in US Weekly, April, 2021 Fashion Police
Steve Kemble in US Weekly, April, 2021 Fashion Police

Giving Back on the Big Day: Sustainable Wedding Tips

Hey there sassies, the heart of summer of wedding season is here! As we head into the busiest year for weddings ever, we should expect for eco-friendly celebrations to become a topic that’s front of mind for couples as they consider how their big day may have an impact on the environment. If you’re working with a couple that wants to leave a long-lasting impression, not just on their guest but also on mother earth, with their big day, my friends at CORT Events have a few ways to incorporate sustainability into the planning process without asking your clients to make too many compromises.

Don’t Rule Out Traditions

Couples may look at some traditions of the past, like a sparkler lined march out of the ceremony or reception, and think they need to be slashed from their big day…but have no fear! There are other ways to celebrate without hurting the local ecosystem. Instead of using things like paper confetti or rice, consider offering a green-friendly approach with flowers, fresh herbs, leaves, or biodegradable paper for the exit toss.

Skip the Buffet and Avoid Single-Use Dishes and Utensils

No matter where a wedding is being held this season, whether it’s an indoor venue or an outdoor venue, the buffet is still a no-go. Even though guest still won’t be lining up for dinner this year, don’t be afraid to create an eco-friendly experience for them around the meal by incorporating colors and accessories found in nature into the décor – say hello faux greenery!

And for an eco-friendly alternative at dinner, opt out for plated dinners, rented table linens, utensils, and stemware for guests. These small changes will help to reduce food waste and the amount of items that go to the landfill.

Choose The Right Partners

Wedding planning – whether you’re a professional or not – can be a stressful time. Assisting a couple with their big day while also minimizing the carbon footprint from the event will be an added constraint for some of us, which makes hiring vendors that care about sustainability themselves and are willing to work with you to be as sustainable as possible is critical. 

CORT Events is on a mission to positively impact the communities they serve with a business model that’s sustainable by nature. When working with CORT Events, you get more than just furniture. You’re working with an experienced team of planners who are ready and able to become an important part of your team. Whether it’s support with design, layout options, or the smallest detail, CORT Events is ready to help.

 I’d like to also add in some language here that drive home the point about how CORT Events account execs are all planners themselves, and can be that added hand in design and detail support to help save planners a lot of time this season.

Indoor & Outdoor Décor and Furniture for Your Summer Event

Sassies, can you believe we’re officially at the halfway mark of 2021? This year is blowing by so quickly. As the weather starts to warm up and push events indoors and outdoors, my friends at CORT Events are back with a few décor tips on how to blend these spaces to create a memorable summer-time event.

Blend Natural Elements

Imagine what feels like a free-flowing, open-space concept, connecting the indoors and the outdoors. Take some of your soft-seating furniture outdoors, and decorate your indoor spaces with topiaries, potted plants, and other natural themes for a seamless flow.

Turn Up the Lights

Lighting is important for any event, but it’s imperative for an outdoor event at night. Decor options for lighting include string lights and lantern lights, which offer both aesthetics and function. Be sure to prioritize safety and comfort when you’re thinking of lighting also. Pathway and stair lighting are necessary for walkways and steps.

Matching Colors and Patterns

Once you’ve chosen your furniture, do keep in mind that aesthetics are still important. While traditional summer colors work well together, don’t be afraid to play up an outdoor space to help make it as festive as possible. Mediterranean and Tuscan influences, such as black and white with topiary, also make a bold statement.

Give Guests Plenty of Space

Think of the word “cohort” as you design the furniture setup. If this is an event that has cocktails and dining, the flow of the room may include an open space for cocktails, perhaps with no chairs and high-top tables, to encourage social distancing, and a dining area, with tables situated at least six feet apart. Rental furniture or event furniture is an ideal thought here, as coordinators can help you with placement and design as well.

If you’re looking for a partner that can help, make your event a truly memorable one while still staying safe and healthy, turn to CORT Events. They offer personalized, white-glove service that make your next event – whether indoors or outdoors – one that your client and their guests won’t forget.

Plan Your Space Carefully — and Creatively

Hey, Sassies! I don’t know about you but one of my favorite parts about attending events is all the yummy food and drinks. As we start planning fabulous live experiences again, it’s no secret one of the biggest challenges is how to safely incorporate catering and bar service for guests.

But have no fear! My friends at CORT Events are here with a few quick tips on how creative use of furnishings and décor can help to alleviate some of your – and your clients – catering stressors at your next event.

Plan Your Space Carefully — and Creatively
Looking for a bit of encouragement while you plan? Well, if you keep in mind the general guideline is to dedicate 500 square feet per 10 people when it comes to venue space you’ll be good to go! This gives you the chance to create a safe environment without sacrificing exciting design. CORT Events recommends using different types of dividers — plexiglass, stanchions, planters, and greenery — to designate spaces with variety and add style and texture to the practical applications within the venue.

Let the Tables Turn
These days, people are used to being told to keep their distance everywhere they go, and the same goes for dining at an event. Space tables 10- to 12-feet apart to allow for at least six feet of space for traffic flow, especially if you’re employing servers.

Decor can also help make sparse tables look more inviting, while dividers between tables and sections can ensure more privacy as well as safety.

Serve ’Em Up
In a post-pandemic world, buffets and finger foods are absolutely off-limits at events of any size – unless they’re sectioned and sealed for single servings, of course.

Instead, try designating specific bars for tables and groups at the event and dedicate specific staff for those bar areas. If staffing isn’t in the budget, consider marking lines and places for guests to stand while distancing.

One of the best things you can do is partner with someone who makes setup easy, and the best partner to have on your side is CORT Events. Think of CORT Events as your one-stop source for everything you need to make sure your event looks great, maintains safety and minimizes stress.

Bring the Drama With Event Drape

Hi Sassies! Trade shows, expos, and so much more are coming back to the events world and I couldn’t be more excited! If you’ve been tasked with helping a client set up their booth or one that’s looking to add a bit of color to an empty event hall, my friends at CORT Events are once again here to help you save the day.

Break up the space

When you’re planning your event and walk into an empty event hall, it’s easy to see a cavernous and nondescript space. But the truth is, that event hall is a blank canvas that gives you endless possibilities for customization. Your creativity and vision will bring the space to life.

One of the most versatile methods for transforming an event space is the use of drapery.

Use drapes to cordon off or divide spaces at your event with ease. When you set up drapes as a stage backdrop, be sure to set aside space for your backstage areas, and use drapes to designate those sections as distinct from public areas.

Drapery also works well to divide a portion of the hall into rooms for breakout sessions or meetings, and it can become a subtle way to make wayfinding easier without signage. The right drapery configurations give you the ability to control your space and divide it in ways that suit your needs.

Create Special Sections

Drapes don’t just give you functional benefits — you can also use them creatively to generate beautiful spaces for specific purposes. Make your bar area more inviting with dramatic drapes that draw attention to a space in the center of the event hall. Set up gorgeous VIP lounges or cabana spaces to get away from the crowds.

Bring in the Color and Texture

Now, let’s be honest, there may have been a time or two that we’ve all relied on a single color of drapery for every use at an event. But why limit ourselves to just one?! In fact, why not try to combine multiple colors of drapes along with lighting for dramatic effects that bring a sense of dimension and texture to an event space. Think beyond monochrome and get creative with color.

Some quick ideas are:

1.              Bring in multiple colors of drapery that fit a client’s branding or the theme of the event.

2.              Use layers of different colored drapery — in complementary or contrasting colors — to give your walls a dimensional look.

3.              Tie layers of drapes in hourglass patterns to give pops of color to a space.

4.              If you’re hosting a multi-day event, move the drapery layers around to create a new theme for each day.

When the time comes to bring your next event to life, don’t go it alone. Trust CORT Events to help you make the most of your event space. From drapes in multiple colors and configurations to the lighting that makes your drapery even more effective, CORT has everything you need — all in one place.

Set the Right Stage

Alright, Sassies, Spring has officially sprung and with its arrival we’re seeing a return for certain in-person events – yay! Like always, my friends at CORT Events are ready to help you – and your clients – come back to their corporate meetings and events in the safest way possible this season.

Set the Right Stage

In 2020, as we all found ways to adapt and learn new ways to remain flexible, one thing that was learned is that when it comes to planning events, it’s best to take a “both/and” mindset. I say all of this as initial face-to-face meetings in 2021 are expected to be smaller than the past, regionally focused, and in a hybrid format.

With a small percentage of attendees live and in-person and the rest at home, this is a great opportunity to plan staging so things look as good to the folks tuning in virtually as it does to those in person is a must.

Instead of speaking in front of a screen or a presentation, encourage your clients to think of their meeting like a production set with elements like side tables or greenery from CORT Events that can help make things appear more visually compelling while filling the 6′ space between speakers on stage.

Bring the Connection

There’s no question that everyone is looking forward to meeting again face-to-face as soon as it’s safe to do so. After months apart, in-person attendees will crave that meaningful connection and interaction that was missed in 2020. There are ways to create the warm environment we once knew while keeping physical distancing in mind.

Lean into unique elements like drape, high back seating, and clear dividers to create spaces for safe conversations during networking sessions or break times.

Another approach could be to group teams together by row with CORT Events 30″ tables that come in multiple colors. Not only will they add a bit of visual interests, but color-coded seating can also designate smaller groups to be called on individually for breaks and meals. That’s a win-win!

Put FOMO Back into In-Person – and Hybrid!

Okay, Sassies, let’s be honest for a moment. In the past, it was all about planning the live experience. Creating an equally compelling time for a digital audience wasn’t a focus point. But now, as we begin to incorporate in-person elements back into our planning, we’ll have to think of our guests – including those attending virtually – as more than just attendees. Everyone should feel like an event is for them which is why engagement is so important.

Consider allowing both in-person and virtual attendees to earn points for asking questions during sessions, taking quizzes, and engaging. At the end of the meeting “door” prizes can be given out to the individual that’s earned the most points. This point system will also allow you to measure engagement and offer this data back to your clients so they can adjust the content of future events.

There’s no time like the present to start planning the next meeting. Lean on my friends at CORT Events to build the foundation for a safe event and support. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

How to Make a Wedding a Share-Worthy Experience™

From the proposal, to engagement party, onto the bridal shower, then finally –  the big day! That’s right, Sassies, winter is almost over and spring is nearly here, which means wedding season is almost in full bloom. My friends at CORT Events want to help you – and your client – say “I Do” in the most memorable way in 2021.

Say “I Do” to Photoshoots

Y’all, who doesn’t love a good photoshoot? But we all know, the perfect setting for an engagement photoshoot may not always be within range. That doesn’t mean your client has to say no to their concept, instead, help them take matters into their own hands and design one perfectly suited for the enamored couple. Let’s also not forget about selfie stations. I mean, if guests don’t take photos for their social media, did the wedding even happen? I kid! But in all seriousness, break away from the mold and design. Cardboard and plastic props are cute and fun but try out designing a unique, luxe, setting that will make the happy couple – and their guests – want to strike a pose – or 3!

The Main Event

Love may be the star of the day (or night), but a jaw-dropping setting is sure to keep guests talking long after the sealing kiss. Sassies, whether the wedding is taking place in a backyard or at an established venue, what you add to the mix sets the tone for the experience. Frame the wedding party in dramatic flair with CORT Events drape, or go minimal in furnishings to showcase the venue’s existing elements. 

Time to Party!

Now, there’s no denying that 2020 was an unprecedented year and we’ve all held out hope that this year things will get back to some state of “normal.” And while we’ve learned to come to terms with the pandemic to some extent, we’ve also started to accept that post-COVID events simply won’t look the same. Many are opting for smaller guest lists even after restrictions are lifted. Buffets and passed finger foods are likely going to remain in a distant memory, and reception seating will be more generously spaced out.

For bar service, try out bar-top plexiglass dividers with a serving slot with enough stations so lines are short for guests. Don’t forget to Incorporate beautiful soft seating and bar table options to create lounge spaces when those dancing feet need to rest.  

My friends at CORT Events are here to support you and your client on their big day. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / January 22, 2021

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / January 15, 2021

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / January 8, 2021

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / December 13, 2020

An Open Letter From CORT Events

To Our Friends and Colleagues,

Needless to say, it’s been an extraordinarily challenging year. Some have found this year to be the perfect canvas for reflection and growth, but most have found it to be the source of the most severe personal and professional struggles in their lifetime. And for others – it’s been both!

We at CORT Events want to take this moment to acknowledge your resilience, your open minds and hearts, and your dedication towards coming back stronger than ever. If nothing else, your passion for our industry and its recovery has proven this saying true: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

As we inch towards 2021, here are some things we’re asking Santa for:

  • Strength to guide our ongoing fight to recovery.
  • Our colleagues’, friends’ and loved ones’ well-being.
  • Not a comeback, but the brilliant evolution of our industry.
  • Continued solidarity amongst us all.

Regardless of what the near future holds, please trust us to be open ears to your hopes and concerns. We’re fortunate to have the Berkshire Hathaway name behind us to grant us the stability and reliability necessary to be your steady partner and willing resource as we heal together. We look forward to serving you in the new year.

Have a safe, love-filled holiday season,

Damon Ross & The CORT Events Family

PS. Season’s greetings directly from some of our team members!

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / November, 2020

Classic Never Goes Out of Style

I can always rely on CORT Events to deliver the daring and bold style trends, but their classic collections are my go-to no matter the occasion! If you’re looking to create gorgeous and safe events, check out these tried and true collections:  

Safety First, Sassies!

Y’all already know attendee’s comfort and safety is our top priority. The Safety Collection is heaven sent for every event planner! This collection includes everything y’all need to help attendees feel at ease. From clear dividers to wayfinding decals, these offerings provide both form and function. Pro tip: Elevate your next event with personalized options that match your spectacular style and brand.

“Wow” with Ottomans

I’m going to let y’all in on my best kept secret for maximizing space without compromising style…CORT Events’ Beverly Ottoman collection! This modular collection is available in 11 fabulous colors, so there’s a perfect option no matter the size or color scheme. To create owned seating, pair the Beverly Oasis pieces with individual charging hubs, so attendees can power up their devices and remain in one seat for the duration of the event.

Stylin’ Soft Seating Options

The possibilities are endless when you start a design with classic black and white furnishings. Luckily, CORT Events has a variety of neutral soft seating options, like the antimicrobial Baja collection or the timeless Naples Sofa. Just because we’re taking extra precautions with owned seating doesn’t mean we have to give up larger seating options. Pair a clear divider with a loveseat or sofa to encourage safe socialization. Don’t forget to add C-shaped tables between individual seats so guests understand where to sit!

Remember sassies, my friends at CORT Events are available to support you through your next event with safety and health top of mind. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

Safety and Comfort: All about the Attendees

I’ve been so impressed by the creativity and tenacity the events industry has shown while we work together to safely bring people back together. From virtual cocktail hours to micro-weddings, we’ve seen a major shift in how we plan events as a result of COVID-19. I know all my planner and designer friends out there are up to date on the latest protocols, but I’m not sure how attendees are feeling when it comes to in-person events. I know with thoughtful planning and reinventive designs, we can help attendees feel safe and comfortable returning to live events! My friends at CORT Events are  sharing some more of their terrific tips to ensure every attendee feels comfortable, safe and fabulous while attending in-person events.

Loud and Clear Communication

Y’all, communication with attendees is key – especially in this crazy new world!  Attendees will expect all the details to make sure their health is a top priority, specifically on distancing guidelines, PPE regulations, safety precautions and cleaning procedures. Addressing attendees’ concerns in advance and on-site will help eliminate confusion and stress so everyone can have the best time! To pull off a successful and safe event, be sure to directly communicate the steps you’re taking to assure attendee safety before, during and after the event.

Design with Safety in Mind

Sassies, I want to get back to safe, in-person events just as much as y’all, so that means we have to be considerate of every guests’ comfort level. Some attendees might be as eager as me to get back on the social scene, while others may be more hesitant. With safety-focused designs that facilitate movement and promote distancing, like freestanding clear dividers,  stanchions, and floor decals, we can provide the peace of mind each attendee needs. Take this opportunity to let your personality and brand shine by creating personalized dividers featuring your logo or custom artwork! 

Prioritize Wellbeing

It’s no secret I like to accessorize wherever I can – that’s why I’m so excited to create a calm and warm environment for my attendees! With distanced seating and dividers, we must incorporate natural elements like greenery, florals and uplighting to maximize comfort and familiarity. Pro tip: Don’t forget to provide individual tables with charging capabilities to complete attendees’ individual spaces!

Sassies, making sure every person is comfortable will be key to throwing fabulous in-person events, meetings, and shows. My friends at CORT Events are here to lend their expertise when it comes to designing spaces your attendees will remember, while keeping them safe!  

You can schedule a consultation with on a CORT design expert! To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit  

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / August 31, 2020

Steve Kemble Press, Us Weekly, Fashion Police
Steve Kemble Press, Us Weekly, Fashion Police

Reconnect with Hybrid Meetings & Events

By Steve Kemble

Hey, Sassies! I’ll tell you what, this COVID-19 pandemic has really had an impact on the events industry over the last several months. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get back to business, even if that means smaller hybrid events for now!

Current guidelines say we must reduce in-person attendee capacity, so supplementing with a robust virtual experience is a must to keep everyone involved and engaged. With this approach, we can get back to the business of creating unique experiences, all while keeping attendees safe! My friends at CORT Events always have great ideas when it comes to planning the perfect event, even during a pandemic. Here are some of their tips and best practices to ensure your upcoming hybrid events keep all attendees excited, engaged, and most importantly, safe.

One Event, Two Audiences

When designing a hybrid meeting, consider not only how the layout, design and format of the space will impact in-person attendees, but also attendees participating remotely.  Sassies, lighting, audio and colorful stage sets will have a tremendous impact on the virtual attendees’ overall experience. I’m excited to start networking and collaborating again with all of you, and CORT Events’ modern and practical options for furnishing your event space, such as large sectionals, individual chairs or ottoman configurations, can allow us to do that safely! Be sure to interact with virtual attendees in real time via their mobile devices. You know I love a good swag bag, so if you are giving away goodies to in-person guests, be sure to mail a bag to your remote attendees too!

Set the Stage

Forget mingling, guest speakers and presenters will need to practice healthy distancing while on the meeting stage. Why not envision the stage as a set rather than a classroom? CORT offers beautiful drapes, customizable dividers and greenery to create a warm and inviting atmosphere even as we all practice social distancing. Communal microphones are a big no-no in the COVID-19 world – instead, ensure each speaker is individually connected to a microphone. If your event features simultaneous activities across multiple stages, be sure to broadcast the event in a way so virtual attendees can have a holistic experience, as opposed to a singular perspective.

Out-of-the-Box Engagement

Y’all, digital capabilities will be so important with hybrid events and will involve an added layer of creativity to improve engagement all around! For in-person attendees, be sure to provide large and ample displays throughout the meeting space to limit crowding. Connect attendees together by integrating live chat features for comments, questions and polls. Acknowledge and interact with virtual attendees via livestream to recognize their contributions to the conversation. Be sure to record and distribute the broadcast after the meeting to further promote conversation among those in attendance, either in-person or remote. Technology can also be used when it comes to providing food and beverages for in-person attendees. Consider making timed reservations when attendees register to eliminate lines or assign attendees a group number and broadcast via mobile devices when it’s time for them to pick up their food items.

Sassies, it is time to safely restart events, while making health and well-being a top priority. See you soon!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit  

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / August 17, 2020

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / August 10, 2020

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / July 13, 2020

US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Olivia Colman, Cate Blanchett, Chloe Sevigny, Eliza Scanlen
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Olivia Colman, Cate Blanchett, Chloe Sevigny, Eliza Scanlen

Biophilic-Inspired Trends from CORT Events

Warmer weather has us all craving for some fun in the sun – from a safe distance, of course. That’s why it’s time to pump up the outdoor party with biophilic-inspired trends! Mixing style with sustainability, biophilic design is the perfect way to make your next event feel more connected with nature. My friends at CORT Events are sharing the top biophilic trends to create a dazzling outdoor event, all while maintain safe distancing.

Multipurpose Décor

Ya’ll already know we’ve had to step up our creativity game to meet safety guidelines. To promote appropriate spacing between attendees while staying on theme, consider using natural design elements as both decor and physical barriers! A large floral arrangement draped over a dining table serves as a gorgeous center piece, all while dividing the table into individual sections. Use a living plant wall as both a backdrop and a separator in a larger space. For events with both indoor and outdoor spaces, potted plants are your BFF!

Eco-Friendly Chic

Sassies, we all know our attendees value an eco-friendly lifestyle, so sustainability should be top of mind when planning your next event. Don’t worry – with CORT Events you can be both eco-conscious and stylish with your furniture design! Featuring linen fabric, the Beverly Oasis ottoman system is the perfect choice for a biophilic-inspired event. The earthy & sustainable fabric will ring true with any outdoor event. Not to mention the ottoman system can be configured to promote appropriate social distance seating!

Now Trending: Organic Elements

Create a fresh and whimsical atmosphere for your attendees with naturalistic elements throughout the event space. Use greenery and botanicals to enhance the natural look and incorporate wooden elements to center and ground the space. Ya’ll, I just love the Geo Cocktail Table, featuring a rustic wood top with a contemporary base for a modern-rustic flair. Accessorize with a Fiddle Leaf Tree for a pop of green, or the Kendra Table Lamp for a warm, sun-drenched affect.

Remember sassies, my friends at CORT Events are available to support you through your next event with safety and health top of mind. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

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The Future of Events: How to Design in a Post-COVID World

Wow, what a whirlwind it’s been for the events industry over the past couple months. I’m amazed at how the event community has come together to support one another. Sassies, we will get through this – and we’ll be stronger than ever!

Looking forward, we know events will be radically different as a result of COVID-19. With the help of technology, modularity and a little creativity, you’ll be able to create trendy designs that center around safety and social distancing. My friends at CORT Events are sharing spectacular guidelines and trends to follow for events in the future.

Enable Movement

Sassies, be prepared to step out of the box! There will be hurdles as we plan events with social distancing, but don’t worry because we can do it! When you begin designing, use a 6-by-6 food grid to make sure each attendee has enough space to mingle. Hint: access Social Tables from for free access! They have the grids built in for your space planns. Give your guests both physical and mental cues so they remember to safely distance. CORT Events’ C-shaped tables can be placed between seats so guests sit in every other spot.

Power Up with Technology

Y’all already know technology is my BFF when I need to create a next-level event. In this new normal, we’re going to see smaller events, with more virtual attendees. To make sure virtual attendees are having just as much fun as in-person guests, utilize live chats and polls so everyone can participate. If you’re planning a meeting, CORT Events’ Powered Naples Chair is the perfect choice to provide individual power for each attendee! Don’t forget to keep the tunes at a low volume so attendees can hear each other over the music from a safe distance. 

Rethink Food & Beverage

We’ll also need to be especially creative and cautious about designing dining areas. To ensure a safe distance between attendees, opt to use a communal table with two seats at each end of the table. To divide the space, accessorize with bright floral arrangements or fabulously themed centerpieces. The behind-the-scenes design matters just as much – remember to provide plenty of food and drink stations to limit line traffic. To help guests navigate the room, use floor markers to indicate one-way tracker. Buffets and finger foods are so yesterday.  Instead, consider plated or boxed meals to feed guests. It may seem like a lot of work, but you and your guests will feel at ease knowing you are putting health and safety first!  

Remember sassies, my friends at CORT Events are available to support you through your next event with safety and health top of mind. To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

Fabulous Designs with Modularity in Mind!

Fabulous Designs with Modularity in Mind!

Sassies, when it comes to creating an unforgettable design, “trendy” and “colorful” aren’t enough on their own! A stylish, but uncomfortable space won’t make your event the life of the party. Don’t worry y’all – I’ve got the best kept secret for maximizing space and function without compromising style. My friends at CORT Events have the most amazing modular pieces to make sure you’re creating the best attendee experience.

Get Cozy with Casual Seating

Whether you’re throwing an intimate birthday party or an extravagant corporate celebration, comfort is key. With CORT Events’ new Beverly Oasis Ottomans, planners can create small, medium, or large casual lounge seating areas for guests to mix and mingle. Featuring on-trend channel stitching, this modular collection is available in 11 fabulous colors, so there’s a perfect option no matter the size or color scheme. Pair with “C”-shaped tables, like the Taos or Sedona, which perfectly tuck into the ottomans to provide additional surface area for drinks or laptops!

Maximize the Moment

With CORT Event’s Munich collection, it’s easy to create a seamless design foundation with multiple seating arrangements. I love to create pockets of privacy throughout an event space with the Munich Corner Chair, but then open up larger spaces with the Munich Sectional to promote socialization. Pro-tip: Pair the Munich collection with the Village Charging Hub, so attendees can keep their phones charged all night long!

“Endless” Options with Modular Seating

Y’all already know I’m obsessed with the Endless Collection from CORT Events. The soft feminine curves and gorgeous fabric options, like White Vinyl and Emerald Green Velvet, allow planners to create beautiful spaces with functionality in mind. The Endless Collection is literally limitless when it comes to finding the right seating arrangement for your next event. Don’t forget – with so many fun accessory options, you can truly bring any theme to life.

Remember sassies, no matter the venue, you can create a fabulous gathering with functional, flexible and stylish furnishings from CORT Events.

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

New Year, New Me! – Product Trends for 2020

Sassies, it’s a new decade, which means it’s time to mix up your style! With the help of my friends at CORT Events, I’m giving y’all the trendiest new products to start 2020 on the right foot. From sophisticated accent chairs to unique seating options that will satisfy a crowd, these trendy pieces are sure to make your next event a hit!

Serve up Soft Seating

Y’all already know I’m all about Art Deco in 2020. Soft silhouettes paired with bold geometric designs creates a look everyone can appreciate. The Lena chair and the Malibu accent chair both feature curved shapes that add a touch of luxury. I can already imagine my guests loving the elegance of this style!

Style in Green

Did y’all know green is associated with renewal and wellness? What better color to feature in your event designs this new year. I’m loving products in all shades of green, from the Endless seating collection in stunning emerald, to the Beverly Bench Ottoman in olive. For a monochromatic look, pair these items together. If you want your green pieces to stand out, incorporate accessories in contrasting colors, like the plum velvet pillow.

More is More! Embrace Eclecticism

It’s no secret I like to mix things up – that’s why I’m so excited to jump on the eclectic trend this year. The Valencia sofa in coffee-brown velvet is the perfect color to build around for this look! Try pairing it with unexpected colors, such as the Chandler collection, made of plum and berry fabric and a modern black metal base. Eclecticism can be tricky, but incorporate these products from CORT Events you’ll be sure to pull off the look!

Don’t forget the details! No event is complete without finishing touches. From a pop of color in greenery, to adding texture and sass with a furry pillow, accessories can tie a theme together and make your event space feel complete.

Sassies, as we begin a new decade, take a chance with these fresh products to create spectacular events that will wow all your guests!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

Get Ready for a Trendy 2020!

Sassies, can you believe it’s almost 2020? I can tell you that staying on-trend next year will be like hopping in a time machine because classic styles are making their way back with a vengeance! My friends at CORT Events are sharing a few tips to help you stay on-brand and spice up your events with some sophistication next year.

1. Art Deco Décor
Personally, I’m not afraid to make 2020 the new 1920 because Art Deco designs are so stylish! Some trends to consider next year include deep, luxurious green hues in seating, complimented by organic tones, channel stitching and soft curves, along with layering of patterns and textures. Try pairing feminine silhouettes with layered geometric patterns to create an aura of elegance and drama with your event designs. Who doesn’t like a little something extra?

2. Eclecticism
Y’all know I don’t need an excuse to mix things up, but eclecticism in event décor is really popular right now. You can nail this look by infusing some natural elements such as wood, cane and faux furs with your furnishings. Don’t be afraid to add a modern twist with mixed metals or marble finishes as a contrast to those softer, organic elements. Combining multiple styles like this will help you reinforce supporting diverse lifestyles and a global sensibility, making guests feel welcomed and ensuring everybody feels right at home.

3. Shades of Green
Nothing puts me at ease quite like being surrounded by warm greenery. Create a soothing environment at your events next year with lots of green, and incorporate hues along the same spectrum for a refined look. While green is certainly in style right now, the monochromatic trend is great because it works with any color. Try out this look with cool shades of blue or vibrant berry tones to really stop guests in their tracks!

Here’s the deal, sassies: if you want to make an impression with your events next year, y’all better be paying attention to these trends. Combining some chic, roaring ‘20s styles with classy modern designs will help you give your guests an experience they won’t stop talking about. But most of all, remember to have fun! And tell me all about your event design ideas and plans for next year on Facebook!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

Steve Kemble Brand Ambassador, Cort Events

Merry and Bright – How I’m Styling for the Holidays  

Merry and Bright – How I’m Styling for the Holidays  

Sassies, the most wonderful time of the year is quickly approaching and my friends at CORT Events are sharing the latest trends to make your holiday parties fa la la la – fabulous! Whether you’re throwing a cozy family gathering or a grand New Year’s Eve party, you’ll want to incorporate these ideas into your event design. This year, we’re amping up the sparkle, embracing greenery and incorporating warm scents to create the perfect holiday events.

Incorporate Shine: Ya’ll know I’ll take any excuse to add more glitz and glam to my events. For the holidays, don’t be afraid to go all out with sparkle in colors like green, blue or red. Your tree ornaments don’t have to be the only twinkling elements at your event. Look for throw pillows or side tables that will add festive glamour to your gathering.

Going Green: From holiday trees, to wreaths and garlands, nothing puts me in the holiday spirit better than winter greenery. This year plenty of shades of green are in style so it’s the perfect time to incorporate these fresh or faux elements into your designs. Southern Sassies – for a fun twist, surprise guests with a holiday themed palm tree, but don’t forget the mistletoe!

Evoke Nostalgia through Scents: There’s nothing I love more than the warm scents of the holidays. Using candles is my secret trick to evoke the holiday spirit and put my guests in a cheery mood. Compliment your faux greenery décor with the smell of fresh pine, or spice it up with cinnamon sticks and mulled cider. One of my favorite holiday scents is the aroma of fresh baked cookies. For a heartwarming and tasty activity, host a cookie decorating contest at your next holiday event! The guests will love interacting with one another, and bonus – they’ll leave the party with a sweet treat.

I can promise you this, Sassies: your holiday events will be totally fabulous if you follow these trends! I can’t wait to make these ideas the focal point of my holiday festivities this year. Tell me all about your event design ideas for the year on Facebook!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

New Season, New Me! – Product Trends I’m Loving

Summer is heating up and I want my parties to be equally as sizzling! With the help of my friends at CORT Events, I’m giving y’all the hottest new products to spice up your gatherings this summer. From floral patterns to sleek hardware, these trendy pieces are sure to make your next event a hit!

Embrace Earthy Elements

This summer, I’m all about embracing the natural elements to create a tropical getaway for my guests. The Capri Collection, featuring faux-beech accents and a gorgeous sage green, emphasizes the botanical look I’m going for. And y’all are going to love this – the Capri Collection is made from Sunbrella fabric, which is perfectly durable for outdoor events but looks as though it belongs indoors! Pair these pieces with the Florida Pillow that just screams sassy. I mean, how cute are those flamingos?

Mix up your Materials

It’s no secret that I love an industrial chic look, but by incorporating pieces with mixed materials, I’m able to perfectly match the theme of any event! The Thira Cocktail Table is anything but ordinary, featuring bronze metal legs and a stunning gray marble top. Try pairing it with contrasting seating from the Valencia Collection, made of soft velvet fabric in ‘70s-inspired colors. Your guests will totally appreciate the cozy atmosphere you create, while keeping your event sleek and sophisticated.

The Bolder, The Better

Summer is the perfect time to play with bright and daring color schemes. I’m loving bold berry hues for trendy seating options, like the Chandler Chair and Sofa, complete with elegant channel stitching. Be sure to add in Boxwood Hedges; the purple tones will contrast against the natural green background of your event. Of course, purple is associated with royalty and luxury, so incorporating this color into your event will take it to the next level!

We all know no event is complete without its finishing touches. From a pop of color in greenery, to the touch of a velvet throw pillow, ancillary products tie your entire event theme together and help make a space feel complete.

Sassies, for your summer events through Labor Day weekend, when you rent furniture pieces from CORT Eventsyou’ll receive a credit toward decor items to enhance your next event. Whether planning an intimate gathering with friends or a grand summer soiree, include these unique products for an unforgettable event.

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

Hot Trends for Your Summer Soiree

Hot Trends for Your Summer Soiree

It finally feels like summer and I’m ready to get outdoors! Y’all know I love to have a little fun in the sun and my friends at CORT Events have shared the absolute hottest trends for outdoor gatherings this summer. With botanical themes and eclectic furniture, these trends really sizzle!

Environmentally Friendly

Being environmentally friendly is totally in right now and it makes you feel amazing! Tap into this conscious trend and move toward planning zero-waste or waste-reduced events. It’s the little things, sassies, that can make a big difference. Try subbing plastic products for paper products that can be recycled and reduce your carbon footprint by choosing sustainable, natural fabrics like cotton and linen to add natural texture to your event. Your guests will love it and so will Mother Earth!

Organic, Botanical

Sassies, there is no such thing as too much and this season, botanicals are back and better than ever. I’m going bigger and bolder this summer with grand topiaries to create a tropical getaway for guests. Bring in trees and over-the-top florals to create a lush garden for your event space. Create an intimate oasis in your large event space by adding faux foliage, like the Boxwood Hedge, for alcoves of privacy and break out spaces for mingling attendees. Complement this with the woven, wicker features of the Boca Collection and offer seating that plays up your organic setting. Create delicate, dancing natural light around your space by adding candles to your event décor for a sweet, simple touch.

Industrial Chic

One of my favorite indoor trends has made its way outside – industrial chic furniture is everywhere for outdoor events this season. I like to mix and match metals for a refined look that doesn’t feel stiff. Pair Rustique benches and barstools with Hayworth cocktail and end tables to create an eclectic atmosphere that feels special and unique, but still makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed. Create different points of view throughout your venue by mixing seating elevation. Use smooth, simple, modern lines to add balance to decadent florals and textures.

Sassies, don’t forget to get personal with CORT Events’ personalization services, including custom design assistance on dozens of products! You won’t have to lift a finger because CORT Events provides an elite level of service that lends distinction to every event. Their personalized products arrive ready for use, and you can trust that their furniture will be delivered on time and add a unique touch to every event.

With the natural world as your backdrop, outdoor events are as big and bold as you want to go! With CORT Events’ hot trends, and a personal touch of your own, your upcoming summer soirees are sure to make a fabulous splash!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit To learn more about CORT’s home and office solutions, visit

Be spoke Options for Your Best Event

Be spoke Options for Your Best Event

My friends at CORT Events always give me the inside scoop on what trends are hot and, sassies, this season it’s you! That’s right. Personalizing the details of every event you plan this year with branded furnishings is happening. It’s all about letting your brand story shine through, in every area of your event. CORT Events always makes it so easy for me to set the mood and let my clients shine.

Make your event stand out with CORT Events’ personalization services, including custom design assistance on dozens of products. You won’t have to lift a finger because CORT Events provides an elite level of service that lends distinction to every event. Their personalized products arrive ready for use, and you can trust that their furniture will be delivered on time and look exactly how you had planned.

They can make your event space dazzle with a custom graphic on a bar, lighting, ottoman cover or pillow that reflects your unique design inspiration. It’s CORT so you know you won’t have to worry about a single thing. This year, elevate any event or gathering with these bespoke products:

Lighting: Set the mood with CORT Events’ Luna Lighting Collection. These versatile lighting fixtures allow event planners to customize the sides and top of the Luna Column or Pedestal with a company logo or amazing graphic. The playful light that Lunas provide add an effortless glow to every venue for easy ambiance. They’re absolutely striking and so fun!

Bar: Make your brand the life of the party! Whether displaying a client’s logo or custom artwork, the Posh Bar comes with endless personalization options. The Maxim and Midtown Bars look amazing in any venue and add sophistication to your space!

Soft Seating: Branded pillows can add a custom element to any event, but you know I love to take it up a notch. CORT Events’ Endless Round Ottoman can transform a simple piece into a showstopping statement. Another customizable piece is the Vibe Ottoman, adding a pop of personalization in unexpected places. Customized covers and pillows are a great option for adding that unique touch to an office space or future event, and you can take them home with you – the party never stops!

Sassies, the best part about this hot trend is that it celebrates you and your brand! Add a touch of exclusivity to an event and make your client stand out with personalized elements that provide a true one-of-a-kind experience. These personalized products will help you add custom charm and elegance to create an event unlike any other! Tell me how you made your event perfectly personalized on Facebook!

Incorporating elements of the trends that speak to you will elevate your events in the coming year. I, personally, can’t wait to make these trends the focal point of every event I host this year. So fun!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit To learn more about CORT’s home and office solutions, visit

Steve Kemble Affiliations, Cort Events
Steve Kemble Affiliations, Cort Events

Personalized Perfection – How I’m Styling Events in 2019

A new year means new colors, new fabrics, and new design trends for your event décor. Whether you’re throwing the gala of the century or hosting an intimate get together for the Oscars, you’ll want to incorporate these ideas into your design concept to throw an event your guests will be sure to remember! We’re blending personalization, textured accents, playful colors and engaging tech. Mix creative and classic while embracing customized designs to stay on-brand and on-trend for every fabulous event you throw this year.

Color trends that are literally everywhere: Wireless technology, color pallets that can speak to the energy of any event, luxe materials and fabrics and an emphasis on personalization that is next-level.

    • Blue Seating: Gray is absolutely everywhere for fabric in seating, but blues are growing in prominence. Mix up your space with those on-trend grays and sprinkle in emerging brownish hues. I’m loving this shift toward warmer tones. These trends play well with popular color stories in 2019: warm earth tones, reminiscent of the 70’s; and more vibrant colors, such as rich cranberry reds, pinks, and salmon tones. These amazing colors bring life and vitality to designs, without losing the sense of calm.
    • Bold, Energic Colors: I am living for Living Coral. Pantone’s color of the year provides a fun punch of on-trend color to weave into events all year long. I’m already seeing this shade everywhere and it’s the perfect complement to the tropical modern motifs that are trending in furnishings and design. Whether you’re using CORT’s new blue fabric Montreal seating or the white canvas of the Baja collection, Living Coral accents and CORT’s Flamingo or Tropical Pillow collections provide a playful pop of Palm Beach Chic to any gathering.
    • Personalization: This year, event design is all about personalization. Creating unique, personalized event experiences that speak to your client’s brand story will keep attendees excited throughout the year. Personalize a bar or ottoman cover with the graphic of your choice or create customized pillows for your seating story: clients want décor that reflects their individual inspiration and aesthetic. CORT Events offers an array of products suitable for personalization, including tables, bars, chairs, ottomans, room dividers and lighting. I love igniting the party with the Luna Lighting collection. These acrylic columns, pedestals and tables are easily customized and lend a vibrant glow to compliment any design. What makes them even more perfect is that they’re available in alternating current (AC) or battery options. If you don’t know where to start, CORT Events offers personalization services that include design assistance and customized products, delivered ready for use. So perfect, sassies!
    • Mixed Metals: Y’all know I love to mix it up. Faux wood and marble laminates continue to dominate surface textures and the modern industrial chic furnishings. My personal favorite is  CORT’s new brown Wentworth chair with a black swivel metal base, which perfectly showcases  this trend where rich brown colors mixed with hard black surfaces easily blend for a balanced design aesthetic.
    • Luxe Textures: 2019 is promising to be evening more luxurious than last year. Art deco inspired furnishings incorporate design details such as channel stitching, curved edges, lush fabrics and soft colorful hues. I’m crushing on textured fabrics and velvets that balance the metallic bronzes and marbles that are sparkling on surfaces. Danish modern silhouettes take center stage on soft seating and are updated with rounded edges and surprising finishes, such as black metal frames.
  • Wireless Tech: Sassies, I used one of CORT Events’ new Wireless Charging Cube  at an event and I swear I will never be the same. The sleek table features a wireless charging pad and allowed me to simply place my phone on top for a quick and convenient charge while connected with other event attendees. I picked up my phone later and was ready to share my amazing experience! As an event planner, I appreciated that the white accent table can be styled into any modern design and incorporates AC, USB and wireless charging capabilities into the furniture design. As an event attendee, I loved the extra special touch it added to my experience.

Sassies, I can promise you this, these trends are hot! Incorporating elements of the trends that speak to you will elevate your events in the coming year. I, personally, can’t wait to make these trends the focal point of every event I host this year. So fun! Tell me all about your event design ideas for the year on Facebook!

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Fresh and Fabulous Fall Event Décor Design

Fresh and Fabulous Fall Event Décor Design

Sassies, soon the leaves will turn all kinds of gorgeous golds, oranges and reds. The air will cool, and sweater weather will return with crisp beautiful breezes, gathering friends and family by firesides. Isn’t fall the absolute best?

If you’re planning events this season, there is so much fun to be had with dramatic themes or cool abstract minimalism. Trends that I am loving for fall events this season include: art deco opulence, mixed minimalism with touches of rustic and industrial and the funky pop vibes of the 1980’s.

  • Art Deco: Nothing is more decadent or gorgeous than the Art Deco movement of the 1930’s. To pull off this theme, create an event featuring metallic finishes and dramatic colors, utilizing pieces that glint and sparkle, like the Alondra Cocktail Table. Create lush, luxe event designs that are dramatic in color. Deep blues, greens, and reds pair fabulously with metallics. Geometric patterns lend a feeling of luxury and sophistication. The Art Deco trend reminds attendees of the Golden Age and creates a whimsical escape, so don’t be afraid to go all out for an elegant and theatrical evening event.

“The best way to add drama to an Art Deco event is to pay attention to the details,” Kevin Dana, executive director of marketing and product development at CORT Events, shared with me. “Start with gorgeous, customizable bars, like the Midtown Bar. These illuminated bars set the mood of an event and can be easily branded with either custom graphics or logos. To play up the Art Deco theme, mix marbles and metals and dress up classics, such as a Wilshire Sofa, with eccentric touches like Garbo Stools. Cozy up on faux fur rugs and pair with metallic accents to create an ambiance with a warm glow that feels refined and expensive.”

  • Mixed Minimalism: For events that aren’t looking for too much attention, but still want to feel effortless and classy, try mixed minimalism. Mixing rustic with industrial creates a look and feel that is cool, classic and modern. To accomplish this, event planners will want to refine the outdoorsy feel of rustic décor for a more eclectic look that feels comfortable for guests, yet still feels modern and updated. Dana shared with me the Rustique collection – boy, does it really blend wood and metal to truly ground the space! Metallic gold accents pair effortlessly and transform a simple event space into a chic and curated gathering place.

Wood laminates are also a clever way to incorporate the rustic feel into décor design. The Maxim Bar with its wood front, paired with Boxwood Hedges, feels warm and organic. The Lexington Table mixes materials with black metal legs and wood tops and features AC and USB outlets so your guests can plug in and charge their devices while they have a fabulous time at your event!

  • 1980’s: Sassies! You know I love the 80’s, so when CORT Events told my that my favorite decade was making a comeback in décor design, I freaked out! The pops of color and patterns are transitioning the 70’s trends of the summer into the 80’s trends of the fall. Event planners can transition through the decades by playing with iconic shag rugs and color pallets that feel retro and radical. The Endless Collection provides the perfect, simple canvas to bring in exciting 80’s elements while warm metallics like gold, bronze and rose gold will pop with the fun and funky patterns and colors.

Now, not every event is screaming for a theme. If you just want your festivities to feel like fall, lean on classic trends that remain cool and trendy year after year. Danish modern pieces compliment autumnal hues like deep purple, warm yellows and spicy oranges. Don’t be afraid to mix trends in with a traditional seasonal feel and show me your take on all these amazing décor design ideas on Facebook!

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Can You Say Cannes? CORT Channels the Mediterranean in Manhattan

Can You Say Cannes? CORT Channels the Mediterranean in Manhattan
By Steve Kemble

Old-world charm, the sea breeze blowing through the air and some of the most beautiful views in the Mediterranean? It could only be Cannes. I was transported to the French Riviera by CORT Events for an unforgettable evening in New York City. They hosted a VIP event at the Lotte New York Palace in Manhattan and the entire evening exuded the luxe lifestyle of the French seaside town. Even sassier than that, I was the emcee for the event!

Working with event designers from Perfect Surroundings, Intl., CORT Events transformed the second floor of the Lotte New York Palace into a destination many can only dream of!

Sassies, you would have died. Every corner of the event was designed to emulate the classic yet tropical vibe of Cannes. The venue already had lovely old-world architectural elements and the design team used CORT products to create the ambiance of the Mediterranean. Perfectly combining the fabulous, yet simple European design with simple and sweet touches of the coast, the space was enchanting.

The attention to detail was immaculate. The Perfect Surroundings team used custom graphics with versatile pieces like the Marche ottomans to create clean, classic designs celebrating summer and the spirit of the Mediterranean. I was wowed by the delicate yet bold mixture of marble and florals on the bars, Luna Columns, as well as custom-printed drapes that created a light, airy feeling, reminiscent of the shore. Are you literally packing your bags right now? This night had me ready for a Mediterranean vacation!

The absolute highlight of my evening was the Inspiration Challenge! Event planners showcased the amazing ways they had used CORT Events furniture for their incredible events all over New York City and across the United States. I joined Evan and Jordan Carbotti, designers at Perfect Surroundings, to judge each event and decide whose inspired design and excellent execution would earn them the top prize. I also had the opportunity to speak with some of finalists about their favorite parts about working with CORT. The designers agreed that vast inventory; a production team that was prompt and dependable; CORT’s online SocialTables 3D space planner, which helps their clients understand how the final space will look; and CORT’s commitment to the entire event, from inspiration to execution, were the most valuable parts of the CORT Events experience.

Fantastic prizes were given to the designers who showed the most creativity and best execution. A huge congratulations to SmartSource Rental and Empire Entertainment for winning third and second place, respectively. Sassies, the designers were so incredible we even had a tie for first place! Congratulations to Frank Alexander NYC and Johnson & Johnson! I hope I get an invitation to their next event!

I have to thank CORT for an evening on the French Riviera, without all the hassle of going through customs! This night was certainly one to remember and these designers are proving to me and their impressed clients that your imagination is the only limit when you’re working with an incredible partner like CORT Events.

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections,


Steve Kemble Affiliations, Cort Events

Must-Have Event Décor for Your Summer Soiree

Must-Have Event Décor for Your Summer Soiree

As the weather warms up, you know I’m ready to have a little fun in the sun. If you’re planning any sassy summer gatherings, you’ll need to be on board with some on-fire trends.
Trends that I absolutely can’t get enough of for outdoor events this summer season include: transitional furniture, deliciously elegant patterns and color pallets, Mediterranean inspiration, and luxurious comforts outdoors.

• Transitional Furniture: Bring the indoors, out! Just because a space is outdoors doesn’t mean it should be any less sophisticated than an indoor venue. Outdoor spaces are an extension of the indoor event space and are increasingly more elegant with furnishings that mirror indoor styles. Mix up seating with dining areas and plenty of bar tables for drinks and food plates while guests mingle and use furniture that can be designed and re-arranged based on the flow and function of your event space.

Kevin Dana, executive director of marketing and product development at CORT, shared with me the ultimate event design sin that so many party planners are guilty of, “The worst design sin when planning an outdoor event is not having enough bar tables for guests to casually network while they eat and drink. It’s common sense, but so many planners forget about having enough tables.” Sassies, can you imagine?!

• Deliciously Elegant Patterns and Color Pallets: No matter what theme you’re planning for your event, you absolutely must make it burst with color. Blue is everywhere and it’s serving every aesthetic this summer. Deep blues paired with dark greens and jungle prints make for a playful and mysterious evening, while antiqued whites and true blue can be paired for a classic summer feel. CORT’s new outdoor wire tables in green, white and blue add functional pops of color to your event. Vibe cube ottomans provide versatile vibrant outdoor seating with colors of the summer and can be easily moved around for casual networking.

Break out your bikinis for Palm Beach Chic and channel the cool, casual vibes of Miami in the 1970’s. CORT’s new tropical pillow collection lends an effortless cool-factor to any design plan and their LED lighted pieces – like lighted plastic orbs, cubes, tables and columns – help set the mood and add additional color when the sun goes down!

• Mediterranean Influences: If you need inspiration from overseas, head to the Mediterranean. Tuscan-style gardens pop against black and white, and extravagant foliage adds pops of color to an otherwise neutral color pallet. Think French Riviera with mixed furnishings, like wood benches and marble tables. Boxwood hedges can transform a large venue into more intimate spaces for more private conversation. Add floral to the hedges to bring in a romantic and elegant hanging garden look.

• Luxurious Comforts: When your guests attend your outdoor event, they shouldn’t feel the annoyances of being outside. Bring the comforts of the indoors to them by providing everything they could need to enjoy your event. If you don’t have lots of covered patio space be sure to have enough large umbrellas placed over seating groupings, dining and bar tables. Create points of connection at water stations for guests to stay hydrated. Set up tables around the event with water infused with citrus or fruits. Guests can help themselves without lining up for the bar and the stations look absolutely gorgeous when paired with linens. Finally, for a touch of glamour and functionality, add citronella candles on tables around your event. They create a warm ambiance and keep away any pesky mosquitoes.

These trends are heating up as fast as the summer and I can’t wait to attend some sweet summer soirees. Keep these ideas in mind as you pull together the most beautiful event of the season, and show me how you used these trends on Facebook!

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Steve Kemble, Cort Events Endorsements

Feeling Sporty and Sassy for the Phoenix Open

Feeling Sporty and Sassy for the Phoenix Open

More than 650,000 people and zero waste at the largest golf tournament in the country. I know. It sounds like a joke, but seriously, sassies, the Phoenix Open is real and it is amazing.

The Phoenix Open was held Jan. 29 to Feb. 4 in Scottsdale, Arizona, at TPC Scottsdale-Champions Course. Our friends at CORT Events absolutely killed the design by taking in many forms of inspiration for different spaces and viewing areas and executing with perfection. They delivered 12 trailers filled with more than 10,000 individual pieces of furniture. Sassies, executing an event of this scale takes expertise because that is a LOT of furniture. Here is the inspiration behind just a few of the beautiful spaces that CORT designed:

The Cove at 17: Offering an elite oasis in the middle of the Arizona desert, CORT provided an elevated guest experience fit for VIPs who enjoyed the tournament from this box. Drawing inspiration from yacht club décor, aesthetic was achieved by incorporating comfortable seating in colors and fabrics reminiscent of the shore. Located on the south side of the 17th green, The Cove at 17 offered one of the most valued suite hospitality opportunities for corporate participants, elevated by design concepts that provided elegant and welcoming spaces.

The Loge: Inspired by farm chic trends, the Loge featured refined wood textures, pops of greenery mixed with industrial textures and plush furniture for guests to relax. One of the hottest VIP lounges on the PGA TOUR, The Loge opened into a shared luxurious lounge area with all-inclusive food and beverage and ended on a comfortable deck with a bird’s-eye view to all the excitement on the 15th green. Honestly, sassies, the Loge sounds like my kind of viewing experience.

The Bay Club: Using moveable hedges and refined textures, as well as fun pops of color and eclectic patterns, The Bay Club reflected the top event design trends of 2018, while serving the needs of each group in the space. Offering access to an upscale lounge area as well as a viewing platform overlooking the 10th fairway, the open concept of the elite, members-only club, Soho House L.A., inspired CORT Events to create a space that was both accessible and private for The Bay Club.

This video shows all the hard work that everyone at TPC Scottsdale and CORT Events put into the four-day event. CORT furniture rental was essential to the event’s zero-waste goal. Every single thing at the event was recycled or reusable. So green for 2018! Using an eye for design and drawing on the hottest trends of the year, CORT Events made The Waste Management Phoenix Open a resounding success!

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Steve Kemble, Cort Events Endorsements

Statement-Making Event Décor to Spice Up Your New Year

Statement-Making Event Décor to Spice Up Your New Year

A new year means new colors, new fabrics, and new design trends for your event décor. Whether you’re throwing the gala of the century or hosting an intimate get together for the Oscars, you’ll want to incorporate these ideas into your design concept to stay on-trend and throw an event your guests will be sure to remember! These trends are straight out of Milan, so you know they’re hot. Our friends at CORT Events scooped out the la test and shared what they’re seeing for the year ahead.

Color trends that are literally everywhere: Gray Seating, Bold Energetic Colors and Graphic Patterns. Design Trends that I can’t get enough of: Luxurious Curves, Rich Textures, and Modern Industrial Chic incorporating the 70’s vibe.

  • Gray Seating: It’s more than black and white. Gray is the dominating neutral for fabric in seating this year. It matches everything and I’m seeing it in accent pieces and ottomans. Desert rose tones, terracotta, deep greens are also popping up as subdued neutrals that can play well with gray and support other, more vibrant colors. These muted tones are contrasted with black metal frames to anchor the palette and balance the light and dark tones in the space.
  • Bold, Energic Colors: Pantone shook me to my core when they announced the color of the year – Ultra Violet. Exploding with zest and energy, accents in ultra violet add a sexy yet elegant ambiance to any event space. Pantone is forecasting that this Spring will be full of discerning colors like Meadowlark, Cherry Tomato, Pink Lavender and Arcadia. The pure bold colors create a high voltage vitality to event décor designs. Many of these fabulous Pantone hues are offered in CORT’s ottoman collections, including its new Beverly bench ottoman collection.
  • Graphic Patterns: CORT Events is seeing oversized patterns and accessories in bold colors being used in a more tailored minimal way, and I am absolutely loving it. Adding gold, bronze and copper to underscore these punchy prints gives me all the 1970’s Palm Springs vibes I could ever ask for. Tribal patterns in earth tones are also playing up the visual interest. Consider your event space and guest expectations when choosing which patterns you want to play with in your event design.
  • Luxurious Curves: Gone are harsh, hard lines. 2018 invites guests to be comfortable and cozy with softened edges on every surface. CORT’s new seating collections, Munich and Century, reflect the years’ trends with soft velvet-like gray fabrics, espresso and black frames and soft rounded seat backs.
  • Rich Textures: Consider all the senses when designing your event space, and keep supple fabrics and textures in mind as you decide on accent pieces. Fabrics that feel rich like velvets and leathers add dimension and significance to the design concept.
  • Modern Industrial Chic: CORT is seeing rustic design evolve and are now smarter as well as more chic and streamlined. Reclaimed wood is over! Marble, black metal, smooth edges and rich colors for contrast are making all the headlines. This modern industrial chic vibe incorporates more refined textures, upgraded natural woods, lush fabrics, bold colors and patterns. I’m loving the mix of marble and metallic surfaces with wood and greenery to create a sophisticated, organic and surprising mix that’s easy to personalize in any space.

Sassies, I can promise you this, these trends will be everywhere in 2018. Incorporating elements of the trends that speak to you will elevate your events in the coming year. I, personally, can’t wait to make these trends the focal point of every event I host this year. So fun! Tell me all about your event design ideas for the year on Facebook!

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Steve Kemble Brand Ambassador, Cort Events

Millennials Are Keeping Planners on their Toes when it Comes to Event Experiences

How many Millennials do you think are in our country today? Would you believe me if I told you there are over 83 million? Well, that’s the number according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Right now, millennials represent more than one-quarter of the nation’s population.

Do you know what makes Millennials different from other generations? Well, first of all, millennials have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations drastically different from previous generations. Now Sassies, I know you may find this shocking, but Millennials LOVE technology and being constantly connected is a priority! Did you note the sarcasm there? OF COURSE staying connected is important for today’s events AND meetings! Not just for Millennials but for all of us! When is the last time you went to an event without your phone?!

Millennials are blurring the lines between work and play, as they are always connected and can work from anywhere, literally anywhere! With so much information at their fingertips all the time, this generation of workers seeks meeting and conference experiences that offer something they can’t get on their computer screen. They want an authentic experience that fosters learning and contains elements of surprise.

When Millennials attend events, they expect a shareable, FABULOUS one-of-a-kind experience. Have you noticed a selfie station at recent events you’ve attended? You can thank a Millennial! Both meeting and event attendees want to feel inspired, connected to fellow attendees, and engaged in the overall experience of the event.

Designing and furnishing events have evolved as well. Millennials EXPECT the unexpected! No more run-of-the-mill, boring meetings. They want to walk away greatly impacted and ready to share their experience with their social media followers! So how do you design a fab event to engage millennials?

Create Collaborative Team Environments. Generic “theater” seating for meetings will not please this generation. Spaces that not only delight the senses but create a collaborative team environment conducive to learning, networking, and brainstorming are what Millennials desire in their event spaces. Experiment with different seating arrangements, such as casual seating vignettes and small lounges to make your space feel comfortable and inviting. Create unique lounges using Hexagon Ottomans or Island Sofas that encourage groups to sit informally, collaborate and help break down barriers to communication.

Provide Flexibility. Furnishings that allow for easy movement and flexibility make Millennials most comfortable. Consider using curved or round seating, such as pieces from the CORT Endless Collection, that encourages a constant flow around the furnishings. Bar table groupings are also a great way for small groups to gather and work impromptu. Incorporate non-traditional seating around café tables or monitors. The Marche Ottomans swivel and can be configured on the fly for campfire style gatherings, plus they add a dose of color to keep the room fresh. Wagner Chairs and Vibe Cubes are great ways to add texture and color to a space while still maintaining comfort and style.

Always Connected, Always Plugged In. Staying connected and charged is a hot button item for this audience. The importance of being connected to mobile devices and maintaining accessibility to charging capabilities is a must! Introduce a variety of powered furniture to your meeting rooms to create communal workspaces that foster a team environment and encourage collaborative strategic planning.

Offer Comfortable Breakout Sessions. Comfortable soft seating not only keeps your participants relaxed but also alert, engaged and more willing to participate. Define large or small breakout areas with Miramar Dividers or Boxwood Hedges to allow for more intimate gatherings within a large room and provide opportunities for branding and signage. Comfortable and energetic spaces encourage interactivity that creates memorable learning experiences.

Millennials are keeping planners on their toes to continually create meetings and conferences that reflect the evolving social landscape. Rethink the way you develop, design, and deliver events and experiences so they leave a lasting impact on attendees. Keep your events fabulous, think outside of the box, and you can’t go wrong! I’ll even let you in on a little secret … if you plan a fabulous meeting you also increase the chances of your attendees remembering the content!

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Dishing on the Top Event Design Trends for 2017

Hey Sassies! Can you believe it is 2017? I am still trying to wrap my head around it being another new year. As you all know, with a new year comes new event design trends that I am super excited to share with you. Let me share some trends from my good friends at CORT on how to take your events from ordinary to extraordinary!

The top design trends you’ll be seeing at every fabulous event you attend this year include creating organic and earthy environments, eclectic modern designs and functionality. Yes, I know, these are all completely different from each other, but can intermingle quite interestingly to provide an event atmosphere that will have your guests swooning over the space and discussing at the water cooler the next day!

Let me walk you through each of these trends and how you can successfully incorporate them into your next event plan.

First off, creating an organic and earthy environment can be as simple as adding life-like greenery to your space. CORT has some great options when it comes to defining a space while adding a touch of green. For example, a four-foot boxwood hedge works well as a space divider. Looking to add a little Zen to your event space? Consider a faux bonsai tree. No matter what your event space goal is, there are a variety of greenery offerings to provide an outdoorsy look and feel for your guests.

Now let’s dish on the eclectic modern design trend!

Minimalistic furnishings in gray tones can set a neutral canvas to build from. Just check out CORT’s new modular Hexagon Ottomans and Island Double Sofas. They’re clean, neutral, mid-century modern and can spice things up with funky seating patterns.

Of course, you want your guests to see your event space as fun and inviting, so wake them up by layering pops of texture and color through wall décor, accessories, rugs, and pillows that add flair to your space! Chrome- or gold-toned metals set off by glass, wood or marble surfaces are trending in accent and dining tables, shelving, and other occasional furnishings to further define the eclectic modern design trend. Check out CORT’s new Alondra Tables and Hayworth Tables and prepared to be dazzled by fabulous accent table options that can transform your space! Want to add pops of color? The new Marche Ottomans are sheer perfection! Not only do they come in 10 fashion colors but they are comfortable ottomans that swivel!

The millennial generation is one of the main drivers of our last event design trend for 2017 – functionality.

This generation is certainly the most connected and tech-savvy, so your event spaces must feature charging tables and powered seating. CORT’s new powered Island Double Sofas and Hexagon Ottomans are a fabulous way of combining stylish, comfortable seating with charging tables! Even better, these charging tables come in a marble top which adds an additional dose of class and fabulous style to your seating!

Okay, so listen up event planners! Adapt some of these trends in your upcoming events to create spaces that are sophisticated, yet comfortable and functional. Don’t bore your guests with drab fabrics and seating arrangements. Apply these ideas and you’ll have a space that event goers will talk about for years to come!

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CORT Rocks Music City with the #CORTExperience

Hey sassies! Did you hear about the recent #CORTExperience VIP Client Event at the George Jones Museum in Nashville? Fear not! CORT has a FABULOUS new video to relive all of the moments from the big event!

In case you haven’t heard the news, CORT has expanded to the Music City! Of course, CORT called all their best local vendors to host an UNREAL party to celebrate!

Now, let’s dish all about the eye candy! CORT showcased their latest furniture, including the furry Wagner Chairs and golden Garbo Stools in memorable, on-trend vignettes. AND, the George Jones Museum provided the perfect venue, with a blank canvas of brick walls, country music memorabilia and views of the river that perfectly embodied the Nashville vibe.

Who else was at the party?!?! Local floral designer Mark Weber of Branches Event Design brought in floral landscapes that were TO DIE FOR. Stunning drapes and crystal chandeliers were provided by Quest Events; and beautiful table linens to add a classic touch were provided by Graceful Tables.

Signature cocktails and hand-crafted hors d’oeuvres were enjoyed by all and music was provided by Nashville Party Authority, all set in such an inspiring venue, beautifully crafted by the team at Perfect Surroundings. The event was the best-attended #CORTExperience VIP event to-date, with more than 200 attendees from the middle Tennessee events community, and some traveling to the area from as far as Kentucky and Atlanta.  So much fabulousness in one building!!

Check out the fabulous video here:

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Add AMAZING Accessories from CORT!


Hey Sassies! Let’s take a few minutes to gab about event design and ACCESSORIES!


Have you ever designed an event that should have been picture perfect and yet it fell as flat as those pancakes you had for brunch last Sunday? Getting from just okay to absolutely amazing is all about accessories and paying attention to those final details! Event decorations like sassy room dividers, luscious lighting, and gaga greenery can help set the mood, build emotion and increase functionality at your next event! And guess what?!?! My friends at CORT have the perfect accents for any event that also complement their extensive seating collections.

Let’s talk specifics!!

CORT’s Miramar Dividers can be used horizontally or vertically to create spaces, entrances, and colorful backdrops. Available in four SASSY colors, these dividers are perfect to add some eclectic style to a space.

Looking to add a touch of greenery?

CORT’s Greenery Collection brings the great outdoors to your event and their Boxwood Hedges are perfect to help define spaces and add dramatic effect.
Let CORT shed a light on your event!
They offer an array of lighted lamps, tables, and ottomans that can be used indoors or outdoors. The Penelope Light or Pivot Lamp are perfect lighted accents for any event décor. Light up a lounge with Edge LED Cube Tables or use Edge LED Cube Ottomans to create lighted seating arrangements. Also, CORT’s Peak Lighted Bar Tables will light up your events in style and can be used indoors or outdoors.

Rent ‘Fierce Furnishings’ and Take Your Event from Drab to Fab!

Hey Sassies!
So here is the scenario Sassies: Your company is working on a fabulous event for an A-list client and you need furnishings for the event of the year! Fierce furnishings offer the perfect complement to the overall design, reinforce the theme, and communicate your clients’ message, so they MUST be included in the overall event. You’ve got a decent budget, and it needs to cover a lot of areas, from delicious food and beverage to fabulous décor. How do you maximize your event dollars? Should you purchase furniture for one time use, or is it better to source from a reputable rental company?
Well Sassies, rental companies such as CORT guarantee convenience, quality, and service, but is it worth the cost and does renting provide enough value? CORT has shared the top 5 reasons to rent furniture for your next event.
1. NO Upfront Costs
Why stress over locating, sourcing and purchasing furniture when someone else has done it for you? CORT’s dedicated team sources on-trend rental furnishings and is the leader in products developed for the rigorous demands of an event or conference. Their abundant national warehouse locations allow for on time delivery to your event location with the style and quantity you need. The days of wasting time, money and energy shopping for your event furniture are over!
2. NO Storage Costs
Once you’ve purchased furniture for your own inventory, you have to find a place to store it. Renting/buying warehouse space is a very expensive undertaking and a big capital expense. Plus the labor and logistics of managing and tracking furniture is an ongoing headache and drain on company resources!
3. NO Transportation Costs
Transportation including delivery and pick up service is no longer your problem! CORT employs professional uniformed team members who ensure your furniture makes it to your destination in fabulous condition. Trained to efficiently service your event and respond to last minute needs, their team delivers the wow factor. Rest assured that transportation and labor coordination and costs are eliminated when renting with CORT.
4.NO Maintenance Costs
No need to worry about storage, maintenance, and repair of furniture. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the furniture received, CORT will gladly replace it! Their quality assurance department repairs and restores pieces to showroom condition. Specially trained operations staff work tirelessly to ensure the furniture that arrives on site looks like just as fabulous as it does in their catalog!
5.Peace of Mind
Enjoy endless furniture options and customization with the industry’s largest rental furniture selection. Focus on the big picture knowing CORT is handling the details. Their talented account executives will provide design assistance in helping you space plan in 2D and 3D to create a beautiful event… all free of charge!
Sassy Bonus:
Furniture rentals count as operating expenses vs. capital investment – meaning they are fully tax deductible! Investing in furniture acquisition is an expensive and time consuming venture. Why bother with it if there is an alternative that helps you maximize your bottom line? From versatile bars, tables, lighting and accessories to modern lounge furniture, CORT Event Furnishings can help make your next event a fabulous success! As the industry leader in rental furnishings for catering and events, CORT has over 40 years of experience providing a perfect customer experience!

Trend Alert! 2016 Event Design Trends Are Here!

Happy New Year Sassies!! I hope you all had safe and fabulous New Year’s celebration…but, it’s time to get to business. It’s time to put some sass into your 2016 events and our good friends at CORT are here to give us the details on this year’s hottest event design trends.

Technology is going to be a huge part of events next year and planners are going to be challenged to design event spaces that incorporate it without sacrificing fabulous aesthetics. Facilitating and encouraging engagement by providing easy access to information will allow your guests to focus on learning and networking. What is the best way to keep your guests connected? POWER!

Keeping your guests connected requires battery power and plenty of charging areas. So why not design a fabulous charging lounge with CORT’s NEW Powered Collection? With selections from powered sofas to powered endless, modular pieces…you literally have a solution for EVERY design space! How fabulous! CORT’s expanded powered furnishings collection gives planners options to seamlessly incorporate charging into their event space without sacrificing any design!

Another fabulous trend for 2016 is the revival of Danish Modern designs! These fierce, yet simplistic forms, coupled with quality craftsmanship, and warm organic qualities such as wood grain are rich, enduring, and fabulous! Combining organic elements like greenery and softer color palettes will help ground your event and create a sense of calm while still delivering a powerful punch! Pantone’s Spring 2016 color palette emphasizes relaxation, but also a sense of relaxation and exploration which reflects the beauty of natural resources. Couldn’t we all use a bit more relaxation in our lives? Let’s make it happen with color and design in 2016!

CORT has introduced several new collections for 2016 that work perfectly with this trend including the new Danish Modern inspired Larson sofa and chair, which features a walnut wood frame base and comfortable white vinyl seats. Modern minimalism and mid-century silhouettes are still red hot and the Scandinavian influence of CORT’s new Wagner chair with soft cream colored fur upholstery and rounded walnut legs keep this trend fresh and exciting!

Now, this next new CORT piece has me VERY excited. It’s perfect to add a dose of class and sass to an event! The new CORT Dome chair, a French inspired piece, is a fabulous example of a piece that adds an element of surprise that your guests will talk about and remember!

Now remember Sassies, CORT’s complete collection includes a range of other high end modern furnishings that can be used to create fabulous designs. To learn more, visit

Cheers to a new year Sassies! Let’s make it fabulous!


Hey Sassies!

Designing an effective meeting/conference space helps promote productivity, networking and creativity. Smart space planning, comfortable seating, functional furniture, and overall aesthetics play a role in a successful meeting or conference. In designing your next meeting or conference, the design experts at CORT Event Furnishings urge you to consider the following Do’s and Don’ts of meeting design.

Do: use Powered Furniture

The importance of staying connected cannot be stressed enough in the current business environment. When attendees rush to find seating by wall outlets to charge their phones or other electronics, it’s disruptive to the overall experience. Instead, consider utilizing CORT’s new powered furniture for your meeting. Pieces such as the powered Roma sofa offer sleek, stylish seating with charging outlets built seamlessly into the arms. The powered G30 Communal Tables create a great opportunity for communal work space that fosters a team environment and encourages collaborative strategic planning.


Looking for general powered seating options in a lobby or a lounge? Consider the Powered Banquette System. The modular design allows for flexibility in seating that can be configured for any space and allows attendees to relax and charge their devices.

Don’t: Crowd the Room

Make sure you design your rental furnishings in a way that allows for easy movement and flexibility. Consider using round seating such as pieces from the CORT Endless Collection that will allow for constant flow around the furnishings. Bar table groupings are also a great way for small groups to gather and work together on a project or network. The key here is to make sure there is plenty of seating, but also tables for drinks, food or electronics. Modular pieces such as the Heathrow Collection and Endless Collection allow for arranging a design to fit a particular conference activity. The design of your space will make a world of a difference in how your attendees experience the meeting. Comfortable spaces that are conducive to learning and collaboration result in attendees who are more likely to be creative and productive.

Do: Brand the room

Use the conference to tell the story of your corporate brand. This includes signage, marketing collateral, programs, and yes, furniture. What is the theme of your conference? What is the color scheme? How can all of the moving parts, including furniture, play a part in supporting your message? How can you better create an immersive experience for your attendees by making sure ALL pieces work seamlessly together? Are you designing a modern 1960’s, Mad Men type theme? Utilize pieces in the Draper Collection to create iconic vignettes that make attendees feel like they took a step back in time.

Don’t: Fall Short on Design

The days of boardroom style conference set-ups are long gone. Attendees want aesthetically pleasing design that delights the senses and offers a collaborative team environment conducive to learning, networking, and brainstorming. Strive for a holistic approach when it comes to design and make if feel comfortable, but don’t forget the details make the difference. Accent pieces, color schemes and unique seating arrangements go a long way to create an overall immersive experience.

The Fab 3: Top 2015 Fall Trends

Greetings Sassies!

The sizzling summer season is quickly passing us by and you know what that means…the fabulous fall season is almost here!  From pumpkin lattes to décor, I love ALL things fall.  The 2015 fall season has its own fierce set of trends that are sure to make your events as fabulous as ever! My good friends at CORT are here to give you the inside scoop on the three biggest trends my sassies should know about this fall season!

Mod is the new Fab

Mod is in this fall season! And by mod, I mean modular!  Modular furniture is not only fabulous but functional. Sassies, you can’t beat that two for one deal!  Give your fab clients the option to maximize their space by creating custom seating with modular furniture.  CORT has fierce modular pieces such as the Endless Heathrow, and South Beach collections.  Looking to have a posh outdoor fall party? You can’t miss with the indoor/outdoor Boca Collection that can be configured for any size outdoor space.

Fairy Tales? Oh My!

Sassies, who doesn’t love a good fairy tale?!  Don’t pass on the opportunity to create your own fairy tale theme this fall season!  Rustic décor is so last season.  To make your fairy tale a reality, pair clean whites and neutral tones with pastels and greenery to create an otherworldly ambiance that would put even the most fabulous Disney princess to shame (I’m talking to you Queen Elsa!). Tufted furniture is a perfect fit for a fairytale theme.  The French and Victorian inspired CORT Napoleon Chaise Lounge is perfect for a magical ball or small affair.   Iconic white pieces from the Roma collection would be perfect for a posh royal affair.  Let your fabulous fairy tale fantasies run wild this season!

Fierce Customization

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you could customize everything in your life? You love this couch, but if only it was in another color.  I love this color of pant, if only they were in a different style!  I love this bar…if only I could put my logo on it! Pause! Now you can sassies! Brand strategy and implementation is so important and being able to personalize an event to reflect your clients company culture and vibe can take an event from drab to FAB instantly!  Serving tasty drinks at your fall extravaganza?  Check out the CORT Luna Bar which has customizable panels to showcase your personal flair!

Us Weekly FASHION POLICE / June 20, 2020

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Kim Kardashian, Celine Dion

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Connelly, Daisy May Cooper

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Bella Hadid

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Hunter Schafer, Dascha Polanco, Heidi Klum, Cara Delevingne

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / November, 2019

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Lil Nas X, Damon Sharpe, Ben Platt

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Suki Waterhouse, Halsey

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Emily Kinney, Gwen Stefani

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Jada Pinkett Smith

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Heidi Klum

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Odell Beckham Jr, Rita Ora

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Meghan Trainor, Bella Thorne, Amy Sedaris

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / February, 2019

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Kiki Layne, Kate Mara

Color Me CORT Totally Pops in Dallas

By Steve Kemble

Everyone knows that CORT Events can throw a party and their recent event in my hometown of Dallas was the best yet! Color Me CORT pushed boundaries in event space design and kept guests guessing all night long. With more than 250 VIP attendees, including LeeAnne Locken from the Real Housewives of Dallas in attendance, the evening was absolutely sparkling. Held at Venue Forty|50, I emceed this unforgettably vibrant and exciting evening!

Working with event designers from Perfect Surroundings, Intl., the event space was drenched in color and light to bring the theme of the evening, Color Me CORT, to life.

Sassies, you have never been to an event like this one. Every aspect of this event pushed the boundaries of color and event design. Perfect for an absolutely gorgeous night in Dallas, the event space also played up the indoor/outdoor trend by blending the lively indoor space with a quieter “zen” outdoor patio space, designed with unique configurations of the modular Dune collection. Indoors, Luna columns adorned with beautiful custom graphics added a touch of personalization while bathing the room in a warm glow, and unpredictable combinations of accent pillows added another level of vibrancy throughout the venue. Out-of-the-box furniture arrangements, including six hexagonal seating arrangements, encouraged conversation and mingling.

For those of you planning an elegant evening, don’t be afraid of a little extra creativity! Color Me CORT showcased how a colorful event can be just as refined as a black and white event, reminding me how fun it is to play and experiment with unconventional designs. CORT Events was inspired by Dallas’ wild side to host an event that was completely unexpected and engaging. The amazing CORT Events team mixed traditional Fielding chairs with Hayworth cocktail tables, and sleek Baja Sofas with versatile Beverly Bench Ottomans made the space feel eclectic yet comfortable and curated. Another fun surprise was the pop art and graffiti wall that brought an edge and youthful energy to the atmosphere.

Throughout the evening, CORT Events surprised and delighted VIP attendees with experiential entertainment and awesome prizes. Singers, dancers and disco ninjas lit up the dance floor and pumped up the party. Prizes throughout the night included fine food and drink, a food tour of Dallas, a Ritz Carlton spa package, Apple products and designer travel gear.

I have to thank CORT Events for this colorful night in Dallas. The ambiance and energy were truly unforgettable, and I am so impressed by this out-of-box concept as well as the immaculate attention to detail and thought given to the guest experience. Congratulations to everyone on a perfect evening and y’all know I’m already ready for the next event!

To learn more about CORT’s event rental collections, visit

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Robert Pattinson

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Chloe Grace Moretz

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Chloe Bridges

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Sasha Lane, Doutzen Kroes, Lydia Hearst

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Irina Shayk, Kesha, Mary J. Blige

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Zoe Saldana, Emma Roberts

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Bella Thorne, Lili Reinhart

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Halsey, Amber Valletta

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / May, 2017

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Halsey, Halle Berry

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Fergie, Jaime King

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Kacey Musgraves, Zoe Kazan, Kate Bosworth, Amy Poehler

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / June, 2016

US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Jennifer Hudson, Samira Wiley, Pink
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Jennifer Hudson, Samira Wiley, Pink

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Anna Kendrick

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US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Solange Knowles, Ciara, Estelle, Diane Kruger

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / May, 2015

US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Darby Stanchfield, Selena Gomez, Christina Milian
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Darby Stanchfield, Selena Gomez, Christina Milian

Rustique Feel

Everyone has that specific vibe that they want at their wedding. Maybe it’s a beautiful church or a more rustique barn feel. CORT new rustique collection is now available nationwide. Your guests can place their drinks on beautiful timber tables or decorate the room with rustique wood trunks. It would be perfect for a barn setting or placed within a forest towering with trees. Tables to chairs, CORT offers various options to make your wedding look perfect.

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / April, 2014

US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Khloe Kardashian, Rita Ora
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Khloe Kardashian, Rita Ora

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / December, 2013

US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Amy Schumer, Gabrielle Union, Kim Basinger, Steven Tyler
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Amy Schumer, Gabrielle Union, Kim Basinger, Steven Tyler

US Weekly FASHION POLICE / November, 2013

US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Ariana Grande, Anna Paquin, Jessica Biel
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Ariana Grande, Anna Paquin, Jessica Biel

Go Wild with CORT at the Special Event Show!!

CORT Event Furnishings is pleased to unveil exclusive new products at The Special Event Show in Chicago, IL, January 16-18, 2013.

Visit the CORT booth #927 to see the latest trend setting event furnishing ideas and get WILD in the Lounge22 Design Lab for a chance to win your own WILD Arctic5 chair.

CORT is a platinum sponsor and pleased to be the featured furniture provider at the Opening Reception and 2013 Gala Awards Celebration. For details on receiving a complimentary show pass courtesy of CORT follow this link.

Like them on Facebook at to see exclusive previews and provide your feedback on new furniture designs before the rest of the crowd!

Call 1.888.CORT.YES or visit them online at!

CORT is a Finalist for Rental Company of the Year!!

CORT Event Furnishings has been named as a finalist in the 2013 Spotlight Awards for Rental Company of the Year and the Director of Marketing, Kevin Dana, has been nominated for Marketing Professional of the Year!

“CORT is the most reliable, consistent, and creative rental company in the event industry” says Steve Kemble, America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru and a former winner of Event Solutions’ Event Planner of the Year Award. “I urge everyone to support them by casting a vote in their favor for the Rental Company of the Year.”

Well known event designer Richard Carbotti of Perfect Surroundings says, “In a growing industry where new faces emerge as ‘event professionals’ every day, Kevin stands at the top, managing a national marketplace, earning the respect of all who have the privilege of working along side of him. He epitomizes what it means to be a marketing professional, and I highly recommend voting for Kevin as Marketing Professional of the Year.”

To vote, visit Event Solutions before January 26, 2013. Please VOTE today!

Start planning for the big game in New Orleans!

CORT offers the most seating options, the largest quantities, and a local New Orleans warehouse with professional delivery teams to assure accurate and timely service. Call now to ask about special early bird discounts!
Your clients get the best seat in the house with the variety of CORT’s products. Choose from the modular Endless Collection, the smooth Lisbon black leather collection or versatile Blofield air design.
CORT Event Furnishings is the leading provider of rental furnishings for the events industry. Our strategically located distribution centers guarantee Style & Service, Delivered anywhere. Visit to view our entire product catalog and see how the professionals at CORT Event Furnishings can help you score with a winning event.

CORT: Your Party Insider for Election Season

Hello Sassies! The election season is in full swing, and whether you lean red or blue, my friends at CORT can handle all of your event furniture rental needs! With large qualities of soft seating, barstools, office products and chairs, they help you create a successful political event in Charlotte, Tampa or anywhere in the U.S. Visit to view the entire product catalog, or call your local solutions expert today to see how CORT can help you elect a winner.

HOT Outdoor Specials from CORT

Summer is in full swing, and what does that mean, sassies? Party time! From July 4th celebrations to graduation parties, weddings, baby showers and more, seasonal event planning is in the air! If you are in need of furniture rentals for your soiree, look no further than my FABULOUS friends at CORT! They are offering some great 25% rates on their new summer collection.

Sassies, if you LIKE me, then LIKE CORT!

Hey sassies! Y’all know that I LOVE CORT Event Furnishings, but we made it Facebook official when I became a fan of their CORT Event Furnishings page. Obvi I don’t need another reason to go public with how much I love CORT, but liking their Facebook page has some serious perks!

Y’all know I hate to discourage anyone from visiting the sassy blog of YOURS TRULY, but CORT Facebook fans get to learn about new products FIRST, even before I gush over them here!

And if you’re less interested in the furniture and more interested in a PARTAY, the CORT Facebook page has all the deets on the most happening VIP events. CORT posts event photos to give you AMAZING ideas for your next soiree.

I know event peeps are all about sharing, and CORT is DEF taking this to a new level with their Facebook page. They’re doing spotlights on event designers so you can get inspired by the best in the business, so I know this is going to be a SUPER valuable resource!

Of course, CORT’s not interested in chattering away as you stare blankly at your screen. They want YOU to share your event photos, great ideas and relevant services on their Facebook page. So sassies, I’d definitely LIKE you to LIKE CORT! Bye bye!

Lounge22 Powered by CORT

My FABULOUS friends at CORT have unveiled a wonderful new luxury collection: Lounge22! Featuring sophisticated and modern styles like the Lucky3 Bar and Avocado Ottoman, Lounge22 is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles and backed by unparalleled customer service and reliable delivery from CORT. I know what I’ll be using for my next event! Check it out here!

Event Anywhere! Blofield by CORT

Hello Sassies! My friends at CORT have unveiled a fabulous new collection that will quite simply change the way you celebrate! Their European-designed Blofield collection is durable, high-style and inflatable, making it appropriate for the beach, boardroom and beyond! The collection’s next-level engineering can handle sand, snow and most any environment.

I know who I’m calling next time a beach party is in the plans! For more info, click here.

CORT Event Furnishings Takes Emmys Spotlight!!

Hey sassies! You know I was all about the Primetime Emmy Awards – The fashion, the colors, the drama! I could just yammer on about the best dressed celebrity, but my vote for the classiest, sassiest and most luxurious outfitting of the night goes to… The greenroom! It was furnished by my friends at CORT Event Furnishings with their fabulous Lounge 22 collection!!

Just thinking about furnishing and designing an event as exciting as the Emmys makes me giddy, but meanies are always looking to criticize even one hair out of place. Luckily CORT makes red carpet appearances look as effortless as Lea Michele in that red Marchesa dress. I know y’all were torn between watching the fab Emmys clothing and the “ Backstage LIVE” broadcast with all that trend-setting CORT furniture.

Now, I’m aware the greenroom isn’t actually green, but I’m green with envy looking at those sofas, chairs and tables from CORT’s Lounge 22 Bali product suite. Don’t those modern designs just exude the upscale cool associated with the Emmys?!?!

Y’all know I don’t like to get into the nitty gritty that can sometimes go into furnishing an event, but when I am wearing my Emmys best, hello, GOODBYE – I am NOT doing any heavy lifting! Who wants to get sweat on the red carpet?! With CORT, I know that the Emmys producers didn’t even have to glisten, from pick-up to drop-off and everything in between; CORT takes care of every detail for the sassiest of events!

Bye bye y’all!

CORT Event Furnishings and Richard Carbotti throw a SASSY party!

Hey sassies! Don’t you love it when two things you love go together? Peanut butter and jelly, Prince William and Kate Middleton, pink and… PINK?! That’s why I was GIDDY when I found out that my friends at CORT were working with my BFF Richard Carbotti to design a fantabulous event.

Event professionals were lined up like ducks in a row at the Forty One North Hotel in historic Newport, Rhode Island to check out the latest offerings from Lounge22, powered by CORT such as the Essex Collection and the Jettison lighted tables. I’ve gabbed to y’all before about my LOVE for CORT’s furnishings, but CORT Event Furnishings at an event designed by Richard Carbotti? Now that’s an unbeatable combination!

Richard’s eclectic design featured Asian inspired décor, supplied by Perfect Surroundings and complemented by red lighted bars from CORT’s Luna Lighting Collection. These bars were perfected with CORT’s Luna Transformations in the sassy Dynasty pattern!

So sad I couldn’t attend this fierce event, but hopefully CORT and Richard will be friends forever!

Bye for now sassies!

Steve Kemble, Cort Events Endorsements

CORT Takes Home a Fabulous Gold Medal!!!!

Hey Sassies!

Let’s give our biggest, SASSIEST congratulations to my friends at CORT. Their fabulous Lounge22 Powered by CORT booth won Best Booth Design at the Exhibitor2011 conference in Las Vegas.

I know I’m repeating myself like a tropical parrot, but CORT’s Lounge22 collection is classy enough for Audrey Hepburn and comfy enough for my afternoon siesta. Exhibitor judges looked at more than 200 prominent trade show exhibit companies at the conference, but they only had eyes for CORT.
Were you unable to hop across the country to see CORT at Exhibitor2011 in Las Vegas? Don’t fret! CORT’s attending BizBash Florida tomorrow, April 12, at the Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. CORT will be displaying their Luna Transformations, which easily adhere to Luna Lighting columns, tables, pedestals and bars and can even use your company’s logo as the illuminated design! Say, do you think they could put a Steve Kemble original sassy design on the side of their fantabulous Luna Lighting furniture? Guess I’ll have to call CORT to see!

Come See Me at 2011 BizBash Florida Expo!!!!! TOMORROW!!!

Alright Sassies! GET EXCITED! It’s time for the 2011 BizBash Florida Expo!!! at the Ft Lauderdale Convention Center next week!!! Happy 10th Anniversary!!!! Now here is my run down of MUST DO events!

First of all you will NOT want to miss my Keynote Speech!!! NO WAY!!! It’s going to be really fun and exciting! That is at 10AM on Tuesday, April 12, 2011!!! The topic is “Secrets from the Red Carpet” — OH MY!!!

Here are the events that are NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!! at the Tradeshow, which kicks off at 11AM!

You must stop and see my friends from IMPULSE! Enterprises! They will be showcasing some Sassy Picks that I have approved with the highest level of SASSY!!!!! See them at Booth #322 — I will be making appearances there, so stop by often!!!

You must also stop and see the fabulous Quest Drape team!!! You can see them at Booth #303 — of course I will be stopping by there a lot too! Just look for all the fun!

So thrilled that my fabulous friends at CORT are one of the Expo sponsors!!!

BizBash Florida Expo
BizBash 10th Anniversary
A Decade of Celebrating Ideas
Ft. Lauderdale Convention Center
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SEE! YOU! THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CORT Makes a Splash at Event Solutions!

Hey sassies! If you missed CORT’s fabulous booth at The Special Event Show in Phoenix, be sure to check them out this week at the Event Solutions Idea Factory/Catersource show in the Las Vegas Convention Center, March 1-2.

I already told y’all about CORT’s enticing Luna Transformations, the translucent applications that create visual interest and bring your Luna Lighting furniture to life; well now is your chance to take a peek at this sassy new product in person! Don’t forget your sunglasses though, because you’ll be staring at these lighted designs for quite a while!

Y’all will also get to see spanking new items from the Lounge22 Design Lab. Super cool new barstool designs, the classy Bali sofa and a cocktail table with red snakeskin top. Cool, classy and snakeskin? CORT definitely has my event checklist down pat with products I’ve never seen before!

CORT should really get a prize for making my design dreams come true! Look for new items in CORT’s Lounge22 and Essex collections at the Event Solutions Spotlight Awards at MEET Las Vegas. CORT’s making a big splash with new items in their Lounge22 collection including the mid century cool Bali Sofa and the totally unique Essex collection and Jettison Lighted Tables. These are the hottest new looks of the season and you absolutely cannot miss out on the prestigious awards ceremony.

When you’re ready to kick back with a cocktail after a long day of conferencing, check out the Lounge22 Powered by CORT- sophisticated and modern furniture in the uber trendy Nolita Ballroom at the new Cosmopolitan hotel. This funky, hip space will host the Event Solutions attendee Lounge and is the place to see and be seen throughout the conference. If you haven’t seen the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, you’re missing out on the hippest new hideaway in Vegas!

Bye bye y’all!

CORT’s Sassy New Styles for 2011!

Hey Sassies! My friends at CORT are at it again, bringing you super sassy furniture for your next event.

And do y’all know what rhymes with sassy? CLASSY. And that’s what I HEART about CORT’s Lounge22 Collections. The new Essex collection is a sophisticated two-tone sofa and chair with a black ultra suede trim. These pieces are so much more than somewhere for guests to plop their tushies! They are the freshest spin on that Hollywood glamour trend you’re seeing at events!

Or maybe you’re going for more of a mid-century cool theme at your event… Don’t fret! CORT still has you covered, covered in style that is! Check out this upscale Bali sofa. That’s hot!

CORT’s also expanding the Lounge22 brand nationwide throughout the year, so look for it soon in your area! Lounge22 is currently available in Southern California, Las Vegas, Boston and New York.

And Sassies, I know that all of this style is no good if you’re in the dark! That’s why CORT has introduced Luna Transformations for their Luna Lighting collection. These translucent adhesives come in four patterns, creating visual interest that will have your guests swarming the lights like flies!

Y’all have probably seen the Luna Lighting collection, but in case you’ve been hiding under a rock to avoid the backlash of your latest scandal, Luna Lighting is battery-powered LED furniture line that offers a green and flexible alternative to plug-in lights and those OBNOXIOUS cords.

Bye bye y’all!

Steve Kemble, Cort Events Endorsements

2011 Event Design Trends from CORT and Steve Kemble

CORT Event Furnishings, the nation’s largest event furniture, lighting and accessories rental company and me, Steve Kemble, “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru,” share some of our top event design trends for 2011. With the economy recovering, companies are spending more on events and trade shows to market their products and train their employees.

“Event designers are still doing more with less, but they’re challenged to give events a fresh look by being more creative,” says Kevin Dana, Director of Marketing for CORT Trade Show and Event Furnishings. Steve Kemble agrees creative design will be critical for 2011. “Designers need to dig deep and dream big to find new ways to create fabulous décor on a budget. Mixing textiles and patterns with rich colors, surprising accents and floral will make spaces feel new while echoing the past.”

What are the hot colors to watch in 2011? Says Kemble, “Purple is my new go-to color. It’s modern, hues range from blue to deep violet, and it pairs well with grey. Don’t forget orange as its importance continues to grow, while blues and greens round out the palette. White is still the most important color as it complements and transforms any color with lighting and accents.”

Patterns and Textiles
Event planners are introducing themes that fuse world patterns with modern Hollywood glamour to reflect clients with a broad world view and diverse cultural backgrounds. Varied textures, color and patterns create a layered effect that enhances the event experience. CORT’s new Luna Transformations provide a seamless solution for incorporating patterns into décor to add visual interest. Transformations are available in four themes and can be added to any Luna Lighting furniture. The Luna Lighting collection is a battery-powered LED furniture line that offers an energy-efficient and flexible alternative to plug-in lights and cumbersome cords.

Creative Seating
Designers are moving past the traditional sofa and chair by customizing seating to fit the event space and theme. “The best events incorporate seating with surprising and unusual configurations,” says Kemble. Modular seating enables event planners to design seating with curves, serpentines, squares and circles. CORT’s new Endless seating collection, designed specifically for event planners, has been a runaway success at parties and events across the country from the reopening party of the Gaylord Hotel in Nashville to high profile events for, Nike and Oracle.

Technology at Events

A continuing trend is the use of technology at events. Whether through touch screen monitors, LED lighting or video games, clients are integrating technology into their exhibits to provide an engaging experience. CORT’s Gamer Collection, launched in 2010, provides relaxed seating options to support the growing niche of gaming and interactive events.

Top of the Line

Despite the soft economy, there remains a demand for luxury events and this trend will continue to grow. “There’s a market for sophisticated designer furnishings that make a statement. Certain clients demand the best and appreciate that good design reinforces a luxury brand,” says Kemble. Lounge22 Powered by CORT is a complete line of modern furnishings, made in America, that push the design envelope. Available in New York, Southern California, and Las Vegas; it’s the only choice when image matters.

Corporate Branding with a Conscience
Corporate responsibility will continue to be important to the consumer, and businesses are using events to support fund raising efforts and ensure customers associate their brand with community stewardship. “Companies use events to communicate their good works,” says Dana. “We work with each company individually to assess their goals and then provide branding solutions based on those needs.”

About CORT Event Furnishings
CORT Event Furnishings is a nationwide provider of furnishings for the exhibit and events industry. From high-profile events to corporate events and wedding receptions, CORT provides the rental furnishings that make events possible. CORT also provides rental furniture to the majority of trade shows and conferences in the nation, including shows and events in Canada. With distribution centers located across the nation, CORT Event Furnishings guarantees “Style & Service Delivered.” Earlier this year, CORT Trade Show and Event Furnishings introduced the industry’s leading easy space planning tool, accessible for free through CORT’s Web site, allowing clients to design accurate 2D floor plans in minutes. All of CORT’s products are available in 2D and 3D CAD files free to all clients. For more information, visit

About CORT
For the past 40 years, CORT has been a leading provider in rental furniture and has provided services to more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. CORT is a Berkshire Hathaway company and has offices in every major U.S. market and a global furniture rental network of affiliates in more than 50 countries. For more information about CORT, visit

Get cozy with CORT in 2011!

Hello Sassies!!!!

I know it’s hard to see past your piles of wrapping paper and bows, but 2011 is right around the corner. Let’s make a New Year’s resolution to have more fun with 2011 events! Get rid of stuffy, uncomfortable seating and give your guests the opportunity to plop down on something cozy.

My friends at CORT are always on top of the latest trends in event planning and will make sure you are ready for 2011! CORT offers fun seating options such as ottomans that facilitate gabbing and socializing. Place ottomans throughout your event or configure them into circular or serpentine seating. Actually, why not create your own design with the ottomans? A company logo or perhaps the sassy face of yours truly?

And sassies, even though 2011 is all about F-U-N, I know y’all are in budget meetings talking about dolla dolla bills. Luckily, CORT’s flexible seating options work with events (and budgets) big and small!

CORT on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Hey sassies! If you’re looking to get an awesome Hollywood bod, look no further than CORT Event Furnishings and Ellen DeGeneres. That’s right! Ellen used CORT to get a sassy workout on her show this week!

Sheila Kelly, designer of the S Factor work out, showed Ellen how to get fit using CORT’s Marrakesh Chairs and a stripper pole. Don’t fret sassies, there’s no scandal here. Just great bodies and even greater furniture from CORT!

Check out this clip for great tips on how to get the body and furniture you need for your next fabulous party. And remember, you don’t have to be a superstar like Ellen to receive CORT’s unbeatable customer service! CORT delivers and picks up your furniture to ensure a hassle-free event… or workout!

Sassy News from my friends at CORT Event Furnishings!

Hey Sassies! Exciting news for all y’all in events industry – CORT Event Furnishings has acquired the Lounge22 rental business and is now offering the Lounge22 Powered by CORT collection in Southern California and Las Vegas. They’re opening in the New York and Boston areas on October 1st! Of course, CORT has planned to take it nationwide in 2011.

If you like the stylish Lounge22 look (and I know you do!), you’re going to L-O-V-E Lounge22 Powered by CORT. You can rent Lounge22 furnishings and CORT’s other fabulous products in one marvelous shopping experience! The sophisticated American design that made Lounge22 famous is now paired with CORT’s unbeatable customer service. CORT always ensures your event goes out without a hitch!

What makes me go gaga for Lounge22 furniture anyway? You’ve seen their luxurious furniture featured at big name events like the Academy Awards and G-20 Summit! Lounge22 is original modern furniture made in the U.S. that is the first choice of all the biggest event designers, and now, it’s offered exclusively by CORT. To find out how to get your hands on this amazing furniture, go here!

Introducing… the Endless Collection by CORT Event Furnishings! Available NOW!

Hey sassies! Exciting news for decor at your fall parties… CORT’s new Endless Collection is now available nationwide!

For those of y’all who were at the NACE conference this year, I know you remember that unusual serpentine configuration of white low back seating paired with CORT’s Luna pedestals and martini bars designed by Travis Lee. That over the top seating arrangement was made possible by CORT’s Endless Collection!

With the Endless Collection, your party’s design can be more flexible than those So You Think You Can Dance contestants! It’s the perfect solution for challenging spaces large and small. Create distinctive modular configurations that make your fall parties more memorable.

Check out the new collection right here!

Who’s Ready to Party with CORT and NACE next week in Austin?!

It’s time for NACE Experience!

Sassies, it’s time to see and be seen at the NACE Experience 2010 in fabulous Austin, Texas. Come to my home state from July 25-28 to be schooled by leaders in the events industry.

Seriously y’all, everyone who is anyone from the catering, special events and wedding industry is going to the NACE Experience! This is the best way to get the scoop on all of the trends you’ll be seeing at events next season.

On Tuesday, July 27, be sure to stop by and visit my friends at the CORT booth, #303 in the NACE marketplace. They’ll have their new Endless Collection and Luna Lighting on display, complete with CORT water bottles and “endless” refills to help you beat the Texas heat! The water bottles are made from recycled plastic, and you know being green is always hot!

You’ll also see CORT furniture at the NACE Welcome Party on Sunday at the Driskill Hotel and then later that night at the NACE Foundation Funraiser party at Max’s Wine Dive. The theme is Denim, Diamonds and Disco, so bring your bling and get ready to dance for a great cause.

Remember, NACE members always get a 20 percent discount from CORT!

Will you see me there? Obvi! How do you think I always know what’s hot in the event industry?

Visit the NACE website ( to register and the CORT Events website to learn more!

I love CORT, Obama loves CORT and SO SHOULD YOU!

Hello Sassies!

Before our world’s leaders heated up the discussion on nuclear energy at the recent Global Nuclear Summit, CORT was busy heating up the décor. Check out President Obama with the CORT espresso meeting chair and cubix table. Now that’s welcoming the world’s leaders in style!

Washington called CORT last minute with a furnishing emergency and, lucky for them, CORT and their fabulous customer service rushed in to save the day. Y’all must know that if CORT can pull that off, they can bring the same fantastic style to your event!

what a SASSY! deal! CORT offers NACE members discount!

Hello Sassies!

I have some absolutely fabulous news for all y’all members of the National Association of Catering Executives!

CORT Event Furnishings has just announced a 20 percent discount for all NACE members. For 40 years CORT has been a go-to in the exhibit and events industry – they really are the best for providing specialty furnishings and lighting for events nationwide.

Now is the perfect time for NACE members to take advantage of CORT’s services! Why not try out their flexible, lighted furniture in the Luna Lighting Collection?

Or for a brand spanking new option, check out their modern glamour Kiss collection. This collection is a so-stylish solution for any of your catering events, and the new black leather Harley Wingback Chair is gorgeous and works in any environment, from old world cigar bars to modern lounges.

CORT Event Furnishings for your Summer Outdoor Entertaining Needs!

Hello Sassies!

The weather is warming up and that means it’s time to take your party outside!

Whether your guests will be lounging poolside or enjoying a garden party on the lawn, CORT Event Furnishings has the perfect solution for your outdoor event. CORT’s new Candy ottomans and Pop Table are a fresh way to create café seating in an outdoor setting that will surprise your clients and give them flexibility to design around outdoor elements such as pools, fountains, lawns and decks.

The candy ottomans have removable color tops that can be custom colored to match any fabulous party!

And for all y’all sassies that don’t stop partying when the sun goes down, CORT has outdoor puzzle benches that pair with CORT’s LED Luna Lighting and glow in one of eight colors.

Check out some photos below, or visit CORT online for the entire collection!

Event Solutions/Catersource Wrap Up! Another Fabulous CORT Success!!!

Hello Sassies!

I had a fabulous time working with CORT last week at the 2010 Event Solutions and Catersource Conference and Tradeshow. I was so proud of my friends at CORT – they won the 2010 Spotlight Award for Rental Company of the year! Congrats!! And the awards show was held at the Las Vegas Mandarin Oriental Hotel – simply stunning!

I hope some of y’all had a chance to catch the State of the Industry panel that I participated with in with CORT’s Kevin Dana and Laura Schwartz, former White House event director during the Clinton administration. Our take? 2010 is looking brighter, although budgets may still be tight. It’s time to get creative with smaller budgets! Check out CORT’s free space planning tool – it will help you plan efficiently and get the most bang for your event.

My favorite part of the show was the Furniture Fashion Police! As promised, we had so much fun sharing ideas about what’s hot in event furnishings rental this year and which celebrities are paying attention! Check out a video and some photos from the event now!

See Me LIVE in Vegas next week with CORT Event Furnishings!

Hello, Sassies!

Look for me at the 2010 Event Solutions & Catersource Conference and Tradeshow in Las Vegas at 4 p.m. on March 9 and 11 a.m. on March 10. I’ll be at the CORT Gamer Lounge, booth #1705, serving as top cop for the Furniture Fashion Police to dish about what’s hot (and so not hot) in event furniture design.

What type of furniture was used at a certain Yankee’s birthday party? What couches completed a dressing room tailor-made for two unbelievable singer/actresses? These pieces have been everywhere from the Grammys to NBA All Star Game parties to the soap opera screen, and you don’t want to miss this if you’re wondering what furniture will make celebrity events sizzle this year!

Oh and y’all simply must hear about the two collections CORT Event Furnishings will be featuring at the show. I don’t want to spoil the whole surprise, but The Gamer Collection will certainly be on the hot list for video gaming and technology events!

Recap of The Special Event Show

Hello Sassies!

I have had a wild couple of weeks – Golden Globes and the Super Bowl!!! But I have been meaning to tell y’all about a wonderfully and SASSY! event industry conference I attended last month and look forward to EVERY year – The Special Event!!!! It is a wonderful way to start every year and learn about the next hot trends in events.

This year I was particularly excited about three great collections from CORT, LED Luna Lighting, Endless Seating and the Gamer Collection. CORT’s booth featured the modular Endless Seating collection with photos and samples illustrating the many possible configurations – this seating system is truly flexible enough to create spaces for 20 or 200 people. CORT’s Gamer Collection was on display at the conference’s Performance Stage Lounge and drew many event planners excited about a new product for the growing number of events focused on technology and video gaming. It seems nearly every event now includes video gaming sections and this product is perfect for setting up gaming stations!

Attendees at the TSE Starts Here party got to experience the Luna Lighting collection first-hand, as the entrance, dance floor and balcony area were ringed with an impressive display of Luna café and bar tables. I always say that the best way to learn and improve your own events is to attend and experience them as often as possible! The highlight of the conference was when I joined my friends Kevin Dana and Michael Cerbelli for the “What’s Hot” session, where we got to share CORT’s new Modern Glamour collection, along with the Endless Seating and Gamer Collections. Michael was right – these new collections are both timely and innovative.

We all had a blast and I couldn’t wait to share with my Sassies! Check out photos from the show below.


US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Kylie Jenner
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Kylie Jenner


US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Whitney Port, Gwen Stefani, Cate Blanchett
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Whitney Port, Gwen Stefani, Cate Blanchett


US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Selena Gomez
US Weekly Fashion Police with Steve Kemble, Selena Gomez

Event Industry Leaders Steve Kemble and CORT Event Furnishings Announce Top 2010 Event Design Trends

Hello Sassies!

I am thrilled to announce a new event design trends initiative with CORT Event Furnishings! I will be serving as a spokesperson for their fabulous line of products, including the recently launched Luna Lighting Collection (I used this collection at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium Opening Gala this fall!), helping all my fellow event industry professionals stay on the cutting edge! Check out the press release below for more info!

2010 Event Design Trends from CORT and Steve Kemble

FAIRFAX, Va. (December 16, 2009) – CORT Event Furnishings, the nation’s largest event furniture and accessories rental company and Steve Kemble, “America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru,” share some of the top event design trends for 2010, a year that promises growth for the events industry as economic conditions improve.

“The most fabulous events of 2010 will give guests an experience reminiscent of a simpler and more elegant era, using rich textures and fabrics, metallic splashes and old world French décor and patterns to create a sense of modern glamour” said Kemble. “Orange will be a hot color trend, adding pop and a touch of whimsy, while white remains a clean, modern and hip canvas for any event. Also keep an eye out for purple, red and green in rich hues, adding a youthful note to muted grey tones and a strong accent to white and black décor.”

Flexible LED Lighting
Events will be held in new and different spaces that surprise guests, giving events held outdoor or in other non-traditional spaces renewed importance. Flexible lighting allows event planners to create spectacular glowing environments without worrying about extension cords, outlets or generators. CORT’s flexible and modular Luna Lighting collection, a battery-powered line of furnishings featuring light-emitting diodes (LED), offers an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to plug-in lights and cumbersome cords.

Modular Seating
It’s not your imagination: Ottomans become chairs; those chairs become sofas which, in turn, become high banquettes. Modular seating enables event planners to design seating that fits any space or theme. Curves, serpentines, and the functionality to build seating solutions for 20 or 200 people in the same style will be very important. CORT’s new Endless Seating collection, launching in early 2010, will provide the industry with the first versatile and modular seating system designed to meet the specific needs of event professionals.

Youth Culture and Video Gaming
A new generation of technologically-savvy professionals wants to experience events and meetings that incorporate video games and other interactive technologies, creating demand for youthful, casual seating. CORT’s Gamer Collection launching in early 2010, will provide fun, relaxed seating options to support the growing niche of gaming and interactive events.

“Events and meetings are a vital part of doing business for many organizations. As companies reinvest in events for 2010, they will do so with a new eye to corporate responsibility,” said Kevin Dana, Director of Marketing and Product Development for CORT Trade Show and Event Furnishings. “Branding will once again take center stage as businesses want their name associated with good works and success. Branded furniture, accessories and themes will take center stage as businesses desire to have their name associated with that success, and CORT looks forward to working with each company to design events that deliver style, service and memorable experiences.”

About Steve Kemble
For more information about Steve Kemble visit

About CORT Event Furnishings
CORT Event Furnishings is a nationwide provider of furnishings for the exhibit and events industry. From high-profile events to corporate events and wedding receptions, CORT provides the rental furnishings that make events possible. CORT also provides rental furniture to the majority of trade shows and conferences in the nation, including shows and events in Canada. With distribution centers located across the nation, CORT Event Furnishings guarantees “Style & Service Delivered.” Earlier this year, CORT Trade Show and Event Furnishings introduced the industry’s leading easy space planning tool, accessible for free through CORT’s Web site, allowing clients to design accurate 2D floor plans in minutes. All of CORT’s products are available in 2D and 3D CAD files free to all clients. For more information, visit

About CORT
For the past 40 years, CORT has been a leading provider in rental furniture and has provided services to more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. CORT is a Berkshire Hathaway company and has offices in every major U.S. market and a global furniture rental network of affiliates in more than 50 countries. For more information about CORT, visit

CORT’s LED Lighted Event Furnishings Featured at Dallas Cowboy Stadium Opening Gala

When the Dallas Cowboys celebrate the opening of the new $1.15 billion stadium in Arlington with a VIP invitation-only, black-tie gala tomorrow, guests will be served at bars featuring LED lighting and mingling among LED lighted columns and tables from CORT Event Furnishing’s new Luna Lighting collection.

CORT is introducing the versatile, flexible and modular lighted furnishings for the Dallas Cowboy’s opening party. The Luna Lighting collection features light-emitting diodes (LED), the next-generation of lighted furnishings, with a functional lighted bar with curved or rectangular top; bold architectural lighted columns; round and rectangular bar, café and cocktail tables; and illuminated cubes and pedestals.

“It’s only fitting that CORT Event Furnishings launch the Luna Lighting collection on this global and elegant stage, said Steve Kemble, the event planning industry’s style guru. “I was honored that the official launch for the new CORT LED furniture line happened at the event I am producing for the new Dallas Cowboys stadium opening.” Kemble is renowned for his events, and he has appeared on ABC’s “Extreme Makeover Wedding Edition,” Style Network’s “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway,” and has orchestrated Hollywood-style parties for E!’s Countdown to the Academy Awards, CBS’s The Early Show and Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine.

“This cutting edge furniture line will have the entire special events industry buzzing with excitement and is the hottest event rental product to hit the special events industry in years,” Kemble said. “CORT’s lighting collection is a stylish touch with the option to mix and match colors and sizes to express a unique style and create a vibe that will make any event shine. This is the future of lighted event furnishings, providing versatile, flexible and modular lighted furniture that is brilliant and functional. CORT has developed a new product line that surpasses any event rental product currently in the marketplace.”

Beginning today, the Luna Lighting collection is available from CORT nationwide. In addition to the many design options, LED lighting is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to plug-in lights and cumbersome cords, eliminating the need for electrical outlets.

The rechargeable, battery-operated LED lighting lasts up to 8 hours on one charge, is cool to the touch, and the columns, tables and bars have sturdy, steel-frames with brushed steel and acrylic tops. The fully functional lighted bar has an ice bin, bottle holder and soda shelf, with a rectangular or curved top. It can be configured in large circular, serpentine or perpendicular shapes to fit any event plan.

The industry leading LED battery-operated lights can be set to glow in one of eight colors on the front, and programmed for a different color on the sides. The collection can also be customized with a corporate logo or graphic. Lighted furnishings are fully assembled upon delivery.

“Dallas Cowboys officials boast that the iconic design and architectural flair of the new stadium represents innovation and progressiveness, a reflection of the team’s worldwide brand. We have the same pride in introducing our new Luna Lighting collection with dramatic, stylish solutions for event planners alongside Steve Kemble and the Dallas Cowboys,” said Kevin Dana, Director of Marketing and Product Development for CORT Trade Show and Event Furnishings. “CORT is the first company to offer a complete collection of LED lighted furniture available on a nationwide scale.”

About CORT Event Furnishings
CORT Event Furnishings is a nationwide provider of furnishings for the exhibit and events industry. From high-profile events to corporate events and wedding receptions, CORT provides the rental furnishings that make events possible. CORT also provides rental furniture to the majority of trade shows and conferences in the nation, including shows and events in Canada. With distribution centers located across the nation, CORT Event Furnishings guarantees “Style & Service Delivered.” Earlier this year, CORT Trade Show and Event Furnishings introduced the industry’s leading easy space planning tool, accessible for free through CORT’s Web site, allowing clients to design accurate 2D floor plans in minutes. All of CORT’s products are available in 2D and 3D CAD files free to all clients. For more information, visit

About CORT
For the past 40 years, CORT has been a leading provider in rental furniture and has provided services to more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. CORT is a Berkshire Hathaway company and has offices in every major U.S. market and a global furniture rental network of affiliates in more than 50 countries. For more information about CORT, visit

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